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[[Category:Departing Employee]]
[[Category:Departing Employee]]
[[Category: JBRC]]

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This page explains how to cancel ID Badge & Access and Keys for offices/clinics for JBRC. See Establish access to JBRC 7&8 for the process when a new person starts.


When an Employee (U of M or HSC) is terminating and their office with on 7th or 8th JBRC, Maria Loureiro requires the following information, as these two floors in John Buhler Research Centre are managed by HSC research:

Name of person leaving

Effective date of leaving

Are they being replaced?

ID badges

If they are leaving HSC/UOFM all together, please return all ID badges to Maria Loureiro. If they are staying at HSC but only moving to another dept/program, they only need to return the HSC ID badge with the black strip on the back. If they only have a UofM ID badge and are staying at UofM, they can keep their ID badge because they will need it for their next position.


They have to return all keys to Maria Loureiro's office, or there will be a $25 fee charged for each key not returned.

If you have any other questions, please contact Maria Loureiro.

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