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#Check with Cindy Potter, Gastroenterology Residency Training Program, Undergrad and Postgrad, McMaster University, T: (905) 525-9140 ext. 27658 | F: (905) 521-4971  regarding the timing of the McMaster Course in July. ([[GI Endoscopy Course]])
#Check regarding the timing of the McMaster Course first weekend in July ([[GI Endoscopy Course]]) with:
*Melissa Furtney , B.A.
*Residency Program Coordinator
*McMaster University
*1280 Main Street West
*Hamilton ON L8S 4L8
*location: HSC 3V51
*phone: (905) 525-9140 x 27658
*email: furtney@mcmaster.ca
====Check for Awards====
====Check for Awards====

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The Program Administrator - Gastroenterology is involved in many things, see #Related Articles. The role is currently held by:

Onboarding tasks

There are no Onboarding tasks registered for this role.


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Additional Info

Program Administrator
Section Gastroenterology
Specialty/Subspecialty program: Gastroenterology Subspecialty Education Program

The Program Administrator - Gastroenterology is one of our team of Program Administrators; see that page for more general info about all of them.



Gastroenterology Residency Program Committee (RPC)

  • The date is decided by the Section Head, because the RPC usually occurs immediately right after the Section Meeting
  • Distribution List
  • You must inform both the GI Chief Resident and Senior Resident of the date of the meeting, because one of them attends

Gastroenterology Competency Committee

Prepare for upcoming Block

To prepare for each Block for off-service rotators (off-service residents, and students)

The GI Rotation at both sites for rotators consists of:

  • Email all Rotators at both HSC & SB NO LESS than 2 weeks prior to the block with
    • their first day instructions
    • the GI call schedule for the period they will be on service for
    • inform them that the orientation package information is in Entrada
    • the original orientation handouts 1 to 11 are located on the shared drive: N:\Postgrad - GASTROENTEROLOGY\GI - Training Schedules - Rotation Packages for Rotators to Gastro

First Day of Rotation - Program Administrator provides orientation to rotators

    • The GI program is set up so that the Program Administrator - Gastroenterology gives an orientation to the HSC off-service rotators to Gastroenterology. The PA meets with the incoming off-service rotator on the first day of the block, and reviews the orientation manual and reading list with them (file labelled ORIENTATION MANUAL - Manual for all Rotators to GI)
    • For SB rotators, they will meet with Dr. Duerksen when convenient for both of them

Monthly Calendar

  • Send out GI Link Rounds Notices - Ask each upcoming presenting GI Resident what their topic is, ask for 2-3 objectives, and who their attending is that vetting the topic
  • Input the data into the Poster, and into Entrada
  • Academic Half Day - Gastroenterology
  • PARIM Submissions

Gastroenterology PARIM Call Submission

  1. Check the Gastroenterology Call Schedules for each site distributed by Emma Shaw for the Gastroenterology Call Schedule for HSC & Rychee Sam for the Gastroenterology Call Schedule for SB
  2. Residents are paid for each evening and weekend they take Gastroenterology call
  3. Complete PARIM submission excel worksheet for appropriate period and site
  4. Save as a PDF in the Gastroenterology PARIM Submissions folder
  5. Send the PDF submission by email to the WRHA at wrha_parim@wrha.mb.ca (Contact Person: Rachel Turchen 926-7854)

Annual Calendar


  • Remind all graduating residents to complete their Core Curriculums, especially the Practice Management Course


GI Residents attend CDDW GRIT the last few days of Februrary, first few days of March, annually


  • Dr. Cantor determines which GI GFT gets a resident assigned to them. Review & update the Excel file: INTMED ADMIN EDUC2_Gastroenterology - GI - TRAINING SCHEDULES - Master Schedule Fellows & Rotators, file is called 4_GI Residents Longitudinal Clinic Resident Clinic GI Assignments 20XX-20XX


  1. Check regarding the timing of the McMaster Course first weekend in July (GI Endoscopy Course) with:
  • Melissa Furtney , B.A.
  • Residency Program Coordinator
  • McMaster University
  • 1280 Main Street West
  • Hamilton ON L8S 4L8
  • location: HSC 3V51
  • phone: (905) 525-9140 x 27658
  • email: furtney@mcmaster.ca

Check for Awards

  • Check the PARIM Website for any resident awards - for the annual report, and for recognition at: the RPC, the graduating resident's dinner, and the November dinner by the Head of the Department
  • Login to R-PAGE and upgrade the R4 GI residents to R5s, then enter the incoming R4 GI residents names and email addresses
Discuss.gif we should find a file share where we can put passwords needed by GI people

CAG R-PAGE Contact:

Adria Cehovin M.Sc(c), Project Manager Canadian Association of Gastroenterology #224, 1540 Cornwall Road | Oakville, ON | L6J 7W5 Tel: 905.829.2504 ext. 231 'adria@cag-acg.org'

Toll-free: 1.888.780.0007 Fax: 905.829.0242

  • Any new users to R-PAGE will be asked to register via the below link, and have the site's primary contact notify us.


  • Prepare the GI Resident's Photo Sheet for distribution to the GI Staff on Buhler 8, and for posting in the 8th Floor Mail Room, and prepare the GI Resident's contact sheet for the GI Staff.

INTMED_ADMIN_EDUC2\Postgrad - Gastroenterology - Gastroenterology 1Gastroenterology Resident Photos & Contact Info 20XX-20XX

Submit Chief & Senior Stipend Template to MSAS

  • Locate and update the GI Chief & Senior Stipend Template: N Drive: INTMED_ADMIN_EDUC2\1_Gastroenterology - Chief-Senior Stipend Template 2019-2020
  • Send the Excel File to MSAS

To prepare for GI CaRMS in September (start preparations in April of each year)

  • Select date with Program Director (Note: PD may need to either cancel clinic or procedure time])
  • Book Room 800 & 815 & 718 JBRC for the full day
  • Book Room 810 JBRC for the full day (book this with Wendy Cirillo)
  • Book 808B JBRC for the full day
  • Book (if you can) 718 JBRC for parts of the day, in case you need a back up room
  • Ask for GI Section Members to act as interviewers - we generally use 2 for the morning, and a different 2 for the afternoon


  • Complete tasks related to residents who will graduate and of June - Refer to PGME Scheduling Timelines for Incoming Residents and Tasks inc Exit Process for Outgoing Residents
  • RCPSC eFITER for Fall Examinations will arrive by email from (usually) Ms. Julie Brown. Ensure that ALL the graduating residents are on the list. Have the PD complete the list (you may completed it as well and have them review it). Then email the list to regpgme@umanitoba.ca. Keep an electronic file. For those of us who still have paper binders, place printout in binder.


  • The PD for GI usually receives an email from ACG regarding the ACG 2nd Year Fellows Course, with a request for nominations. Generally, the PD then canvasses the GI section members to ask which resident should be nominated. The nominated resident is then contacted to see if they are agreeable to attend. Once the resident agrees, PA is to document the course in the training schedule.
  • The R4 GI Residents take the GI Endoscopy Course the first weekend in July


  • Arrange for Procedural Sedation / Conscious Sedation Course - see Procedural Sedation Course -ideally, this course takes place in either September or October


  • Residents should have their Abstracts for CDDW GRIT nearly completed and vetted by their supervisor


CDDW GRIT Abstracts are due by October 15 - see CDDW GRIT


  • Remind residents re Core Curriculums
  • Complete the Chief & Senior Resident Stipend Forms for January to June
  • Inform off-service programs how many GI Trainees you will send them and approximately when
  • Using Entrada, trigger Gastroenterology Long Clinic Assessment forms for all Gastroenterology Residents, for January 1 - December 31




Industry Sponsored Events

  • Residents should not attend industry sponsored events that are not initiated by U of MB and that are off-site at a restaurant
Discuss.gif That info is not specific to GI, so probably should not live here. I think it's covered by Relationships Between the Pharmaceutical Industry and Internal Medicine Residents. Should that then be linked from somewhere so the other PAs are aware of it as well?

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