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This is a list of all People who have an appointment type of GFT, NIL, Clinical Contract or Clinical Contract and NIL.


Section GFT NIL Clinical Contract and NIL Clinical Contract UMFA
Allergy and Clinical Immunology 3 1 2 0 0
Biomedical Proteomics 0 0 0 0 4
Cardiology 32 2 0 0 0
Critical Care 10 8 2 0 1
Dermatology 0 13 1 0 0
Endocrinology / Metabolism 9 3 2 0 2
Gastroenterology 8 5 5 1 1
General Internal Medicine 24 7 23 8 0
Geriatric Medicine 6 6 1 0 0
Haematology / Oncology 38 2 2 0 0
Hepatology 5 2 3 0 1
Infectious Diseases 8 4 5 2 1
Nephrology 21 7 5 0 0
Neurology 11 5 9 2 0
Palliative Care 0 0 0 0 0
Clinical Pharmacology 0 1 0 0 0
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 8 2 0 1 0
Respiratory Medicine 14 0 8 0 1
Rheumatology 7 2 6 0 0
Total 204 70 73 14 11
same via Cargo for cross checks
Cargo Physician Matrix
Section GFT NIL Clinical Contract and NIL Clinical Contract UMFA Total
Allergy and Clinical Immunology 3 1 2 0 0 6
Biomedical Proteomics 0 0 0 0 4 4
Cardiology 32 3 0 0 0 35
Clinical Pharmacology 0 1 0 0 0 1
Critical Care 10 8 2 0 1 21
Dermatology 0 13 1 0 0 14
Endocrinology / Metabolism 9 4 2 0 2 17
Gastroenterology 8 6 5 1 1 21
General Internal Medicine 24 7 24 9 0 64
Geriatric Medicine 6 6 1 0 0 13
Haematology / Oncology 38 2 2 0 0 42
Hepatology 5 2 3 0 1 11
Infectious Diseases 8 5 6 3 1 23
Nephrology 21 7 5 0 0 33
Neurology 11 5 9 2 0 27
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 8 2 0 1 0 11
Respiratory Medicine 14 1 9 0 1 25
Rheumatology 7 2 6 0 0 15

Cross appointments

See cross appointment for a description of that situation, and how it affects the above automatically generated list. People on the list might show up twice in the list above.


Dr.s with non-physician appointment type

These would not show up in the matrix.

List of Internal Medicine Physician articles

 Appointment TypesectionModification date"Modification date" is a predefined property that corresponds to the date of the last modification of a subject and is provided by Semantic MediaWiki.
Dr. Leigh Anne ShaferUMFACritical Care16 April 2020 19:01:16
Dr. Janilyn ArsenioUMFABiomedical Proteomics30 March 2020 13:42:06
Dr. Neeloffer MookherjeeUMFABiomedical Proteomics3 April 2020 20:20:29
Dr. Julia UhanovaUMFAHepatology30 March 2020 18:14:20
Dr. Andrew HalaykoUMFARespiratory Medicine8 April 2020 14:54:00
Dr. Oleg KrokhinUMFABiomedical Proteomics6 April 2020 15:39:55
Dr. John WilkinsUMFABiomedical Proteomics30 March 2020 16:49:44
Dr. Linda LarcombeUMFAInfectious Diseases30 March 2020 20:08:25
Dr. Garry ShenUMFAEndocrinology / Metabolism30 June 2020 14:22:44
Dr. Suresh MishraUMFAEndocrinology / Metabolism30 June 2020 14:24:34
Dr. Jean-Eric GhiaUMFAGastroenterology30 March 2020 15:46:38

Physicians with more than one section

We use the section entry in physician pages for some resource allocations. For this, we only want the main section for each physician, and we don't want them to be double-counted.

In the list below, do a scan through to find all who have more than one section. There is no easy way in Semantic to do a cross tab like this, it would involve several pages and a lot of tweaking.


List of Internal Medicine physician articles

Dr. Aaron MarshallAaronMarshall
Dr. Abdul-Nasser RamadanAbdul-NasserRamadan
Dr. AbdulRazaq SokoroAbdulRazaqSokoro
Dr. Ada ManAdaMan
Dr. Adarshdip BrarAdarshdipBrar
Dr. Aditya SharmaAdityaSharma
Dr. Adrian RobertsonAdrianRobertson
Dr. Alan CaseyAlan R.Casey
Dr. Alex (Dan) SilaghiAlexSilaghi
Dr. Alex TischenkoAlexTischenko
Dr. Alexandra IlnyckyjAlexandraIlnyckyj
Dr. Alexei YankovskyAlexeiYankovsky
Dr. Alexis BotkinAlexisBotkin
Dr. Ali BenzaglamAliBenzaglam
Dr. Ali ElgherhaniAliElgherhani
Dr. Ali HabeebAliHabeeb
Dr. Aliasghar KhademAliasgharKhadem
Dr. Alissa LloydAlissaLloyd
Dr. Allan GarlandAllanGarland
Dr. Allan RonaldAllanRonald
Dr. Allan SchafferAllanSchaffer
Dr. Allen KrautAllenKraut
Dr. Amber CogarAmberCogar
Dr. Amber JanowerAmberJanower
Dr. Amila HeendeniyaAmilaHeendeniya
Dr. Amir RavandiAmirRavandi
Dr. Amiya ChakrabortyAmiyaChakraborty
Dr. Amrit MalikAmritMalik
Dr. Anand KumarAnandKumar
Dr. Andrea MazuratAndreaMazurat
Dr. Andrew BorysAndrewBorys
Dr. Andrew GomoriAndrewGomori
Dr. Andrew L. MorrisAndrew L.Morris
Dr. Andrew MacDiarmidAndrew L.MacDiarmid
Dr. Andrew MaksymiukAndrew W.Maksymiuk
Dr. Andrew McKinnonAndrewMcKinnon
Dr. Andrew WalktyAndrewWalkty
Dr. Angela DesautelsAngelaDesautels
Dr. Anita SoniAnitaSoni
Dr. Annaliese TisseverasingheAnnalieseTisseverasinghe
Dr. Anthony BattadAnthonyBattad
Dr. Anurag TrivediAnuragTrivedi
Dr. Arjuna PonnampalamArjunaPonnampalam
Dr. Arturo Tamayo-MendozaArturoTamayo Mendoza
Dr. Asad JunaidAsadJunaid
Dr. Asher MendelsonAsherMendelson
Dr. Ashish ShahAshishShah
Dr. Atheer Al-KaabiAtheerAl-Kaabi
Dr. Barret RushBarretRush
Dr. Barry CohenBarryCohen
Dr. Barry RicheBarryRiche
Dr. Basem ElbarouniBasemElbarouni
Dr. Behzad MansouriBehzadMansouri
Dr. Ben FultzBenjaminFultz
Dr. Benjamin GoldenbergBenjaminGoldenberg
Dr. Bertram UngerBertramUnger
Dr. Beth CollinBethCollin
Dr. Beyza CiftciBeyzaCiftci
Dr. Bijai JohnsonBijaiJohnson
Dr. Bill LeslieBillLeslie
Dr. Bojan PaunovicBojanPaunovic
Dr. Brendan K. MacDougallBrendan K.MacDougall
Dr. Brian A. AndersonBrian A.Anderson
Dr. Brian SchmidtBrianSchmidt
Dr. Brittany PerijaBrittanyPerija
Dr. Bruce LightR. BruceLight
Dr. Carla OsiowyCarlaOsiowy
Dr. Carmen HurdCarmenHurd
Dr. Carol HitchonCarolHitchon
Dr. Carolina AranedaCarolinaAraneda
Dr. Catherine MoltzanCatherineMoltzan
Dr. Catherine SmithCatherineSmith
Dr. Ceri RichardsCeriRichards
Dr. Chantalle MenardChantalleMenard
Dr. Charles BernsteinCharlesBernstein
Dr. Charles PennerCharlesPenner
Dr. Chris SathianathanChrisSathianathan
Dr. Chris WiebeChrisWiebe
Dr. Christian HansonChristianHanson
Dr. Christina KimChristinaKim
Dr. Christine PeschkenChristine A.Peschken
Dr. Chrystyna KalicinskyChrystynaKalicinsky
Dr. Cindy LeeCindyLee
Dr. Cindy RichardsonCindyRichardson
Dr. Clara BohmClaraBohm
Dr. Clare RamseyClareRamsey
Dr. Clarence KhooClarenceKhoo
Dr. Claudio RigattoClaudioRigatto
Dr. Colette SeiferColetteSeifer
Dr. Colin BarberColinBarber
Dr. Cory BaillieCoryBaillie
Dr. Craig HarlosCraigHarlos
Dr. Craig SpezialiCraigSpeziali
Dr. Dan RobertsDanRoberts
Dr. Dana MoffattDanaMoffatt
Dr. Daniel SitarDanSitar
Dr. Danielle DesautelsDanielleDesautels
Dr. David AllenDavidAllen
Dr. David ChristiansenDavidChristiansen
Dr. David CollisterDavidCollister
Dr. David DaweDavidDawe
Dr. David GoldenbergDavidGoldenberg
Dr. David PeretzDavidPeretz
Dr. David RobinsonDavid B.Robinson
Dr. David RushDavid N.Rush
Dr. David StrangDavid G.Strang
Dr. David SzwajcerDavidSzwajcer
Dr. Davinder JassalDavinderJassal
Dr. Davyd HooperDavydHooper
Dr. Debjani GrenierDebjaniGrenier
Dr. Delfin Rodriguez LeyvaDelfinRodriguez Leyva
Dr. Donald AllanDonaldAllan
Dr. Donald DuerksenDonaldDuerksen
Dr. Donald HoustonDonald S.Houston
Dr. Douglas HobsonDouglasHobson
Dr. Duane FunkDuaneFunk
Dr. Dung NguyenDungNguyen
Dr. Eberhard RennerEberhardRenner
Dr. Edwin Bruce RoeEdwin BruceRoe
Dr. Eleni GiannouliEleniGiannouli
Dr. Elizabeth SalamonElizabethSalamon
Dr. Elizabeth Smith RhynoldElizabethSmith Rhynold
Dr. Els deGussem
Dr. Emily RimmerEmilyRimmer
Dr. Eric BowEric J.Bow
Dr. Eric JacobsohnEricJacobsohn
Dr. Esmail AbejEsmailAbej
Dr. Esseddeeg GhroodaEsseddeegGhrooda
Dr. Evan EliasEvanElias
Dr. Evan OrlikowEvanOrlikow
Dr. Evelyn LoEvelynLo
Dr. Eytan WeinbergEytanWeinberg
Dr. Faisal SiddiquiFaisalSiddiqui
Dr. Frank BovellFrankBovell
Dr. Fred Y. AokiFred Y.Aoki
Dr. Galit HasdanGalitHasdan
Dr. George BorrettGeorgeBorrett
Dr. George MathewGeorgeMathew
Dr. Gerald MinukGeraldMinuk
Dr. Gerard ConeysGerardConeys
Dr. Glen DrobotGlen R.Drobot
Dr. Gloria Vazquez-GrandeGloriaVazquez-Grande
Dr. Graham DuffGrahamDuff
Dr. Greg HammondGregHammond
Dr. Gregg EschunGregg M.Eschun
Dr. Gregoire NyombaGregoireNyomba
Dr. Hanbo ZhangHanboZhang
Dr. Hani El-GabalawyHaniEl-Gabalawy
Dr. Harbhajan (Dhali) S. DhaliwalHarbhajan (Dhali) S.Dhaliwal
Dr. Harminder SinghHarminderSingh
Dr. Heather SmithHeatherSmith
Dr. Herman LamHermanLam
Dr. Hillel SommerHillelSommer
Dr. Ibrahim AbdelgadirIbrahimAbdelgadir
Dr. Isanne SchacterIsanneSchacter
Dr. Ivan BaracIvanBarac
Dr. Jacquelyn DirksJacquelynDirks
Dr. James Alexander ShawJames AlexanderShaw
Dr. James BrasJamesBras
Dr. James JohnstonJames B.Johnston
Dr. James MarriottJamesMarriott
Dr. James PaulJamesPaul
Dr. James TamJames W.Tam
Dr. James ZachariasJames M.Zacharias
Dr. Janine JohnstonJanine LeahJohnston
Dr. Jason SneathJasonSneath
Dr. Jay HingwalaJayHingwala
Dr. Jeffrey BarnesJeffreyBarnes
Dr. Jeffrey GrahamJeffreyGraham
Dr. Jeffrey WheelerJeffreyWheeler
Dr. Jennifer SalterJenniferSalter
Dr. Jennifer YamamotoJenniferYamamoto
Dr. Jessica CudmoreJessicaCudmore
Dr. Jessica FudgeJessicaFudge
Dr. Jill Keddy-GrantJillKeddy-Grant
Dr. Jillian HortonJillianHorton
Dr. Joe BuetiGiuseppe AntoninoBueti
Dr. Joe Mullonkal JoseJoe MullonkalJose
Dr. Joel GingerichJoelGingerich
Dr. Joel NkosiJoelNkosi
Dr. John DucasJohnDucas
Dr. John EmbilJohnEmbil
Dr. John TooleJohnToole
Dr. Jonathan LaxtonJonathanLaxton
Dr. Jonathon BellasJonathonBellas
Dr. Joseph PeedicailJosephPeedicail
Dr. Jovan HasmataliJovanHasmatali
Dr. Julie HoJulieHo
Dr. Justin CloutierJustinCloutier
Dr. Justin LingJustinLing
Dr. Justin MarchJustinMarch
Dr. Justin WaltersJustinWalters
Dr. Justin WongJustinWong
Dr. Karen EthansKarenEthans
Dr. Karuppanchetty MuthiahKaruppanchettyMuthiah
Dr. Karver ZaborniakKarverZaborniak
Dr. Keevin BernsteinKeevin N.Bernstein
Dr. Kelly KaitaKellyKaita
Dr. Kelly MacDonaldKelly S.MacDonald
Dr. Ken KasperKennethKasper
Dr. Ken Van AmeydeKenneth J.Van Ameyde
Dr. Kendiss OlafsonKendissOlafson
Dr. Kevin WolfeKevin B.Wolfe
Dr. Kimberley MulcheyKimberleyMulchey
Dr. Kinny LambaKiraninderLamba
Dr. Kiran SidhuKiranSidhu
Dr. Konstantin JilkineKonstantinJilkine
Dr. Krista RyzKristaRyz
Dr. Kristel Van IneveldKristelVan Ineveld
Dr. Kristjan PaulsonKristjanPaulson
Dr. Kulvir BadeshaKulvirBadesha
Dr. Kunal MinhasKunalMinhas
Dr. Lana RosenfieldLanaRosenfield
Dr. Laura ChisickLauraChisick
Dr. Lauren GarbuttLaurenGarbutt
Dr. Lauren MacKenzieLaurenMacKenzie
Dr. Lawrence HomikLawrenceHomik
Dr. Leonard MinukLeonardMinuk
Dr. Leroy StorsleyLeroyStorsley
Dr. Liam O'NeilLiamO'Neil
Dr. Lin YangLinYang
Dr. Lindsay NicolleLindsayNicolle
Dr. Lindsay TorbiakLindsayTorbiak
Dr. Lindsey WoodrowLindseyWoodrow
Dr. Lisa M. MillerLisa M.Miller
Dr. Lorne HurstLorneHurst
Dr. Lorraine PeitschLorrainePeitsch
Dr. Louis LudwigLouisLudwig
Dr. Lourens BlomLourensBlom
Dr. Lubna MadiLubnaMadi
Dr. Maclean ThiessenMacleanThiessen
Dr. Mahwash Fatima SaeedMahwash FatimaSaeed
Dr. Mai NguyenMaiNguyen
Dr. Malek KassMalekKass
Dr. Marcus BlouwMarcusBlouw
Dr. Marcus NgMarcusNg
Dr. Marianne KrahnMarianneKrahn
Dr. Marielle GawrylukMarielleGawryluk
Dr. Marissa BeckerMarissaBecker
Dr. Mark VendramelliMarkVendramelli
Dr. Marni WisemanMarniWiseman
Dr. Marshall PitzMarshallPitz
Dr. Marshall StitzMarshallStitz
Dr. Martha AinslieMarthaAinslie
Dr. Martha ShepertyckyMarthaShepertycky
Dr. Martin Edward KarpinskiMartin EdwardKarpinski
Dr. Martina ReslerovaMartinaReslerova
Dr. Matthias KramerMatthiasKramer
Dr. Mauro VerrelliMauroVerrelli
Dr. Michael CantorMichaelCantor
Dr. Michael CossoyMichaelCossoy
Dr. Michael Julian JoshuaMichael JulianJoshua
Dr. Michael LoveMichaelLove
Dr. Michael SemusMichaelSemus
Dr. Michael SochockiMichaelSochocki
Dr. Mihail GurandaMihailGuranda
Dr. Mohsen KhoshnamMohsenKhoshnam
Dr. Monica DowhanikMonicaDowhanik
Dr. Musawir AhmedMusawirAhmed
Dr. Nabiha FaisalNabihaFaisal
Dr. Nancy DixonNancyDixon
Dr. Nancy PorhownikNancyPorhownik
Dr. Nasir ShaikhNasirShaikh
Dr. Navdeep TangriNavdeepTangri
Dr. Neil WatkinsNeilWatkins
Dr. Nick HajidiacosNickHajidiacos
Dr. Nithya VenkatesanNithyaVenkatesan
Dr. Numan AmirNumanAmir
Dr. Olga TolevaOlgaToleva
Dr. Owen MooneyOwenMooney
Dr. Pam OrrPamelaOrr
Dr. Pamela KatzPamelaKatz
Dr. Pamela SkrabekPamelaSkrabek
Dr. Paramvir VirdiParamvirVirdi
Dr. Patrick GriffinPatrickGriffin
Dr. Paul DaeninckPaul J.Daeninck
Dr. Paul KomendaPaulKomenda
Dr. Penina KrongoldPeninaKrongold
Dr. Peter HoPeterHo
Dr. Peter HughesPeterHughes
Dr. Peter NickersonPeterNickerson
Dr. Phil GarberPhilip JerroldGarber
Dr. Philip St. JohnPhilipSt. John
Dr. Piotr CzaykowskiPiotrCzaykowski
Dr. Priyanka MysorePriyankaMysore
Dr. Qingdong GuanQingdongGuan
Dr. Rachel DwilowRachelDwilow
Dr. Rachel FainsteinRachelFainstein
Dr. Rae-Kiran JhingerRae-KiranJhinger
Dr. Ralph Macek
Dr. Ralph WongRalphWong
Dr. Ramandip SinghRamandipSingh
Dr. Rami KotbRamiKotb
Dr. Ramin HamedaniRaminHamedani
Dr. Rhys SharkeyRhysSharkey
Dr. Richard HaydeyRichardHaydey
Dr. Richard KostykRichardKostyk
Dr. Robert MoutonRobertMouton
Dr. Robin DucasRobinDucas
Dr. Robinder SinghRobinderSingh
Dr. Rochelle Van De VeldeRochelleVan De Velde
Dr. Ronald GeorgeRonaldGeorge
Dr. Roopesh KansaraRoopeshKansara
Dr. Ross FeldmanRossFeldman
Dr. Ruth Ann MarrieRuth AnnMarrie
Dr. Ryan SkrabekRyan Q.Skrabek
Dr. Ryan ZarychanskiRyanZarychanski
Dr. S. Brian PennerS. BrianPenner
Dr. Sandip BhangooSandipBhangoo
Dr. Sara DunsmoreSaraDunsmore
Dr. Sarah HenniAmina SarahHenni
Dr. Saroj NiraulaSarojNiraula
Dr. Scott CleghornScottCleghorn
Dr. Sean ArmstrongSeanArmstrong
Dr. Sean UdowSeanUdow
Dr. Sepideh PooyaniaSepidehPooyania
Dr. Seth ShafferSethShaffer
Dr. Shane SilverShaneSilver
Dr. Shantanu BanerjiShantanuBanerji
Dr. Shelley MottShelleyMott
Dr. Shelley ZierothShelleyZieroth
Dr. Shuangbo LiuShuangboLiu
Dr. Sora LudwigSora M.Ludwig
Dr. Sowmya NarasimhanSowmyaNarasimhan
Dr. Srisaladevi NavaratnamSrisaladeviNavaratnam
Dr. Stephen CorneStephenCorne
Dr. Stephen GouletStephenGoulet
Dr. Stephen HenryStephenHenry
Dr. Stephen KowalskiStephenKowalski
Dr. Stephen WongStephenWong
Dr. Steven MinkSteven N.Mink
Dr. Steven PromislowStevenPromislow
Dr. Susan CuvelierSusanCuvelier
Dr. Susan GreenSusanGreen
Dr. Sushil RatnaparkheSushilRatnaparkhe
Dr. Suzanne ThilleSuzanneThille
Dr. Tamar RubinTamarRubin
Dr. Tarek AfifiTarekAfifi
Dr. Tawnya HansenTawnyaHansen
Dr. Terence WuerzTerenceWuerz
Dr. Terry ColbourneTerryColbourne
Dr. Thang NguyenThangNguyen
Dr. Thomas JacobThomasJacob
Dr. Timothy HiebertTimothyHiebert
Dr. Timothy McCarthyTimothyMcCarthy
Dr. Tom LesiukTomLesiuk
Dr. Trevor HutchisonTrevorHutchison
Dr. Turnly WongTurnlyWong
Dr. Tyler FriesenTylerFriesen
Dr. Vallerie GordonVallerieGordon
Dr. Veena AgrawalVeenaAgrawal
Dr. Versha BanerjiVershaBanerji
Dr. Vi DaoViDao
Dr. Victoria TaraskaVictoriaTaraska
Dr. Vincent WooVincentWoo
Dr. Vinit ElimbanVinitElimban
Dr. Wayne ManishenWayneManishen
Dr. Werner IlseWernerIlse
Dr. Yamana MorouzYamanaMorouz
Dr. Yan LauYanLau
Dr. Yoav KeynanYoavKeynan
Dr. Yoko SchreiberYokoSchreiber
Dr. Yuewen GongYuewenGong
Dr. Zoheir BshoutyZoheirBshouty