Academic Half Day - Endocrinology / Metabolism

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Academic Half Day
When: Wednesdays between September to June 13:00-16:00
Where: rotates between HSC and St Boniface depending on what faculty member is scheduled to teach
Contact: Program Administrator - Endocrinology / Metabolism (Kathy Nowak)

The Academic Half Day of the Endocrinology / Metabolism Subspecialty Education Program teaches residents Endocrinology / Metabolism content.

Prior to the session the PA sends emails to the scheduled faculty member to remind them of the teaching session and ask for an reading or objectives to send to the fellows. After the AHD the faculty member and the fellows fill out evaluations on the sessions (that were emailed to them from the PA ) and once completed the completed evaluations are given to the PA and filed away in the presenting fellow's file and the faculty evaluations sent to the Section Head - Endocrinology / Metabolism.

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