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This is a list of all People who have an appointment type of GFT, NIL, Clinical Contract or Clinical Contract and NIL.


Section GFT NIL Clinical Contract and NIL Clinical Contract UMFA
Allergy and Clinical Immunology 3 1 2 0 0
Biomedical Proteomics 0 0 0 0 4
Cardiology 32 2 0 0 0
Critical Care 10 8 2 0 1
Dermatology 0 13 1 0 0
Endocrinology / Metabolism 9 3 2 0 2
Gastroenterology 8 5 5 1 1
General Internal Medicine 24 7 23 8 0
Geriatric Medicine 6 6 1 0 0
Haematology / Oncology 38 2 2 0 0
Hepatology 5 2 3 0 1
Infectious Diseases 8 4 5 2 1
Nephrology 21 7 5 0 0
Neurology 11 5 9 2 0
Palliative Care 0 0 0 0 0
Clinical Pharmacology 0 1 0 0 0
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 8 2 0 1 0
Respiratory Medicine 14 0 8 0 1
Rheumatology 7 2 6 0 0
Total 204 70 73 14 11
same via Cargo for cross checks
Cargo Physician Matrix
Section GFT NIL Clinical Contract and NIL Clinical Contract UMFA Total
Allergy and Clinical Immunology 3 1 2 0 0 6
Biomedical Proteomics 0 0 0 0 4 4
Cardiology 32 3 0 0 0 35
Clinical Pharmacology 0 1 0 0 0 1
Critical Care 10 8 2 0 1 21
Dermatology 0 13 1 0 0 14
Endocrinology / Metabolism 9 4 2 0 2 17
Gastroenterology 8 6 5 1 1 21
General Internal Medicine 24 7 24 9 0 64
Geriatric Medicine 6 6 1 0 0 13
Haematology / Oncology 38 2 2 0 0 42
Hepatology 5 2 3 0 1 11
Infectious Diseases 8 5 6 3 1 23
Nephrology 21 7 5 0 0 33
Neurology 11 5 9 2 0 27
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 8 2 0 1 0 11
Respiratory Medicine 14 1 9 0 1 25
Rheumatology 7 2 6 0 0 15

Cross appointments

See cross appointment for a description of that situation, and how it affects the above automatically generated list. People on the list might show up twice in the list above.


Dr.s with non-physician appointment type

These would not show up in the matrix.

List of Internal Medicine Physician articles

 Appointment TypesectionModification date"Modification date" is a predefined property that corresponds to the date of the last modification of a subject and is provided by Semantic MediaWiki.
Dr. Leigh Anne ShaferUMFACritical Care16 April 2020 19:01:16
Dr. Janilyn ArsenioUMFABiomedical Proteomics30 March 2020 13:42:06
Dr. Neeloffer MookherjeeUMFABiomedical Proteomics3 April 2020 20:20:29
Dr. Julia UhanovaUMFAHepatology30 March 2020 18:14:20
Dr. Andrew HalaykoUMFARespiratory Medicine8 April 2020 14:54:00
Dr. Oleg KrokhinUMFABiomedical Proteomics6 April 2020 15:39:55
Dr. John WilkinsUMFABiomedical Proteomics30 March 2020 16:49:44
Dr. Linda LarcombeUMFAInfectious Diseases30 March 2020 20:08:25
Dr. Garry ShenUMFAEndocrinology / Metabolism30 June 2020 14:22:44
Dr. Suresh MishraUMFAEndocrinology / Metabolism30 June 2020 14:24:34
Dr. Jean-Eric GhiaUMFAGastroenterology30 March 2020 15:46:38

Physicians with more than one section

We use the section entry in physician pages for some resource allocations. For this, we only want the main section for each physician, and we don't want them to be double-counted.

In the list below, do a scan through to find all who have more than one section. There is no easy way in Semantic to do a cross tab like this, it would involve several pages and a lot of tweaking.


List of Internal Medicine physician articles

 FirstNameLastNamesectionAppointment Type
Dr. Aaron MarshallAaronMarshallInfectious DiseasesNIL
Dr. Abdul-Nasser RamadanAbdul-NasserRamadanGeneral Internal MedicineClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. AbdulRazaq SokoroAbdulRazaqSokoroEndocrinology / MetabolismNIL
Dr. Ada ManAdaManRheumatologyClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Adarshdip BrarAdarshdipBrarRheumatologyClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Aditya SharmaAdityaSharmaGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Adrian RobertsonAdrianRobertsonCritical CareClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Alan CaseyAlan R.CaseyPhysical Medicine and RehabilitationGFT
Dr. Alex (Dan) SilaghiAlexSilaghiNeurologyClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Alex TischenkoAlexTischenkoCardiologyGFT
Dr. Alexandra IlnyckyjAlexandraIlnyckyjGastroenterologyGFT
Dr. Alexei YankovskyAlexeiYankovskyNeurologyGFT
Dr. Alexis BotkinAlexisBotkinDermatologyNIL
Dr. Ali BenzaglamAliBenzaglamGastroenterologyClinical Contract
Dr. Ali ElgherhaniAliElgherhaniGeneral Internal MedicineNIL
Dr. Ali HabeebAliHabeebNephrologyNIL
Dr. Aliasghar KhademAliasgharKhademCardiologyGFT
Dr. Alissa LloydAlissaLloydNephrologyClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Allan GarlandAllanGarlandCritical CareGFT
Dr. Allan RonaldAllanRonaldInfectious DiseasesNIL
Dr. Allan SchafferAllanSchafferCardiologyGFT
Dr. Allen KrautAllenKrautGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Amber CogarAmberCogarRheumatologyClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Amber JanowerAmberJanowerGeneral Internal MedicineClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Amila HeendeniyaAmilaHeendeniyaInfectious DiseasesClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Amir RavandiAmirRavandiCardiologyGFT
Dr. Amiya ChakrabortyAmiyaChakrabortyGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Amrit MalikAmritMalikCardiologyGFT
Dr. Anand KumarAnandKumarCritical CareGFT
Dr. Andrea MazuratAndreaMazuratNephrologyClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Andrew BorysAndrewBorysNeurologyClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Andrew GomoriAndrewGomoriNeurologyNIL
Dr. Andrew L. MorrisAndrew L.MorrisCardiologyGFT
Dr. Andrew MacDiarmidAndrew L.MacDiarmidGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Andrew MaksymiukAndrew W.MaksymiukHaematology / OncologyGFT
Dr. Andrew McKinnonAndrewMcKinnonRespiratory MedicineClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Andrew WalktyAndrewWalktyInfectious DiseasesGFT
Dr. Angela DesautelsAngelaDesautelsRespiratory MedicineGFT
Dr. Anita SoniAnitaSoniCardiologyGFT
Dr. Annaliese TisseverasingheAnnalieseTisseverasingheRheumatologyGFT
Dr. Anthony BattadAnthonyBattadGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Anurag TrivediAnuragTrivediNeurologyClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Arjuna PonnampalamArjunaPonnampalamHaematology / OncologyClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Arturo Tamayo-MendozaArturoTamayo MendozaNeurologyClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Asad JunaidAsadJunaidGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Asher MendelsonAsherMendelsonCritical CareGFT
Dr. Ashish ShahAshishShahCardiologyGFT
Dr. Atheer Al-KaabiAtheerAl-KaabiNeurologyClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Barret RushBarretRushCritical CareGFT
Dr. Barry CohenBarryCohenNephrologyGFT
Dr. Barry RicheBarryRicheNephrologyNIL
Dr. Basem ElbarouniBasemElbarouniCardiologyGFT
Dr. Behzad MansouriBehzadMansouriNeurologyNIL
Dr. Ben FultzBenjaminFultzGeneral Internal MedicineClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Benjamin GoldenbergBenjaminGoldenbergHaematology / OncologyGFT
Dr. Bertram UngerBertramUngerCritical CareClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Beth CollinBethCollinDermatologyNIL
Dr. Beyza CiftciBeyzaCiftciNeurologyGFT
Dr. Bijai JohnsonBijaiJohnsonGeneral Internal MedicineClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Bill LeslieBillLeslieEndocrinology / MetabolismGFT
Dr. Bojan PaunovicBojanPaunovicCritical CareGFT
Dr. Brendan K. MacDougallBrendan K.MacDougallGeneral Internal MedicineClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Brian A. AndersonBrian A.AndersonNeurologyClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Brian SchmidtBrianSchmidtNeurologyGFT
Dr. Brittany PerijaBrittanyPerijaGeneral Internal MedicineClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Bruce LightR. BruceLightInfectious DiseasesGFT
Dr. Carla OsiowyCarlaOsiowyHepatologyNIL
Dr. Carmen HurdCarmenHurdEndocrinology / MetabolismGFT
Dr. Carol HitchonCarolHitchonRheumatologyGFT
Dr. Carolina AranedaCarolinaAranedaGeneral Internal MedicineClinical Contract
Dr. Catherine MoltzanCatherineMoltzanHaematology / OncologyGFT
Dr. Catherine SmithCatherineSmithInfectious DiseasesGFT
Dr. Ceri RichardsCeriRichardsRheumatologyClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Chantalle MenardChantalleMenardHaematology / OncologyGFT
Dr. Charles BernsteinCharlesBernsteinGastroenterologyGFT
Dr. Charles PennerCharlesPennerGeneral Internal MedicineNIL
Dr. Chris SathianathanChrisSathianathanNephrologyClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Chris WiebeChrisWiebeNephrologyGFT
Dr. Christian HansonChristianHansonGeriatric MedicineClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Christina KimChristinaKimHaematology / OncologyGFT
Dr. Christine PeschkenChristine A.PeschkenRheumatologyGFT
Dr. Chrystyna KalicinskyChrystynaKalicinskyAllergy and Clinical ImmunologyGFT
Dr. Cindy LeeCindyLeeRespiratory MedicineClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Cindy RichardsonCindyRichardsonEndocrinology / MetabolismNIL
Dr. Clara BohmClaraBohmNephrologyGFT
Dr. Clare RamseyClareRamseyRespiratory MedicineGFT
Dr. Clarence KhooClarenceKhooCardiologyGFT
Dr. Claudio RigattoClaudioRigattoNephrologyGFT
Dr. Colette SeiferColetteSeiferCardiologyGFT
Dr. Colin BarberColinBarberAllergy and Clinical ImmunologyGFT
Dr. Cory BaillieCoryBaillieRheumatologyNIL
Dr. Craig HarlosCraigHarlosHaematology / OncologyGFT
Dr. Craig SpezialiCraigSpezialiHaematology / OncologyGFT
Dr. Dan RobertsDanRobertsCritical CareGFT
Dr. Dana MoffattDanaMoffattGastroenterologyGFT
Dr. Daniel SitarDanSitarClinical PharmacologyNIL
Dr. Danielle DesautelsDanielleDesautelsHaematology / OncologyGFT
Dr. David AllenDavidAllenCardiologyGFT
Dr. David ChristiansenDavidChristiansenRespiratory MedicineGFT
Dr. David CollisterDavidCollisterNephrologyGFT
Dr. David DaweDavidDaweHaematology / OncologyGFT
Dr. David GoldenbergDavidGoldenbergGastroenterologyNIL
Dr. David PeretzDavidPeretzHepatologyClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. David RobinsonDavid B.RobinsonRheumatologyGFT
Dr. David RushDavid N.RushNephrologyGFT
Dr. David StrangDavid G.StrangGeriatric MedicineGFT
Dr. David SzwajcerDavidSzwajcerHaematology / OncologyGFT
Dr. Davinder JassalDavinderJassalCardiologyGFT
Dr. Davyd HooperDavydHooperPhysical Medicine and RehabilitationGFT
Dr. Debjani GrenierDebjaniGrenierHaematology / OncologyGFT
Dr. Delfin Rodriguez LeyvaDelfinRodriguez LeyvaCardiologyNIL
Dr. Donald AllanDonaldAllanNephrologyGFT
Dr. Donald DuerksenDonaldDuerksenGastroenterologyGFT
Dr. Donald HoustonDonald S.HoustonHaematology / OncologyGFT
Dr. Douglas HobsonDouglasHobsonNeurologyNIL
Dr. Duane FunkDuaneFunkCritical CareNIL
Dr. Dung NguyenDungNguyenNeurologyClinical Contract
Dr. Eberhard RennerEberhardRennerHepatologyGFT
Dr. Edwin Bruce RoeEdwin BruceRoeEndocrinology / MetabolismGFT
Dr. Eleni GiannouliEleniGiannouliRespiratory MedicineGFT
Dr. Elizabeth SalamonElizabethSalamonEndocrinology / MetabolismClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Elizabeth Smith RhynoldElizabethSmith RhynoldGeriatric MedicineNIL
Dr. Els deGussem
Dr. Emily RimmerEmilyRimmerHaematology / OncologyGFT
Dr. Eric BowEric J.BowHaematology / OncologyGFT
Dr. Eric JacobsohnEricJacobsohnCritical CareNIL
Dr. Esmail AbejEsmailAbejGastroenterologyClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Esseddeeg GhroodaEsseddeegGhroodaNeurologyGFT
Dr. Evan EliasEvanEliasGastroenterology
General Internal Medicine
Clinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Evan OrlikowEvanOrlikowRespiratory MedicineClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Evelyn LoEvelynLoInfectious DiseasesGFT
Dr. Eytan WeinbergEytanWeinbergGeneral Internal MedicineNIL
Dr. Faisal SiddiquiFaisalSiddiquiCritical CareNIL
Dr. Frank BovellFrankBovellGeneral Internal MedicineClinical Contract
Dr. Fred Y. AokiFred Y.AokiInfectious DiseasesClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Galit HasdanGalitHasdanGeriatric MedicineNIL
Dr. George BorrettGeorgeBorrettGeneral Internal MedicineClinical Contract
Dr. George MathewGeorgeMathewGastroenterologyNIL
Dr. Gerald MinukGeraldMinukHepatologyGFT
Dr. Gerard ConeysGerardConeysGastroenterologyGFT
Dr. Glen DrobotGlen R.DrobotGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Gloria Vazquez-GrandeGloriaVazquez-GrandeCritical CareNIL
Dr. Graham DuffGrahamDuffGeneral Internal MedicineClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Greg HammondGregHammondInfectious DiseasesClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Gregg EschunGregg M.EschunRespiratory MedicineGFT
Dr. Gregoire NyombaGregoireNyombaEndocrinology / MetabolismGFT
Dr. Hanbo ZhangHanboZhangHaematology / OncologyGFT
Dr. Hani El-GabalawyHaniEl-GabalawyRheumatologyGFT
Dr. Harbhajan (Dhali) S. DhaliwalHarbhajan (Dhali) S.DhaliwalHaematology / Oncology
Dr. Harminder SinghHarminderSinghGastroenterologyGFT
Dr. Heather SmithHeatherSmithCritical CareNIL
Dr. Herman LamHermanLamNephrologyNIL
Dr. Hillel SommerHillelSommerPhysical Medicine and RehabilitationNIL
Dr. Ibrahim AbdelgadirIbrahimAbdelgadirGastroenterologyClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Isanne SchacterIsanneSchacterEndocrinology / MetabolismGFT
Dr. Ivan BaracIvanBaracCardiologyGFT
Dr. Jacquelyn DirksJacquelynDirksRespiratory MedicineClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. James Alexander ShawJames AlexanderShawNephrologyGFT
Dr. James BrasJamesBrasRespiratory MedicineGFT
Dr. James JohnstonJames B.JohnstonHaematology / OncologyGFT
Dr. James MarriottJamesMarriottNeurologyGFT
Dr. James PaulJamesPaulHaematology / OncologyGFT
Dr. James TamJames W.TamCardiologyGFT
Dr. James ZachariasJames M.ZachariasNephrologyGFT
Dr. Janine JohnstonJanine LeahJohnstonNeurologyNIL
Dr. Jason SneathJasonSneathDermatologyNIL
Dr. Jay HingwalaJayHingwalaNephrologyGFT
Dr. Jeffrey BarnesJeffreyBarnesNeurologyClinical Contract
Dr. Jeffrey GrahamJeffreyGrahamHaematology / OncologyGFT
Dr. Jeffrey WheelerJeffreyWheelerGeneral Internal MedicineClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Jennifer SalterJenniferSalterPhysical Medicine and RehabilitationGFT
Dr. Jennifer YamamotoJenniferYamamotoEndocrinology / MetabolismGFT
Dr. Jessica CudmoreJessicaCudmoreGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Jessica FudgeJessicaFudgeDermatologyNIL
Dr. Jill Keddy-GrantJillKeddy-GrantDermatologyNIL
Dr. Jillian HortonJillianHortonGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Joe BuetiGiuseppe AntoninoBuetiNephrologyGFT
Dr. Joe Mullonkal JoseJoe MullonkalJoseGeneral Internal MedicineClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Joel GingerichJoelGingerichHaematology / OncologyGFT
Dr. Joel NkosiJoelNkosiGeneral Internal MedicineClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. John DucasJohnDucasCardiologyGFT
Dr. John EmbilJohnEmbilInfectious DiseasesGFT
Dr. John TooleJohnTooleDermatologyNIL
Dr. Jonathan LaxtonJonathanLaxtonGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Jonathon BellasJonathonBellasGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Joseph PeedicailJosephPeedicailNeurologyClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Jovan HasmataliJovanHasmataliCritical CareNIL
Dr. Julie HoJulieHoNephrologyGFT
Dr. Justin CloutierJustinCloutierCardiologyGFT
Dr. Justin LingJustinLingRespiratory MedicineClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Justin MarchJustinMarchPhysical Medicine and RehabilitationGFT
Dr. Justin WaltersJustinWaltersNephrologyNIL
Dr. Justin WongJustinWongGeneral Internal MedicineClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Karen EthansKarenEthansPhysical Medicine and RehabilitationGFT
Dr. Karuppanchetty MuthiahKaruppanchettyMuthiahGastroenterologyNIL
Dr. Karver ZaborniakKarverZaborniakAllergy and Clinical ImmunologyGFT
Dr. Keevin BernsteinKeevin N.BernsteinNephrologyGFT
Dr. Kelly KaitaKellyKaitaHepatologyGFT
Dr. Kelly MacDonaldKelly S.MacDonaldInfectious DiseasesGFT
Dr. Ken KasperKennethKasperGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Ken Van AmeydeKenneth J.Van AmeydeGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Kendiss OlafsonKendissOlafsonCritical CareGFT
Dr. Kevin WolfeKevin B.WolfeCardiologyGFT
Dr. Kimberley MulcheyKimberleyMulcheyRespiratory MedicineGFT
Dr. Kinny LambaKiraninderLambaGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Kiran SidhuKiranSidhuCardiologyGFT
Dr. Konstantin JilkineKonstantinJilkineRheumatologyGFT
Dr. Krista RyzKristaRyzNephrologyClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Kristel Van IneveldKristelVan IneveldGeriatric MedicineGFT
Dr. Kristjan PaulsonKristjanPaulsonHaematology / OncologyGFT
Dr. Kulvir BadeshaKulvirBadeshaGeneral Internal MedicineClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Kunal MinhasKunalMinhasCardiologyGFT
Dr. Lana RosenfieldLanaRosenfieldAllergy and Clinical ImmunologyClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Laura ChisickLauraChisickGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Lauren GarbuttLaurenGarbuttGeneral Internal MedicineClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Lauren MacKenzieLaurenMacKenzieInfectious DiseasesNIL
Dr. Lawrence HomikLawrenceHomikCritical CareNIL
Dr. Leonard MinukLeonardMinukHaematology / OncologyGFT
Dr. Leroy StorsleyLeroyStorsleyNephrologyGFT
Dr. Liam O'NeilLiamO'NeilRheumatologyGFT
Dr. Lin YangLinYangHaematology / OncologyGFT
Dr. Lindsay NicolleLindsayNicolleInfectious DiseasesNIL
Dr. Lindsay TorbiakLindsayTorbiakGeriatric MedicineGFT
Dr. Lindsey WoodrowLindseyWoodrowPhysical Medicine and RehabilitationGFT
Dr. Lisa M. MillerLisa M.MillerNephrologyGFT
Dr. Lorne HurstLorneHurstDermatologyNIL
Dr. Lorraine PeitschLorrainePeitschGeriatric MedicineGFT
Dr. Louis LudwigLouisLudwigGeneral Internal MedicineClinical Contract
Dr. Lourens BlomLourensBlomGeriatric MedicineNIL
Dr. Lubna MadiLubnaMadiRespiratory MedicineClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Maclean ThiessenMacleanThiessenHaematology / OncologyClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Mahwash Fatima SaeedMahwash FatimaSaeedCardiologyGFT
Dr. Mai NguyenMaiNguyenRheumatologyClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Malek KassMalekKassCardiologyGFT
Dr. Marcus BlouwMarcusBlouwCritical CareGFT
Dr. Marcus NgMarcusNgNeurologyGFT
Dr. Marianne KrahnMarianneKrahnHaematology / OncologyGFT
Dr. Marielle GawrylukMarielleGawrylukGeriatric MedicineNIL
Dr. Marissa BeckerMarissaBeckerInfectious DiseasesClinical Contract
Dr. Mark VendramelliMarkVendramelliGeneral Internal MedicineClinical Contract
Dr. Marni WisemanMarniWisemanDermatologyClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Marshall PitzMarshallPitzHaematology / OncologyGFT
Dr. Marshall StitzMarshallStitzPhysical Medicine and RehabilitationNIL
Dr. Martha AinslieMarthaAinslieRespiratory MedicineGFT
Dr. Martha ShepertyckyMarthaShepertyckyRespiratory MedicineGFT
Dr. Martin Edward KarpinskiMartin EdwardKarpinskiNephrologyGFT
Dr. Martina ReslerovaMartinaReslerovaNephrologyGFT
Dr. Matthias KramerMatthiasKramerGeneral Internal MedicineClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Mauro VerrelliMauroVerrelliNephrologyGFT
Dr. Michael CantorMichaelCantorGastroenterologyGFT
Dr. Michael CossoyMichaelCossoyNeurologyGFT
Dr. Michael Julian JoshuaMichael JulianJoshuaGeneral Internal MedicineClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Michael LoveMichaelLoveCardiologyGFT
Dr. Michael SemusMichaelSemusGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Michael SochockiMichaelSochockiGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Mihail GurandaMihailGurandaNeurologyClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Mohsen KhoshnamMohsenKhoshnamNeurologyNIL
Dr. Monica DowhanikMonicaDowhanikGeneral Internal MedicineClinical Contract
Dr. Musawir AhmedMusawirAhmedRespiratory MedicineGFT
Dr. Nabiha FaisalNabihaFaisalHepatologyGFT
Dr. Nancy DixonNancyDixonGeriatric MedicineNIL
Dr. Nancy PorhownikNancyPorhownikRespiratory MedicineGFT
Dr. Nasir ShaikhNasirShaikhCardiologyGFT
Dr. Navdeep TangriNavdeepTangriNephrologyGFT
Dr. Neil WatkinsNeilWatkinsHaematology / OncologyNIL
Dr. Nick HajidiacosNickHajidiacosGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Nithya VenkatesanNithyaVenkatesanGeneral Internal MedicineNIL
Dr. Numan AmirNumanAmirNeurologyGFT
Dr. Olga TolevaOlgaTolevaCardiologyGFT
Dr. Owen MooneyOwenMooneyCritical CareGFT
Dr. Pam OrrPamelaOrrInfectious DiseasesGFT
Dr. Pamela KatzPamelaKatzEndocrinology / MetabolismGFT
Dr. Pamela SkrabekPamelaSkrabekHaematology / OncologyGFT
Dr. Paramvir VirdiParamvirVirdiHepatologyClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Patrick GriffinPatrickGriffinGeneral Internal MedicineClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Paul DaeninckPaul J.DaeninckHaematology / OncologyGFT
Dr. Paul KomendaPaulKomendaNephrologyGFT
Dr. Penina KrongoldPeninaKrongoldGastroenterologyClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Peter HoPeterHoAllergy and Clinical ImmunologyClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Peter HughesPeterHughesNeurologyClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Peter NickersonPeterNickersonNephrologyGFT
Dr. Phil GarberPhilip JerroldGarberCardiologyGFT
Dr. Philip St. JohnPhilipSt. JohnGeriatric MedicineGFT
Dr. Piotr CzaykowskiPiotrCzaykowskiHaematology / OncologyGFT
Dr. Priyanka MysorePriyankaMysoreNephrologyNIL
Dr. Qingdong GuanQingdongGuanHaematology / OncologyNIL
Dr. Rachel DwilowRachelDwilowRespiratory MedicineClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Rachel FainsteinRachelFainsteinGeneral Internal MedicineClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Rae-Kiran JhingerRae-KiranJhingerGeneral Internal MedicineClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Ralph Macek
Dr. Ralph WongRalphWongHaematology / OncologyGFT
Dr. Ramandip SinghRamandipSinghRheumatologyClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Rami KotbRamiKotbHaematology / OncologyGFT
Dr. Ramin HamedaniRaminHamedaniGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Rhys SharkeyRhysSharkeyGeneral Internal MedicineClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Richard HaydeyRichardHaydeyDermatologyNIL
Dr. Richard KostykRichardKostykGeneral Internal MedicineNIL
Dr. Robert MoutonRobertMoutonDermatologyNIL
Dr. Robin DucasRobinDucasCardiologyGFT
Dr. Robinder SinghRobinderSinghCardiologyGFT
Dr. Rochelle Van De VeldeRochelleVan De VeldeDermatologyNIL
Dr. Ronald GeorgeRonaldGeorgeGeneral Internal MedicineClinical Contract
Dr. Roopesh KansaraRoopeshKansaraHaematology / OncologyGFT
Dr. Ross FeldmanRossFeldmanCardiologyNIL
Dr. Ruth Ann MarrieRuth AnnMarrieNeurologyGFT
Dr. Ryan SkrabekRyan Q.SkrabekPhysical Medicine and RehabilitationGFT
Dr. Ryan ZarychanskiRyanZarychanskiHaematology / OncologyGFT
Dr. S. Brian PennerS. BrianPennerGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Sandip BhangooSandipBhangooGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Sara DunsmoreSaraDunsmoreNephrologyNIL
Dr. Sarah HenniAmina SarahHenniInfectious DiseasesClinical Contract
Dr. Saroj NiraulaSarojNiraulaHaematology / OncologyGFT
Dr. Scott CleghornScottCleghornGeneral Internal MedicineNIL
Dr. Sean ArmstrongSeanArmstrongNephrologyNIL
Dr. Sean UdowSeanUdowNeurologyGFT
Dr. Sepideh PooyaniaSepidehPooyaniaPhysical Medicine and RehabilitationGFT
Dr. Seth ShafferSethShafferGastroenterologyGFT
Dr. Shane SilverShaneSilverDermatologyNIL
Dr. Shantanu BanerjiShantanuBanerjiHaematology / OncologyGFT
Dr. Shelley MottShelleyMottGeneral Internal MedicineClinical Contract
Dr. Shelley ZierothShelleyZierothCardiologyGFT
Dr. Shuangbo LiuShuangboLiuCardiologyGFT
Dr. Sora LudwigSora M.LudwigEndocrinology / MetabolismGFT
Dr. Sowmya NarasimhanSowmyaNarasimhanEndocrinology / MetabolismNIL
Dr. Srisaladevi NavaratnamSrisaladeviNavaratnamHaematology / OncologyGFT
Dr. Stephen CorneStephenCorneRespiratory MedicineGFT
Dr. Stephen GouletStephenGouletGeneral Internal MedicineClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Stephen HenryStephenHenryGeriatric MedicineNIL
Dr. Stephen KowalskiStephenKowalskiCritical CareNIL
Dr. Stephen WongStephenWongHepatologyGFT
Dr. Steven MinkSteven N.MinkRespiratory MedicineGFT
Dr. Steven PromislowStevenPromislowCardiologyGFT
Dr. Susan CuvelierSusanCuvelierHepatologyClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Susan GreenSusanGreenHaematology / OncologyGFT
Dr. Sushil RatnaparkheSushilRatnaparkheNephrologyClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Suzanne ThilleSuzanneThilleGeriatric MedicineGFT
Dr. Tamar RubinTamarRubinAllergy and Clinical ImmunologyNIL
Dr. Tarek AfifiTarekAfifiDermatologyNIL
Dr. Tawnya HansenTawnyaHansenGastroenterologyClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Terence WuerzTerenceWuerzInfectious DiseasesClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Terry ColbourneTerryColbourneRespiratory MedicineClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Thang NguyenThangNguyenCardiologyGFT
Dr. Thomas JacobThomasJacobCritical CareGFT
Dr. Timothy HiebertTimothyHiebertGeneral Internal MedicineNIL
Dr. Timothy McCarthyTimothyMcCarthyRheumatologyNIL
Dr. Tom LesiukTomLesiukPhysical Medicine and RehabilitationClinical Contract
Dr. Trevor HutchisonTrevorHutchisonGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Turnly WongTurnlyWongGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Tyler FriesenTylerFriesenGeneral Internal MedicineGFT
Dr. Vallerie GordonVallerieGordonHaematology / OncologyGFT
Dr. Veena AgrawalVeenaAgrawalEndocrinology / MetabolismGFT
Dr. Versha BanerjiVershaBanerjiHaematology / OncologyGFT
Dr. Vi DaoViDaoHaematology / OncologyGFT
Dr. Victoria TaraskaVictoriaTaraskaDermatologyNIL
Dr. Vincent WooVincentWooEndocrinology / MetabolismClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Vinit ElimbanVinitElimbanGeneral Internal MedicineClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Wayne ManishenWayneManishenGastroenterologyNIL
Dr. Werner IlseWernerIlseNeurologyGFT
Dr. Yamana MorouzYamanaMorouzGeneral Internal MedicineClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Yan LauYanLauGastroenterologyNIL
Dr. Yoav KeynanYoavKeynanInfectious DiseasesGFT
Dr. Yoko SchreiberYokoSchreiberInfectious DiseasesClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Yuewen GongYuewenGongHepatologyNIL
Dr. Zoheir BshoutyZoheirBshoutyRespiratory MedicineGFT