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If you have details to add to an article, just add them. We are all Reviewing Recent Changes, so don't be worried whether the details are beautifully written - rather than not have them, it's better to have them less than perfect, it gives everyone else a place to start from.

If you disagree with something, have concerns, or a question, add a discussion. If you see a discussion, add additional information you might have.

Adding a discussion to an article

  • click on the "edit" link next to the heading of the topic you want to comment on (or the edit tab at the top of the article)
  • right in the place where your question comes up add a fresh line and add a
{{Discuss |
* <replace this with your comment/question>

to add the discussion template

  • Show preview, and then save, which will
    • put the article and the question into the Questions page , providing a list of all articles that need review (it will also put it into the category:Questions)
    • add the picture Interro-01.gif, making it obvious where in the article there are concerns

How to work with a discussion

  • click on the "edit" link (on the right side of the heading above the question, or at the top of the page)

Simple question, simple answer

If the comment is a simple question and you are pretty sure you have the right answer, just fix the article so there would not have been a question and delete the discussion. This is the best way for a discussion on the wiki to work! It leaves a clean and better document.

Responding to a point

In the next line after the point you are responding to

  • put one more "*" than the specific comment you are responding to and write your text
  • end it with ~~~~, which will translate into your signature and the time when you save
  • optionally, press the "Show Preview" button to see what your comment will look like
  • press the Save Page button


If the updated content is wrong, fix it, but also start a conversation with the person, ideally in person, to find out why you disagreed on the content. Direct-edits are a great way to make documentation better quickly, but they are not good to resolve deeper problems in how we understand a process. Ideally talk to the editor in person and come to a common understanding, then fix the article.

If there is no article for the topic you want to discuss

Make a new article and follow the instructions above.

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