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The most important instructions is: Be Bold. Short of Things that should not go on this wiki, just do it. If you don't have time to read further, just read and edit the wiki and the rest will come out in the wash. However, if you want to know more...

Idea behind this wiki

You know your work best, so you should be the one documenting it. The mediawiki software keeps each version of a document ever saved, so if a wrong edit were made, we could always go back. Also, only logged in users can make changes, so no reasonable person would make a malicious change. Rather than getting permission before making a change, we want you to just do it. The reason we are comfortable with it is that we will also require all users to take part in Reviewing Recent Changes. As long as enough of us take part in reviewing recent changes we can make sure that any inadvertent errors are fixed and the content is better than it would be if proposed changes had to grow mold on the desk of people authorizing them.

If anyone edits something you have written, consider that they did so with best intention. If it turns out wrong, see Discussion & Question Instruction#Conflict for more help.

Finding articles

You can search the wiki using the search box on the left. See Searching for an article for more info.

Keeping track of content changes

The wiki software has several tools to notify you of changes to the content: see the Wiki watchlist or Reviewing Recent Changes.

Editing articles

If you see something that you want to fix, just click the "Edit" link next to the heading for the section you are in, or the edit tab at the top of the article and make your edit. Mediawiki uses some special symbols; it calls it markup, but it's similar to the old word perfect reveal codes. See Wiki markup cheat sheet for the ones we most commonly use on this wiki.

Add links and wiki categories wherever possible.

Ideally just edit the article to make it right. However, sometimes you will see something questionable but not know what the correct content should be. In this case, follow the Discussion & Question Instructions.

Tables to wiki gives you some information on moving or making tables on the wiki.

Making new articles

Creating a new article will tell you how to start any new article.

Renaming or deleting a page on the wiki

Things you can do now

Semantic Mediawiki

This wiki uses Semantic Mediawiki. It allows us to generate things like the People list without having to update them manually. Whenever you run into content you can't see when you try to edit you are probably dealing with data generated by Semantic Mediawiki. See Semantic Mediawiki for more info.