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Contact Info (edit)
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Name: Cairistin McDougall
Rank: Lecturer
Section: Rheumatology
Appointment Type: Clinical Contract & NIL"Clinical Contract & NIL" is not in the list (GFT, NIL, UMFA, Term Instructor, UMG, Clinical Contract, , Clinical Contract and NIL) of allowed values for the "HasAppointmentType" property.
Address: RR149 - 820 Sherbrook St. Winnipeg, MB R3A 1R9

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Org Chart Branch:



  • SMW


Research Interest


Info Systems

InfoSystem AdditionalSetupInfo role
Accuro EMR no special instructions Rheumatologist
ACMT form no special instructions Rheumatologist

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Information Systems Training

Information System Education Requirement Role
Accuro EMR Training by Kym's group, more info needed. Rheumatologist

General onboarding training

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