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This is a list of all People who have an appointment type of GFT, NIL, Clinical Contract or Clinical Contract and NIL.


Section GFT NIL Clinical Contract and NIL Clinical Contract UMFA
Allergy and Clinical Immunology 3 1 1 0 0
Biomedical Proteomics 0 1 0 0 5
Cardiology 29 0 3 0 0
Critical Care 10 8 2 0 1
Dermatology 0 13 1 0 0
Endocrinology / Metabolism 9 3 5 0 2
Gastroenterology 8 5 6 0 1
General Internal Medicine 22 8 27 9 0
Geriatric Medicine 6 8 1 0 0
Hematology and Oncology 40 2 2 0 0
Hepatology 4 3 3 0 1
Infectious Diseases 8 4 5 2 1
Nephrology 25 4 5 0 0
Neurology 13 4 9 2 0
Clinical Pharmacology 0 1 0 0 0
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 8 2 0 1 0
Respiratory Medicine 13 0 11 0 1
Rheumatology 7 2 6 0 0
Total 205 68 87 14 12
same via Cargo for cross checks
Cargo Physician Matrix
Section GFT NIL Clinical Contract and NIL Clinical Contract UMFA Total
Allergy and Clinical Immunology 3 1 2 0 0 6
Biomedical Proteomics 0 1 0 0 5 6
Cardiology 29 1 3 0 0 33
Clinical Pharmacology 0 1 0 0 0 1
Critical Care 10 8 2 0 1 21
Dermatology 0 13 1 0 0 14
Endocrinology / Metabolism 9 4 5 0 2 20
Gastroenterology 8 6 6 0 1 21
General Internal Medicine 22 9 27 9 0 67
Geriatric Medicine 6 9 1 0 0 16
Hematology and Oncology 41 2 2 0 0 45
Hepatology 4 3 3 0 1 11
Infectious Diseases 8 5 5 2 1 21
Nephrology 25 5 6 0 0 36
Neurology 13 5 9 2 0 29
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 8 2 0 1 0 11
Respiratory Medicine 13 2 12 0 1 28
Rheumatology 7 2 6 0 0 15

Cross appointments

See cross appointment for a description of that situation, and how it affects the above automatically generated list. People on the list might show up twice in the list above.


Dr.s with non-physician appointment type

These would not show up in the matrix.

List of Internal Medicine Physician articles

 Appointment TypesectionModification date"Modification date" is a predefined property that corresponds to the date of the last modification of a subject and is provided by Semantic MediaWiki.
Dr. Neeloffer MookherjeeUMFABiomedical Proteomics26 July 2021 20:53:56
Dr. Linda LarcombeUMFAInfectious Diseases30 March 2020 20:08:25
Dr. Kevin CoombsUMFABiomedical Proteomics30 June 2021 20:52:05
Dr. Heather ArmstrongUMFABiomedical Proteomics14 September 2021 17:54:01
Dr. Leigh Anne ShaferUMFACritical Care16 April 2020 19:01:16
Dr. Janilyn ArsenioUMFABiomedical Proteomics26 July 2021 20:53:40
Dr. Julia UhanovaUMFAHepatology30 March 2020 18:14:20
Dr. Andrew HalaykoUMFARespiratory Medicine8 April 2020 14:54:00
Dr. Oleg KrokhinUMFABiomedical Proteomics26 July 2021 20:53:35
Dr. Garry ShenUMFAEndocrinology / Metabolism31 August 2021 18:43:28
Dr. Suresh MishraUMFAEndocrinology / Metabolism31 August 2021 18:54:01
Dr. Jean-Eric GhiaUMFAGastroenterology23 March 2021 20:53:12

Physicians with more than one section

We use the section entry in physician pages for some resource allocations. For this, we only want the main section for each physician, and we don't want them to be double-counted.

In the list below, do a scan through to find all who have more than one section. There is no easy way in Semantic to do a cross tab like this, it would involve several pages and a lot of tweaking.


List of Internal Medicine physician articles

 FirstNameLastNameAppointment TypeGenderRank
Dr. Aaron MarshallAaronMarshallNILMProfessor
Dr. Abdul-Nasser RamadanAbdul-NasserRamadanClinical Contract and NILMAssistant Professor
Dr. AbdulRazaq SokoroAbdulRazaqSokoroNILMAssociate Professor
Dr. Ada ManAdaManClinical Contract and NILFAssistant Professor
Dr. Adarshdip BrarAdarshdipBrarClinical Contract and NILFLecturer
Dr. Aditya SharmaAdityaSharmaGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Adrian RobertsonAdrianRobertsonClinical Contract and NILMAssistant Professor
Dr. Aimee LiAimeeLiClinical Contract and NILFAssistant Professor
Dr. Alan CaseyAlan R.CaseyGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Alex TischenkoAlexTischenkoGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Alexandra BussieresAlexandraBussieresClinical Contract and NILFLecturer
Dr. Alexandra IlnyckyjAlexandraIlnyckyjGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Alexei YankovskyAlexeiYankovskyGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Alexis BotkinAlexisBotkinNILFN/A
Dr. Ali BenzaglamAliBenzaglamClinical Contract and NILMLecturer
Dr. Ali ElgherianiAliElgherianiNILMLecturer
Dr. Ali HabeebAliHabeebNILMLecturer
Dr. Aliasghar KhademAliasgharKhademGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Alissa LloydAlissaLloydClinical Contract and NILFLecturer
Dr. Allan GarlandAllanGarlandGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Allan RonaldAllanRonaldNILMEmeritus Professor
Dr. Allan SchafferAllanSchafferGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Allen KrautAllenKrautGFTMAssociate Professor
Dr. Amber CogarAmberCogarClinical Contract and NILFLecturer
Dr. Amber JanowerAmberJanowerClinical Contract and NILFLecturer
Dr. Amila HeendeniyaAmilaHeendeniyaClinical Contract and NILMAssistant Professor
Dr. Amir RavandiAmirRavandiGFTMAssociate Professor
Dr. Amiya ChakrabortyAmiyaChakrabortyGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Amrit MalikAmritMalikGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Anand KumarAnandKumarGFTMProfessor
Dr. Andrea MazuratAndreaMazuratClinical Contract and NILFAssistant Professor
Dr. Andrew BorysAndrewBorysClinical Contract and NILMAssistant Professor
Dr. Andrew GomoriAndrewGomoriNILMAssociate Professor
Dr. Andrew L. MorrisAndrew L.MorrisGFTMProfessor
Dr. Andrew MacDiarmidAndrew L.MacDiarmidGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Andrew MaksymiukAndrew W.MaksymiukGFTMProfessor
Dr. Andrew McKinnonAndrewMcKinnonClinical Contract and NILMLecturer
Dr. Andrew WalktyAndrewWalktyGFTMAssociate Professor
Dr. Angela DesautelsAngelaDesautelsGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Anita SoniAnitaSoniGFTFAssociate Professor
Dr. Ankur WadhwaAnkurWadhwaClinical Contract and NILMAssistant Professor
Dr. Annaliese TisseverasingheAnnalieseTisseverasingheGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Anthony BattadAnthonyBattadGFTMLecturer
Dr. Anurag TrivediAnuragTrivediClinical Contract and NILMAssistant Professor
Dr. Arjuna PonnampalamArjunaPonnampalamClinical Contract and NILMAssistant Professor
Dr. Arturo Tamayo-MendozaArturoTamayo MendozaClinical Contract and NILMAssistant Professor
Dr. Asad JunaidAsadJunaidGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Asher MendelsonAsherMendelsonGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Ashish ShahAshishShahGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Atheer Al-KaabiAtheerAl-KaabiClinical Contract and NILMAssistant Professor
Dr. Barret RushBarretRushGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Barry CohenBarryCohenGFTMProfessor
Dr. Barry RicheBarryRicheNILMLecturer
Dr. Basem ElbarouniBasemElbarouniGFTMAssociate Professor
Dr. Ben FultzBenjaminFultzClinical Contract and NILMAssistant Professor
Dr. Benjamin GoldenbergBenjaminGoldenbergGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Bertram UngerBertramUngerClinical Contract and NILMAssistant Professor
Dr. Beth CollinBethCollinNILFLecturer
Dr. Beyza Ciftci-KavakliogluBeyzaCiftci-KavakliogluGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Bijai JohnsonBijaiJohnsonClinical Contract and NILMLecturer
Dr. Bill LeslieBillLeslieGFTMProfessor
Dr. Bojan PaunovicBojanPaunovicGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Brendan K. MacDougallBrendan K.MacDougallClinical Contract and NILMProfessor
Dr. Brett HoustonBrettHoustonGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Brian A. AndersonBrian A.AndersonClinical Contract and NILMAssociate Professor
Dr. Brian SchmidtBrianSchmidtGFTMProfessor
Dr. Brittany PerijaBrittanyPerijaClinical Contract and NILFLecturer
Dr. Carla OsiowyCarlaOsiowyNILFProfessional Affiliate
Dr. Carly ScramstadCarlyScramstadGFTXAssistant Professor
Dr. Carmen HurdCarmenHurdGFTFAssociate Professor
Dr. Carol HitchonCarolHitchonGFTFAssociate Professor
Dr. Carolina AranedaCarolinaAranedaClinical ContractFAssistant Professor
Dr. Catherine MoltzanCatherineMoltzanGFTFAssociate Professor
Dr. Catherine SmithCatherineSmithGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Ceri RichardsCeriRichardsClinical Contract and NILFLecturer
Dr. Chantalle MenardChantalleMenardGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Charles BernsteinCharlesBernsteinGFTMDistinguished Professor
Dr. Charles PennerCharlesPennerNILMAssociate Professor
Dr. Chris SathianathanChrisSathianathanClinical Contract and NILMAssistant Professor
Dr. Chris WiebeChrisWiebeGFTMAssociate Professor
Dr. Christian HansonChristianHansonClinical Contract and NILMLecturer
Dr. Christina KimChristinaKimGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Christine PeschkenChristine A.PeschkenGFTFProfessor
Dr. Christopher HayesChristopherHayesClinical Contract and NILXLecturer
Dr. Christopher ParrChristopherParrClinical Contract and NILXLecturer
Dr. Chrystyna KalicinskyChrystynaKalicinskyGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Cindy LeeCindyLeeClinical Contract and NILFLecturer
Dr. Cindy RichardsonCindyRichardsonNILFAssistant Professor
Dr. Clara BohmClaraBohmGFTFAssociate Professor
Dr. Clare RamseyClareRamseyGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Clarence KhooClarenceKhooGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Claudio RigattoClaudioRigattoGFTMAssociate Professor
Dr. Colette SeiferColetteSeiferGFTFProfessor
Dr. Colin BarberColinBarberGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Cory BaillieCoryBaillieNILMAssistant Professor
Dr. Craig HarlosCraigHarlosGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Craig SpezialiCraigSpezialiGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Dan RobertsDanRobertsGFTMProfessor
Dr. Dana MoffattDanaMoffattGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Daniel SitarDanSitarNILMEmeritus Professor
Dr. Danielle DesautelsDanielleDesautelsGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. David AllenDavidAllenGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. David ChristiansenDavidChristiansenGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. David CollisterDavidCollisterGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. David DaweDavidDaweGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. David GoldenbergDavidGoldenbergNILMAssociate Professor
Dr. David PeretzDavidPeretzClinical Contract and NILMAssistant Professor
Dr. David RobinsonDavid B.RobinsonGFTMAssociate Professor
Dr. David RushDavid N.RushGFTMProfessor
Dr. David StrangDavid G.StrangGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. David SzwajcerDavidSzwajcerGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Davinder JassalDavinderJassalGFTMProfessor
Dr. Davyd HooperDavydHooperGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Debjani GrenierDebjaniGrenierGFTFAssociate Professor
Dr. Donald AllanDonaldAllanGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Donald DuerksenDonaldDuerksenGFTMAssociate Professor
Dr. Donald HoustonDonald S.HoustonGFTMAssociate Professor
Dr. Douglas HobsonDouglasHobsonNILMAssistant Professor
Dr. Drew HagerDrewHagerGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Duane FunkDuaneFunkNILMAssociate Professor
Dr. Dung NguyenDungNguyenClinical Contract and NILMAssistant Professor
Dr. Eberhard RennerEberhardRennerGFTMProfessor
Dr. Edwin Bruce RoeEdwin BruceRoeGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Eleni GiannouliEleniGiannouliGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Elise CrockerEliseCrockerNILFLecturer
Dr. Elizabeth SalamonElizabethSalamonClinical Contract and NILFAssistant Professor
Dr. Elizabeth Smith RhynoldElizabethSmith RhynoldNILFAssistant Professor
Dr. Els de GussemElsde GussemClinical Contract and NILFAssistant Professor
Dr. Emily RimmerEmilyRimmerGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Eric BowEric J.BowGFTMProfessor
Dr. Eric JacobsohnEricJacobsohnNILMProfessor
Dr. Esmail AbejEsmailAbejClinical Contract and NILMAssistant Professor
Dr. Esseddeeg GhroodaEsseddeegGhroodaGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Evan EliasEvanEliasClinical Contract and NILMLecturer
Dr. Evan OrlikowEvanOrlikowClinical Contract and NILMN/A
Dr. Evelyn LoEvelynLoGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Eytan WeinbergEytanWeinbergNILMLecturer
Dr. Faisal SiddiquiFaisalSiddiquiNILMAssistant Professor
Dr. Farid EsfahaniFaridEsfahaniClinical ContractMN/A
Dr. Frank BovellFrankBovellClinical Contract and NILMLecturer
Dr. Fred Y. AokiFred Y.AokiClinical Contract and NILMProfessor
Dr. Galit HasdanGalitHasdanNILFLecturer
Dr. George BorrettGeorgeBorrettClinical ContractMN/A
Dr. George MathewGeorgeMathewNILMLecturer
Dr. Gerald MinukGeraldMinukNILMSenior Scholar
Dr. Gerard ConeysGerardConeysGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Glen DrobotGlen R.DrobotGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Gloria Vazquez-GrandeGloriaVazquez-GrandeNILFLecturer
Dr. Graham DuffGrahamDuffClinical Contract and NILMLecturer
Dr. Greg HammondGregHammondClinical Contract and NILMProfessor
Dr. Gregg EschunGregg M.EschunGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Gregoire NyombaGregoireNyombaGFTMProfessor
Dr. Hanbo ZhangHanboZhangGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Hani El-GabalawyHaniEl-GabalawyGFTMProfessor
Dr. Harbhajan (Dhali) S. DhaliwalHarbhajan (Dhali) S.DhaliwalMEmeritus Professor
Dr. Harminder SinghHarminderSinghGFTMAssociate Professor
Dr. Heather SmithHeatherSmithNILFAssistant Professor
Dr. Herman LamHermanLamNILMLecturer
Dr. Hillel SommerHillelSommerNILMAssociate Professor
Dr. Ibrahim AbdelgadirIbrahimAbdelgadirClinical Contract and NILMLecturer
Dr. Isanne SchacterIsanneSchacterGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Ivan BaracIvanBaracGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Jacquelyn DirksJacquelynDirksClinical Contract and NILFAssistant Professor
Dr. James Alexander ShawJames AlexanderShawGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. James BrasJamesBrasGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. James JohnstonJames B.JohnstonGFTMProfessor
Dr. James MarriottJamesMarriottGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. James PaulJamesPaulGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. James TamJames W.TamGFTMProfessor
Dr. James ZachariasJames M.ZachariasGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Janine JohnstonJanine LeahJohnstonNILFAssociate Professor
Dr. Jason SneathJasonSneathNILMN/A
Dr. Jay HingwalaJayHingwalaGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Jeffrey BarnesJeffreyBarnesClinical ContractMLecturer
Dr. Jeffrey GrahamJeffreyGrahamGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Jeffrey WheelerJeffreyWheelerClinical Contract and NILMLecturer
Dr. Jennifer SalterJenniferSalterGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Jennifer YamamotoJenniferYamamotoGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Jessica CudmoreJessicaCudmoreGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Jessica FudgeJessicaFudgeNILFN/A
Dr. Jill Keddy-GrantJillKeddy-GrantNILFAssistant Professor
Dr. Jillian HortonJillianHortonGFTFAssociate Professor
Dr. Joe BuetiGiuseppe AntoninoBuetiGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Joe Mullonkal JoseJoe MullonkalJoseClinical Contract and NILMAssistant Professor
Dr. Joel GingerichJoelGingerichGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Joel NkosiJoelNkosiClinical Contract and NILMAssistant Professor
Dr. Joel Scott-HerridgeJoelScott-HerridgeClinical Contract and NILMLecturer
Dr. John DucasJohnDucasGFTMAssociate Professor
Dr. John EmbilJohnEmbilGFTMProfessor
Dr. John TooleJohnTooleNILMProfessor
Dr. Jonathan LaxtonJonathanLaxtonGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Jonathon BellasJonathonBellasGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Joseph PeedicailJosephPeedicailGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Jovan HasmataliJovanHasmataliNILMLecturer
Dr. Joëlle Bourgeois-GosselinJoëlleBourgeois-GosselinNILFAssistant Professor
Dr. Julie HoJulieHoGFTFAssociate Professor
Dr. Justin CloutierJustinCloutierGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Justin LingJustinLingClinical Contract and NILMLecturer
Dr. Justin MarchJustinMarchGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Justin WaltersJustinWaltersGFTMLecturer
Dr. Justin WongJustinWongClinical Contract and NILMAssistant Professor
Dr. Karen EthansKarenEthansGFTFAssociate Professor
Dr. Karuppanchetty MuthiahKaruppanchettyMuthiahNILMLecturer
Dr. Karver ZaborniakKarverZaborniakGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Keevin BernsteinKeevin N.BernsteinGFTMProfessor
Dr. Kelly KaitaKellyKaitaGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Kelly MacDonaldKelly S.MacDonaldGFTFProfessor
Dr. Ken KasperKennethKasperGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Kendiss OlafsonKendissOlafsonGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Kevin BrownKevinBrownGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Kevin WolfeKevin B.WolfeGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Kimberley MulcheyKimberleyMulcheyGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Kinny LambaKiraninderLambaGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Konstantin JilkineKonstantinJilkineGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Krista RyzKristaRyzGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Kristel Van IneveldKristelVan IneveldGFTFAssociate Professor
Dr. Kristina SwainKristinaSwainNILFLecturer
Dr. Kristjan PaulsonKristjanPaulsonGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Kulvir BadeshaKulvirBadeshaClinical Contract and NILMAssistant Professor
Dr. Kunal MinhasKunalMinhasGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Lana RosenfieldLanaRosenfieldClinical Contract and NILFAssistant Professor
Dr. Laura ChisickLauraChisickGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Laura HermannLauraHermannClinical ContractFN/A
Dr. Lauren GarbuttLaurenGarbuttClinical Contract and NILFLecturer
Dr. Lauren MacKenzieLaurenMacKenzieNILFAssistant Professor
Dr. Lawrence HomikLawrenceHomikNILMLecturer
Dr. Leonard MinukLeonardMinukGFTMAssociate Professor
Dr. Leroy StorsleyLeroyStorsleyGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Liam O'NeilLiamONeilGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Lin YangLinYangGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Lindsay NicolleLindsayNicolleNILFEmeritus Professor
Dr. Lindsay TorbiakLindsayTorbiakGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Lindsey WoodrowLindseyWoodrowGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Lisa M. MillerLisa M.MillerGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Lorne HurstLorneHurstNILMAssistant Professor
Dr. Lorraine PeitschLorrainePeitschGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Louis LudwigLouisLudwigClinical ContractMN/A
Dr. Lourens BlomLourensBlomNILMLecturer
Dr. Lubna MadiLubnaMadiClinical Contract and NILFAssistant Professor
Dr. Maclean ThiessenMacleanThiessenClinical Contract and NILMAssistant Professor
Dr. Mahwash Fatima SaeedMahwash FatimaSaeedGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Mai NguyenMaiNguyenClinical Contract and NILFLecturer
Dr. Malek KassMalekKassGFTMAssociate Professor
Dr. Marcus BlouwMarcusBlouwGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Marcus NgMarcusNgGFTMAssociate Professor
Dr. Marianne KrahnMarianneKrahnGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Marielle GawrylukMarielleGawrylukNILFLecturer
Dr. Marissa BeckerMarissaBeckerClinical ContractFAssociate Professor
Dr. Mark VendramelliMarkVendramelliClinical ContractM
Dr. Marni WisemanMarniWisemanClinical Contract and NILFAssociate Professor
Dr. Marshall PitzMarshallPitzGFTMAssociate Professor
Dr. Marshall StitzMarshallStitzNILMAssistant Professor
Dr. Martha AinslieMarthaAinslieGFTFAssociate Professor
Dr. Martha ShepertyckyMarthaShepertyckyGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Martin Edward KarpinskiMartin EdwardKarpinskiGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Martina ReslerovaMartinaReslerovaGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Mathieu LabossiereMathieuLabossiereClinical Contract and NILMLecturer
Dr. Matthew MittelstadtMatthewMittelstadtClinical Contract and NILMN/A
Dr. Matthias KramerMatthiasKramerClinical Contract and NILMLecturer
Dr. Mauro VerrelliMauroVerrelliGFTMAssociate Professor
Dr. Michael CantorMichaelCantorGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Michael CossoyMichaelCossoyGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Michael Julian JoshuaMichael JulianJoshuaClinical Contract and NILMLecturer
Dr. Michael LoveMichaelLoveGFTMProfessor
Dr. Michael SemusMichaelSemusGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Michael SochockiMichaelSochockiGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Mihail GurandaMihailGurandaClinical Contract and NILMLecturer
Dr. Mohsen KhoshnamMohsenKhoshnamNILMLecturer
Dr. Monica DowhanikMonicaDowhanikClinical ContractFN/A
Dr. Musawir AhmedMusawirAhmedGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Nabiha FaisalNabihaFaisalGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Nancy DixonNancyDixonNILFLecturer
Dr. Nancy PorhownikNancyPorhownikGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Nasir ShaikhNasirShaikhGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Navdeep TangriNavdeepTangriGFTMAssociate Professor
Dr. Neil WatkinsNeilWatkinsNILMProfessor
Dr. Nick HajidiacosNickHajidiacosGFTMAssociate Professor
Dr. Nithya VenkatesanNithyaVenkatesanNILFLecturer
Dr. Numan AmirNumanAmirGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Owen MooneyOwenMooneyGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Pam OrrPamelaOrrGFTFProfessor
Dr. Pamela KatzPamelaKatzGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Pamela SkrabekPamelaSkrabekGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Paramvir VirdiParamvirVirdiClinical Contract and NILMLecturer
Dr. Patrick GriffinPatrickGriffinClinical Contract and NILMAssistant Professor
Dr. Paul DaeninckPaul J.DaeninckGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Paul IgohPaulIgohNILMLecturer
Dr. Paul KomendaPaulKomendaGFTMProfessor
Dr. Penina KrongoldPeninaKrongoldClinical Contract and NILFAssistant Professor
Dr. Peter HughesPeterHughesClinical Contract and NILMAssistant Professor
Dr. Peter NickersonPeterNickersonGFTMProfessor
Dr. Phil GarberPhilip JerroldGarberGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Philip St. JohnPhilipSt. JohnGFTMProfessor
Dr. Piotr CzaykowskiPiotrCzaykowskiGFTMAssociate Professor
Dr. Priyanka MysorePriyankaMysoreGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Qingdong GuanQingdongGuanNILMAssociate Professor
Dr. Rachel DwilowRachelDwilowClinical Contract and NILFAssistant Professor
Dr. Rachel FainsteinRachelFainsteinClinical Contract and NILFLecturer
Dr. Rae-Kiran JhingerRae-KiranJhingerClinical Contract and NILXLecturer
Dr. Rahul MehtaRahulMehtaClinical Contract and NILMAssistant Professor
Dr. Ralf MacekRalfMacekClinical ContractMN/A
Dr. Ralph WongRalphWongGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Ramandip SinghRamandipSinghClinical Contract and NILMN/A
Dr. Rami KotbRamiKotbGFTMAssociate Professor
Dr. Ramin HamedaniRaminHamedaniGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Rhys SharkeyRhysSharkeyClinical Contract and NILMLecturer
Dr. Richard HaydeyRichardHaydeyNILMAssociate Professor
Dr. Richard KostykRichardKostykClinical Contract and NILMLecturer
Dr. Riley EppRileyEppClinical Contract and NILFLecturer
Dr. Robert MoutonRobertMoutonNILMLecturer
Dr. Robin DucasRobinDucasGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Rochelle Van De VeldeRochelleVan De VeldeNILFLecturer
Dr. Ronald GeorgeRonaldGeorgeClinical ContractMN/A
Dr. Roopesh KansaraRoopeshKansaraGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Ross Feldman
Dr. Ruth Ann MarrieRuth AnnMarrieGFTFProfessor
Dr. Ryan SkrabekRyan Q.SkrabekGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Ryan ZarychanskiRyanZarychanskiGFTMAssociate Professor
Dr. Sandip BhangooSandipBhangooGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Sara DunsmoreSaraDunsmoreNILFLecturer
Dr. Saroj NiraulaSarojNiraulaGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Scott CleghornScottCleghornNILMAssistant Professor
Dr. Sean ArmstrongSeanArmstrongClinical Contract and NILMAssociate Professor
Dr. Sean UdowSeanUdowGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Sepideh PooyaniaSepidehPooyaniaGFTFAssociate Professor
Dr. Seth ShafferSethShafferGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Shane SilverShaneSilverNILMLecturer
Dr. Shantanu BanerjiShantanuBanerjiGFTMAssociate Professor
Dr. Shelley MottShelleyMottClinical ContractFN/A
Dr. Shelley ZierothShelleyZierothGFTFProfessor
Dr. Shuangbo LiuShuangboLiuGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Sora LudwigSora M.LudwigGFTFProfessor
Dr. Sowmya NarasimhanSowmyaNarasimhanNILFAssistant Professor
Dr. Srisaladevi NavaratnamSrisaladeviNavaratnamGFTFProfessor
Dr. Stephen CorneStephenCorneClinical Contract and NILMAssistant Professor
Dr. Stephen GouletStephenGouletClinical Contract and NILMLecturer
Dr. Stephen HenryStephenHenryNILMLecturer
Dr. Stephen KowalskiStephenKowalskiNILMProfessor
Dr. Stephen WongStephenWongGFTMAssociate Professor
Dr. Steven GrocholskiStevenGrocholskiClinical Contract and NILMLecturer
Dr. Steven MinkSteven N.MinkGFTMProfessor
Dr. Steven PromislowStevenPromislowGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Susan CuvelierSusanCuvelierClinical Contract and NILFAssistant Professor
Dr. Susan GreenSusanGreenGFTFLecturer
Dr. Sushil RatnaparkheSushilRatnaparkheClinical Contract and NILMAssistant Professor
Dr. Suzanne ThilleSuzanneThilleGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Tamar RubinTamarRubinNILFAssistant Professor
Dr. Tarek AfifiTarekAfifiNILMAssistant Professor
Dr. Tawnya HansenTawnyaHansenClinical Contract and NILFAssistant Professor
Dr. Terence WuerzTerenceWuerzGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Terry ColbourneTerryColbourneClinical Contract and NILMLecturer
Dr. Thang NguyenThangNguyenGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Thomas FearThomasFearClinical Contract and NILMLecturer
Dr. Thomas JacobThomasJacobGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Timothy HiebertTimothyHiebertNILMLecturer
Dr. Timothy McCarthyTimothyMcCarthyNILMAssistant Professor
Dr. Tom LesiukTomLesiukClinical ContractMN/A
Dr. Trevor HutchisonTrevorHutchisonGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Turnly WongTurnlyWongGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Tyler FriesenTylerFriesenGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Vallerie GordonVallerieGordonGFTFAssociate Professor
Dr. Veena AgrawalVeenaAgrawalGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Versha BanerjiVershaBanerjiGFTFAssociate Professor
Dr. Vi DaoViDaoGFTFAssistant Professor
Dr. Victoria TaraskaVictoriaTaraskaNILFLecturer
Dr. Vincent WooVincentWooClinical Contract and NILMAssociate Professor
Dr. Vinit ElimbanVinitElimbanClinical Contract and NILMAssistant Professor
Dr. Wayne ManishenWayneManishenNILMLecturer
Dr. Werner IlseWernerIlseGFTMAssistant Professor
Dr. Yamana MorouzYamanaMorouzClinical Contract and NILFLecturer
Dr. Yan LauYanLauNILMLecturer
Dr. Yoav KeynanYoavKeynanGFTMAssociate Professor
Dr. Yoko SchreiberYokoSchreiberClinical Contract and NILFAssistant Professor
Dr. Yousef RedaYousefRedaClinical ContractXN/A
Dr. Yuewen GongYuewenGongNILMProfessor
Dr. Zoheir BshoutyZoheirBshoutyGFTMAssociate Professor