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The ACMT (Account Management) form is the document that needs to be filled out to get access to any eHealth managed IT systems. It can be found at:

Note that for anyone who is based at other hospitals/centres besides HSC, you must have that organization's administrative staff fill out the form. For HSC, always choose the HSC form.


Contact the Systems Analyst as soon as the person is hired with the name and email address of the user. The Systems Analyst will fill in and submit all account forms. If the Systems Analyst is away, follow these instructions:

  1. Follow the instructions here: Filling in User Information on ACMT Form
  2. See the following links for additional information on how to give a user access to applications requested through the ACMT form, including any parameters the form may ask for.

To find out what systems an employee needs access to, check the pages for any Roles they hold. Their roles should be listed on their page (see People).

Information Systems managed through the ACMT form

Accuro EMR
DI Viewer
Email/Outlook Access
Network/eHealth Account

File Shares managed through the ACMT form

CCMDB Scanning drive\\hsc1msfp0001\INTMED\INTMED_CCMDB_ScanFolder
CPD Tracking drive\\Reg1msfp0036\intmed_cpd_tracking
Communications drive\\hsc1msfp0001\INTMED\INTMED_ADMIN_POLICIES_EVENTS
Contracts drive\\hsc1msfp0001\INTMED\INTMED_ADMIN_CONTRACTS
Finance drive\\hsc1msfp0001\INTMED\INTMED_ADMIN_FINANCE
IT drive\\hsc1msfp0001\INTMED\INTMED_ADMIN_IT
Managers drive\\hsc1msfp0001\INTMED\INTMED_ADMIN_DEPT_MANAGERS
SRG Automation drive\\hsc1msfp0001\INTMED\INTMED_Automation
Shared drive\\hsc1msfp0001\INTMED\_INTMED_ADMIN_SHARED

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