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[[Category:New Employee]]
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[[Category:University of Manitoba]]
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This page explains how to get ID Badge & Access and Keys for offices/clinics for JBRC. See Cancel access to JBRC 7&8 for the process when a person leaves.


  1. Ask Maria Loureiro for Key Application Form and for access form to JBRC office.
  2. Complete Media:Key and access form JBRC.docx and return to Maria Loureiro by email for access to floors from 7 to 8 in JBRC. Internal Medicine does not require access to any other floors in JBRC.
  3. If the person is not a U of M Employee, complete HSC ID form, and ask for a swipe card
  4. If employee is U of M Employee, employee is to obtain U of M ID card from the U of M Medical Library, 2nd Floor of JBRC
  5. Complete form and return to Maria Loureiro
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  1. Maria Loureiro will contact Facilities Manager (currently Colin Wooton) to activate the card (both HSC swipe card / and / or the U of M ID card)
  2. Employee may need to see Colin Wooton in UM Physical Plant at S003 Medical Services after Maria Loureiro provides form. She will advise of this.

Keys and badges for any room in JBRC must be obtained from Maria Loureiro because HSC Research Department is the landlord for JBRC.

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