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[[Category:New Employee]]
[[Category:New Employee]]
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[[Category:Departing Employee‏‎ ]]
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University of Manitoba ID badges are used, depending on one's role for: library access; identification; and building access at the U of M Bannatyne buildings.


WRHA or HSC Employees

  1. Contact Maria Louriero in HSC Research Office at 787-4175, who manages the research offices in JBRC. Maria notifies the U of M Card Access Coordinator. Once Maria receives notification from that office, she will notify the manager to advise the UM employee where to go to get UM Security Badge.

U of M Staff, GFT's or NIL's

  1. At Bannatyne Campus, you would attend to the Neil John MacLean Library to obtain a photo ID. Your photo ID also gives you library access.
  2. If you require special access that isn't included on the Photo ID, or if you have a general inquiry, you would contact U of M Physical Plant [here].
  3. Maria Louriero can assist if one requires access to research areas in JBRC.

Returning a badge

Discuss.gif There seems to be s different process for PGME Out of Province Elective Rotation Process - should that be? User:Ttenbergen 23:26, 14 October 2018 (CDT)


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