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Academic Half Day
When: Thursday Mornings, usually 8:00 or 8:30 or 9:00 am, depending on presenters schedule, till 11:000 am
Where: Room 815 John Buhler Research Centre with Room 404 Brodie always booked as a back-up room just in case
Contact: Program Administrator - Gastroenterology

The Academic Half Day of the Gastroenterology teaches residents Gastroenterology content.

Tasks in Advance

April of each year

  • Book two rooms by April of each Calendar Year: Room 815 JBRC as the primary room, and Room 404 Brodie as the back up room

June of each year

  • Book the two Orientation Lunches w/ the Endoscopy Nurses at each site:
  1. ORIENTATION Lunch w/ HSC ENDO UNIT Nurses - Dr M. Cantor: Contact Person to book the room and the Nurses: CRN in Endoscopy on GD7 - Heather McDonald GD714 - 787-3969 / 794-8587
  2. ORIENTATION Lunch w SB Endo Nurses:

One week prior - ie the Friday a week in advance

  • Send out poster to distribution list

Tasks on day of Gastro Academic Half-Day & Equipment Needed

  • About 15 minutes prior to the AHD starting, setup Laptop & LCD Projector (they are in locked drawer 505 in the GI residents room, in 803 JBRC (return it to the same place)

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