Academic Half Day - Rheumatology and City Wide Rounds

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Academic Half Day
When: Thursday mornings - Radiology rounds (8:00am- 9:00am) and Core Curriculum (10:30am- 11:30am)
Where: 800 JBRC and RR112 (Rehab Hospital)
Contact: Program Administrator - Rheumatology Marie Field

need to find out how to accommodate that this is really called" and City Wide Rounds"

The Rheumatology Subspecialty Education Program's Academic Half Day has

This compulsory program runs from September to June. A modified program runs during the summer months. Residents are relieved of clinical duties during this time slot. The program consists of 3 -4 hours each week.

The first hour consists of invited speakers, both local and external focusing both on basic science and clinical aspects of Rheumatology.

The second hour of half day will be comprised of clinical-based presentations by the Rheumatology resident, rotating residents and students. The third hour of half day consists of a core rheumatology tutorial series covering key clinical and basic science topics in Rheumatology. Residents will be given weekly learning objectives and references and will be expected to come prepared to discuss the material.