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This page documents the process used by our secretaries to facilitate physician billing.

The process is touched on by some other pages, but we really need a core page that describes the process. It should contain links to the following where relevant, rather than duplicating info:


The physicians are responsible for submitting all billings to their secretary on a regular basis (weekly). The secretary submits the various completed billings (eg. billings cards, in-patient/referral/consult sheets , prescription renewals, Ambulatory Care Cliniclists) to Physician Billing Services. Some physicians request a copy be kept for their own record prior to sending to Physician Billing Services.

Physicians can reference the Manitoba Health Physicians Manual for billable services:

Manitoba Health has a statutory requirement for submission of claims within 6 months of the date of service - in other words, any claims past 6 months will be denied and not payable. It is important that billings are submitted to Physician Billing Services on a regular basis.

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