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Information System Info
Information System: AGFA PACS
Main Contact: Shared Health Service Desk
WRHA / U of M Network: WRHA
Access Form: yes

Architecture which stores digital medical images

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AGFA (a vendor) PACS (picture archiving and communication system) is the architecture which stores digital medical images.

Getting Access to AGFA-PACS

PACS is requested as part of the ACMT form filled on hiring or if requested by an existing user. One would check off AGFA-PACS on the form. Note that AGFA-Ris is for Radiologists.

  • Physician: It would be very rare for a physician not to require this. PACS is for viewing CT Scans, MRI's, X-Rays and ultrasounds. Images are viewed with either a program called DI Viewer or IMPAX.
  • UMFA's: don't require access.
  • Employees: Employees do not typically require access to PACS; however, it is not unusual for research staff to require access. Research staff includes individuals participating in "pure" research (eg. for a CIHR grant) and clinical research (eg. clinical trial).

There are two ways to access the images in PACS:

  1. DI Viewer
  2. IMPAX


To obtain training, have the user or their assistant email from a WRHA address with the users contact information, and put as the subject "AGFA-PACS training" and put in their contact information. Someone from the AGFA-PACS team would contact you.

Removing Access from PACS

See Remove Users Access to an Application at WRHA. Note that if the person is leaving, you would follow these instructions: Terminating Computer Access at WRHA.

Roles using this information system

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