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This page explains how WRHA employees get their tax forms. See Tax forms for other employees.

T4 Distribution

HRSS sends employees their T4s. The employee status (active vs. terminated) and the delivery method (ePost vs. regular mail) affect when the T4s are sent.

Terminated Employees

HRSS mails terminated employees their T4s by the end of February.

  • If terminated employees have active ePost accounts, HRSS sends their T4s via ePost, before the end of February.

Active Employees

HRSS sends active employees their T4s, before the end of February, via ePost.

  • If active employees request T4s to be mailed, HRSS mails the T4s at the beginning of March.
  • If employees call HRSS because they did not receive copies of their T4s by mail, they must wait until the middle of March to request them, to allow for delivery time.

Employees can call HRSS to ask questions about T4s. Here are the top 3 questions:

Question: Why did I get two T4’s when I only work in one place? Answer: Employees who have two positions (one regular and one casual) will receive two slips. Regular employees accrue sick benefits while casuals do not. We have at least two CRA business numbers for each facility.

Question: Why doesn’t my T4 match my final pay statement? Answer: When an employee withdraws from a position, it no longer appears on their pay statement. In order to verify the income, they would need to go to the last pay statement of each withdrawn position and add it to their final pay statement of the year.

Question: Where are my earnings for the last pay period in the year? Answer: Earnings for the pay period ending in December will be paid some time at the beginning of January. CRA requires earnings to be reported when they are paid, not earned.

If you have any questions, please contact HRSS at (204) 940.8500 – option 5, or

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