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This is an error checking page to show which if any Dr. pages don't have the roles they should.
This is an error checking page to show which if any Dr. pages don't have the roles they should.
== first ==
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== second ==
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This is an error checking page to show which if any Dr. pages don't have the roles they should.

Dr Section roles
Dr. Aaron Marshall Infectious Diseases
Dr. Abdul-Nasser Ramadan General Internal Medicine
Dr. AbdulRazaq Sokoro Endocrinology / Metabolism
Dr. Ada Man Rheumatology
Dr. Adarshdip Brar Rheumatology
Dr. Aditya Sharma General Internal Medicine
Dr. Adrian Robertson Critical Care
Dr. Alan Casey Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Dr. Alex (Dan) Silaghi Neurology
Dr. Alex Tischenko Cardiology
Dr. Alexandra Ilnyckyj Gastroenterology
Dr. Alexei Yankovsky Neurology
Dr. Alexis Botkin Dermatology
Dr. Ali Benzaglam Gastroenterology
Dr. Ali Elgherhani General Internal Medicine
Dr. Ali Habeeb Nephrology
Dr. Aliasghar Khadem Cardiology
Dr. Alissa Lloyd Nephrology
Dr. Allan Garland Critical Care
Dr. Allan Ronald Infectious Diseases
Dr. Allan Schaffer Cardiology
Dr. Allen Kraut General Internal Medicine
Dr. Amber Cogar Rheumatology
Dr. Amber Janower General Internal Medicine
Dr. Amila Heendeniya Infectious Diseases
Dr. Amir Ravandi Cardiology
Dr. Amiya Chakraborty General Internal Medicine
Dr. Amrit Malik Cardiology
Dr. Anand Kumar Critical Care
Dr. Andrea Mazurat Nephrology
Dr. Andrew Borys Neurology
Dr. Andrew Gomori Neurology
Dr. Andrew Halayko Respiratory Medicine
Dr. Andrew L. Morris Cardiology
Dr. Andrew MacDiarmid General Internal Medicine
Dr. Andrew Maksymiuk Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Andrew McKinnon Respiratory Medicine
Dr. Andrew Walkty Infectious Diseases
Dr. Angela Desautels Respiratory Medicine
Dr. Anita Soni Cardiology
Dr. Annaliese Tisseverasinghe Rheumatology
Dr. Anthony Battad General Internal Medicine
Dr. Anurag Trivedi Neurology
Dr. Arjuna Ponnampalam Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Arturo Tamayo-Mendoza Neurology
Dr. Asad Junaid General Internal Medicine
Dr. Asher Mendelson Critical Care
Dr. Ashish Shah Cardiology
Dr. Atheer Al-Kaabi Neurology
Dr. Barret Rush Critical Care
Dr. Barry Cohen Nephrology
Dr. Barry Riche Nephrology
Dr. Basem Elbarouni Cardiology
Dr. Behzad Mansouri Neurology
Dr. Ben Fultz General Internal Medicine
Dr. Benjamin Goldenberg Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Bertram Unger Critical Care
Dr. Beth Collin Dermatology
Dr. Beyza Ciftci Neurology
Dr. Bijai Johnson General Internal Medicine
Dr. Bill Leslie Endocrinology / Metabolism
Dr. Bojan Paunovic Critical Care
Dr. Brendan K. MacDougall General Internal Medicine
Dr. Brent Schacter Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Brian A. Anderson Neurology
Dr. Brian Schmidt Neurology
Dr. Brittany Perija General Internal Medicine
Dr. Bruce Light Infectious Diseases
Dr. Carla Osiowy Hepatology
Dr. Carmen Hurd Endocrinology / Metabolism
Dr. Carol Hitchon Rheumatology
Dr. Carolina Araneda General Internal Medicine
Dr. Catherine Moltzan Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Catherine Smith Infectious Diseases
Dr. Ceri Richards Rheumatology
Dr. Chantalle Menard Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Charles Bernstein Gastroenterology
Dr. Charles Penner General Internal Medicine
Dr. Chris Sathianathan Nephrology
Dr. Chris Wiebe Nephrology
Dr. Christian Hanson Geriatric Medicine
Dr. Christina Kim Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Christine Peschken Rheumatology
Dr. Chrystyna Kalicinsky Allergy and Clinical Immunology
Dr. Cindy Lee Respiratory Medicine
Dr. Cindy Richardson Endocrinology / Metabolism
Dr. Clara Bohm Nephrology
Dr. Clare Ramsey Respiratory Medicine
Dr. Clarence Khoo Cardiology
Dr. Claudio Rigatto Nephrology
Dr. Clifford Yaffe
Dr. Colette Seifer Cardiology
Dr. Colin Barber Allergy and Clinical Immunology
Dr. Cory Baillie Rheumatology
Dr. Craig Harlos Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Craig Speziali Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Dan Roberts Critical Care
Dr. Dana Moffatt Gastroenterology
Dr. Daniel Sitar Clinical Pharmacology
Dr. Danielle Desautels Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Dave Easton Critical Care
Dr. David Allen Cardiology
Dr. David Christiansen Respiratory Medicine
Dr. David Collister Nephrology
Dr. David Dawe Haematology / Oncology
Dr. David Goldenberg Gastroenterology
Dr. David Mymin Cardiology
Dr. David Peretz Hepatology
Dr. David Robinson Rheumatology
Dr. David Rush Endocrinology / Metabolism
Dr. David Strang Geriatric Medicine
Dr. David Szwajcer Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Davinder Jassal Cardiology
Dr. Davyd Hooper Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Dr. Debjani Grenier Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Delfin Rodriguez Leyva Cardiology
Dr. Donald Allan Nephrology
Dr. Donald Duerksen Gastroenterology
Dr. Donald Houston Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Douglas Hobson Neurology
Dr. Duane Funk Critical Care
Dr. Eberhard Renner Hepatology
Dr. Edwin Bruce Roe Endocrinology / Metabolism
Dr. Eleni Giannouli Respiratory Medicine
Dr. Elizabeth Salamon Endocrinology / Metabolism
Dr. Elizabeth Smith Rhynold Geriatric Medicine
Dr. Els de Gussem Respiratory Medicine
Dr. Emily Rimmer Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Eric Bow Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Eric Jacobsohn Critical Care
Dr. Esmail Abej Gastroenterology
Dr. Esseddeeg Ghrooda Neurology
Dr. Evan Elias Gastroenterology General Internal Medicine
Dr. Evan Orlikow Respiratory Medicine
Dr. Evelyn Lo Infectious Diseases
Dr. Eytan Weinberg General Internal Medicine
Dr. Faisal Siddiqui Critical Care
Dr. Frank Bovell General Internal Medicine
Dr. Fred Y. Aoki Infectious Diseases
Dr. Galit Hasdan Geriatric Medicine
Dr. Garry Shen Endocrinology / Metabolism
Dr. George Borrett General Internal Medicine
Dr. George Mathew Gastroenterology
Dr. Gerald Minuk Hepatology
Dr. Gerard Coneys Gastroenterology
Dr. Glen Drobot General Internal Medicine
Dr. Gloria Vazquez-Grande Critical Care
Dr. Graham Duff General Internal Medicine
Dr. Greg Hammond Infectious Diseases
Dr. Gregg Eschun Respiratory Medicine
Dr. Gregoire Nyomba Endocrinology / Metabolism
Dr. Hani El-Gabalawy Rheumatology
Dr. Harbhajan (Dhali) S. Dhaliwal Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Harminder Singh Gastroenterology
Dr. Heather Smith Critical Care
Dr. Herman Lam Nephrology
Dr. Hillel Sommer Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Dr. Ibrahim Abdelgadir Gastroenterology
Dr. Isanne Schacter Endocrinology / Metabolism
Dr. Ivan Barac Cardiology
Dr. Jacquelyn Dirks Respiratory Medicine
Dr. James Alexander Shaw Nephrology
Dr. James Bras Respiratory Medicine
Dr. James Johnston Haematology / Oncology
Dr. James Marriott Neurology
Dr. James Paul Haematology / Oncology
Dr. James Tam Cardiology
Dr. James Zacharias Nephrology
Dr. Janilyn Arsenio Biomedical Proteomics
Dr. Janine Johnston Neurology
Dr. Jason Sneath Dermatology
Dr. Jay Hingwala Nephrology
Dr. Jean-Eric Ghia Gastroenterology
Dr. Jeffrey Barnes Neurology
Dr. Jeffrey Graham Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Jeffrey Wheeler General Internal Medicine
Dr. Jennifer Salter Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Dr. Jennifer Yamamoto Endocrinology / Metabolism
Dr. Jessica Cudmore General Internal Medicine
Dr. Jessica Fudge Dermatology
Dr. Jill Keddy-Grant Dermatology
Dr. Jillian Horton General Internal Medicine
Dr. Joe Bueti Nephrology
Dr. Joe Mullonkal Jose General Internal Medicine
Dr. Joel Gingerich Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Joel Nkosi General Internal Medicine
Dr. John Ducas Cardiology
Dr. John Embil Infectious Diseases
Dr. John Toole Dermatology
Dr. John Wilkins Biomedical Proteomics
Dr. Jonathan Laxton General Internal Medicine
Dr. Jonathon Bellas General Internal Medicine
Dr. Joseph Peedicail Neurology
Dr. Jovan Hasmatali Critical Care
Dr. Juan Racosta Neurology
Dr. Julia Uhanova Hepatology
Dr. Julie Ho Nephrology
Dr. Justin Cloutier Cardiology
Dr. Justin Ling General Internal Medicine
Dr. Justin March Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Dr. Justin Walters Nephrology
Dr. Justin Wong General Internal Medicine
Dr. Karen Ethans Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Dr. Karuppanchetty Muthiah Gastroenterology
Dr. Karver Zaborniak Allergy and Clinical Immunology
Dr. Keevin Bernstein Nephrology
Dr. Kelly Kaita Hepatology
Dr. Kelly MacDonald Infectious Diseases
Dr. Ken Kasper General Internal Medicine
Dr. Ken Van Ameyde General Internal Medicine
Dr. Kendiss Olafson Critical Care
Dr. Kevin Wolfe Cardiology
Dr. Kimberley Mulchey Respiratory Medicine
Dr. Kinny Lamba General Internal Medicine
Dr. Kiran Sidhu Cardiology
Dr. Konstantin Jilkine Rheumatology
Dr. Krista Ryz Nephrology
Dr. Kristel Van Ineveld Geriatric Medicine
Dr. Kristjan Paulson Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Kulvir Badesha General Internal Medicine
Dr. Kunal Minhas Cardiology
Dr. Lana Rosenfield Allergy and Clinical Immunology
Dr. Laura Chisick General Internal Medicine
Dr. Laura Hermann Infectious Diseases
Dr. Laura Targownik
Dr. Lauren Garbutt General Internal Medicine
Dr. Lauren MacKenzie Infectious Diseases
Dr. Lawrence Homik Critical Care
Dr. Leigh Anne Shafer Critical Care
Dr. Leonard Minuk Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Leroy Storsley Nephrology
Dr. Liam O'Neil Rheumatology
Dr. Lin Yang Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Linda Larcombe Infectious Diseases
Dr. Lindsay Nicolle Infectious Diseases
Dr. Lindsay Torbiak Geriatric Medicine
Dr. Lindsey Woodrow Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Dr. Lisa M. Miller Nephrology
Dr. Lorne Hurst Dermatology
Dr. Lorraine Peitsch Geriatric Medicine
Dr. Louis Ludwig General Internal Medicine
Dr. Lourens Blom Geriatric Medicine
Dr. Lubna Madi Respiratory Medicine
Dr. Maclean Thiessen Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Magdy Younes Respiratory Medicine
Dr. Mahwash Fatima Saeed Cardiology
Dr. Mai Nguyen Rheumatology
Dr. Malek Kass Cardiology
Dr. Mallory Fast Neurology
Dr. Mandana Modirrousta Neurology
Dr. Marcus Blouw Critical Care
Dr. Marcus Ng Neurology
Dr. Marianne Krahn Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Marielle Gawryluk Geriatric Medicine
Dr. Marissa Becker Infectious Diseases
Dr. Mark Vendramelli General Internal Medicine
Dr. Marni Wiseman Dermatology
Dr. Marshall Pitz Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Marshall Stitz Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Dr. Martha Ainslie Respiratory Medicine
Dr. Martha Shepertycky Respiratory Medicine
Dr. Martin Edward Karpinski Nephrology
Dr. Martina Reslerova Nephrology
Dr. Matthias Kramer General Internal Medicine
Dr. Mauro Verrelli Nephrology
Dr. Michael Cantor Gastroenterology
Dr. Michael Cossoy Neurology
Dr. Michael Julian Joshua General Internal Medicine
Dr. Michael Love Cardiology
Dr. Michael Semus General Internal Medicine
Dr. Michael Sochocki General Internal Medicine
Dr. Michelle-Lee Jones Neurology
Dr. Mihail Guranda Neurology
Dr. Mohsen Khoshnam Neurology
Dr. Monica Dowhanik General Internal Medicine
Dr. Musawir Ahmed Respiratory Medicine
Dr. Nabiha Faisal Hepatology
Dr. Nancy Dixon Geriatric Medicine
Dr. Nancy Porhownik Respiratory Medicine
Dr. Nasir Shaikh Cardiology
Dr. Navdeep Tangri Nephrology
Dr. Neda Anssari Neurology
Dr. Neeloffer Mookherjee Biomedical Proteomics
Dr. Neil Watkins Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Nick Hajidiacos General Internal Medicine
Dr. Nithya Venkatesan General Internal Medicine
Dr. Numan Amir Neurology
Dr. Oleg Krokhin Biomedical Proteomics
Dr. Olga Toleva Cardiology
Dr. Owen Mooney Critical Care
Dr. Pam Orr Infectious Diseases
Dr. Pamela Katz Endocrinology / Metabolism
Dr. Pamela Skrabek Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Paramvir Virdi Hepatology
Dr. Patrick Griffin General Internal Medicine
Dr. Paul Daeninck Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Paul Komenda Nephrology
Dr. Penina Krongold Gastroenterology
Dr. Peter Ho Allergy and Clinical Immunology
Dr. Peter Hughes Neurology
Dr. Peter Nickerson Nephrology
Dr. Phil Garber Cardiology
Dr. Philip St. John Geriatric Medicine
Dr. Piotr Czaykowski Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Priyanka Mysore Nephrology
Dr. Qingdong Guan Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Rachel Dwilow Respiratory Medicine
Dr. Rachel Fainstein General Internal Medicine
Dr. Rae-Kiran Jhinger General Internal Medicine
Dr. Ralf Macek General Internal Medicine
Dr. Ralph Wong Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Ramandip Singh Rheumatology
Dr. Rami Kotb Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Ramin Hamedani General Internal Medicine
Dr. Reza Vosoughi Neurology
Dr. Rhys Sharkey General Internal Medicine
Dr. Richard Haydey Dermatology
Dr. Richard J. Warrington Allergy and Clinical Immunology
Dr. Richard Kostyk General Internal Medicine
Dr. Robert Mouton Dermatology
Dr. Robin Ducas Cardiology
Dr. Robinder Singh Cardiology
Dr. Rochelle Van De Velde Dermatology
Dr. Ronald George General Internal Medicine
Dr. Roopesh Kansara Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Ross Feldman Cardiology
Dr. Ruth Ann Marrie Neurology
Dr. Ryan Skrabek Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Dr. Ryan Zarychanski Haematology / Oncology
Dr. S. Brian Penner General Internal Medicine
Dr. Sachnida Sinha Cardiology
Dr. Sandip Bhangoo General Internal Medicine
Dr. Sara Dunsmore Nephrology
Dr. Sarah Henni Infectious Diseases
Dr. Saroj Niraula Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Scott Cleghorn General Internal Medicine
Dr. Sean Armstrong Nephrology
Dr. Sean Udow Neurology
Dr. Sepideh Pooyania Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Dr. Seth Shaffer Gastroenterology
Dr. Shane Silver Dermatology
Dr. Shantanu Banerji Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Shelley Mott General Internal Medicine
Dr. Shelley Zieroth Cardiology
Dr. Shuangbo Liu Cardiology
Dr. Sora Ludwig Endocrinology / Metabolism
Dr. Sowmya Narasimhan Endocrinology / Metabolism
Dr. Srisaladevi Navaratnam Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Stephen Corne Respiratory Medicine
Dr. Stephen Goulet General Internal Medicine
Dr. Stephen Henry Geriatric Medicine
Dr. Stephen Kowalski Critical Care
Dr. Stephen Wong Hepatology
Dr. Steven Mink Respiratory Medicine
Dr. Steven Promislow Cardiology
Dr. Suresh Mishra Endocrinology / Metabolism
Dr. Susan Cuvelier Hepatology
Dr. Susan Green Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Sushil Ratnaparkhe Nephrology
Dr. Suzanne Thille Geriatric Medicine
Dr. Tamar Rubin Allergy and Clinical Immunology
Dr. Tarek Afifi Dermatology
Dr. Terence Wuerz Infectious Diseases
Dr. Terry Colbourne Respiratory Medicine
Dr. Thang Nguyen Cardiology
Dr. Thomas Jacob Critical Care
Dr. Timothy Hiebert General Internal Medicine
Dr. Timothy McCarthy Rheumatology
Dr. Tom Lesiuk Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Dr. Trevor Hutchison General Internal Medicine
Dr. Turnly Wong General Internal Medicine
Dr. Tyler Friesen General Internal Medicine
Dr. Vallerie Gordon Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Vamsee Torri Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Veena Agrawal Endocrinology / Metabolism
Dr. Versha Banerji Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Vi Dao Haematology / Oncology
Dr. Victoria Taraska Dermatology
Dr. Vincent Woo Endocrinology / Metabolism
Dr. Vinit Elimban General Internal Medicine
Dr. Wayne Manishen Gastroenterology
Dr. Werner Ilse Neurology
Dr. Wlodzimierz Czarnecki Cardiology
Dr. Yamana Morouz General Internal Medicine
Dr. Yan Lau Gastroenterology
Dr. Yoav Keynan Infectious Diseases
Dr. Yoko Schreiber Infectious Diseases
Dr. Yuewen Gong Hepatology
Dr. Zoheir Bshouty Respiratory Medicine