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This page gives an overview of the types of accounts we deal with at the Department.

Fund Organization Account ProgramA Fund Organization Account Program (FOAP) is a University of Manitoba financial fund.
Research AccountsResearch accounts are the repository where money is housed to support the academic mission of the Department of Internal Medicine.
Research accounts - HSCSPAs are used to house "Industry" provided money for clinical trials and "investigator initiated" study at the Health Sciences Centre.
Research accounts - U of MThis article is intended to discuss research accounts at U of M.
OK, so what are they?
Specific Purpose AccountAn Specific Purpose Accounts (SPA) is a WRHA account.
Trust accounts - HSCTrust accounts are accounts that are comprised of contribution(s) to a hospital Specific Purpose Account which are subject to restrictions on how the monies are to be spent. They are subject to Terms of Reference which outlines said restrictions.