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See Policies for this listing alone This is an automatically generated list of Department of Internal Medicine Policies.

Recruitment Interviewing ExpensesSec 02 - 01Managing Director28 August 2020
Recruitment Relocation ExpensesSec 02 - 02Managing Director20 September 2020
Recruitment Office ExpensesSec 02 - 03Managing Director28 August 2020
Support Staff AllocationSec 02 - 04Managing Director28 August 2020
U of M Maternity/paternity leaveSec 02 - 05Contract and Recruitment8 January 2021
Section Head ReviewsSec 02 - 06Department Head28 August 2020
Performance ReviewSec 02 - 07Department Head31 December 2019
Physician Progressive DisciplineSec 02 - 08Department Head28 August 2020
PGME Program Director Search CommitteeSec 02 - 09Department Head24 April 2020
Guidelines for Part-Time Nil-Salaried AppointmentsSec 02 - 10Contract and Recruitment29 May 2020
Recruitment Process and Committee CompositionSec 02 - 11Contract and Recruitment29 August 2020
Guidelines for Basic Scientists (PhD) FacultySec 02 - 12Department Head8 January 2021
Employee Exit InterviewSec 02 - 13Managing Director28 August 2020
Gifts and Awards for EmployeesSec 02 - 14Managing Director28 August 2020
External ReviewSec 02 - 15Department Head28 August 2020
Department of Internal Medicine and WRHA Medicine Program Consultation PolicySec 03 - 01Executive Committee31 December 2017
On Call Scheduling For CTU MedicineSec 03 - 02Executive Committee31 December 2017
Clinic CancellationSec 03 - 03Executive Committee12 September 2019
Standards of Documentation for Patients Admitted to the Medicine ProgramSec 03 - 0431 December 2017
Management of Medical RecordsSec 03 - 0531 December 2017
Inter-hospital Transfer for WRHA Medicine ProgramSec 03 - 0631 December 2017
WRHA Medicine Program Bed PolicySec 03 - 07Department Head31 December 2017
Acceptance of Inpatients from Winnipeg Community Hospitals for Subspecialty EvaluationSec 03 - 0812 September 2019
Interfacility Transfers - Physician CommunicationSec 03 - 0931 December 2017
Research/Study Leave for Academic StaffSec 05 - 01Managing Director7 February 2019
Junior Faculty Development ProgramSec 05 - 02Managing Director8 January 2021
Startup Costs for ResearchSec 05 - 03Finance Manager18 February 2019
Review process chairsSec 06 - 01Department Head29 May 2020
Research Performance ReviewSec 06 - 02Research and Faculty Development Committee8 March 2021
Evaluation of Faculty as Clinical Teachers and Role ModelsSec 06 - 03Executive Committee31 December 2017
Faculty Evaluations by TraineesSec 06 - 04Systems Analyst31 December 2017
The quality of Resident Rotational Evaluations by FacultySec 06 - 05Managing Director31 December 2017
Relative Workload Evaluation ScaleSec 06 - 06Managing Director7 November 2020
Contingent to Tenure Track for PhD ScientistsSec 07 - 01Department Head29 May 2020
Promotions Information and ProcessSec 07 - 02Department Head29 May 2020
Promotions and Tenure CommitteeSec 07 - 03Managing Director29 May 2020
Emy Ozamoto Resident Research Award for Quality ImprovementSec 08Managing Director12 September 2019
Dr. Hector Ma AwardSec 08Managing Director15 January 2019
GFT Travel Fund GuidelinesSec 08 - 01Managing Director25 April 2019
Salary Policy Section HeadsSec 08 - 032 March 2019
Salary Policy Postgraduate and Undergraduate Medical EducationSec 08 - 04Managing Director24 July 2020
Physician OverheadSec 08 - 05Executive Committee29 August 2019
Sectional Discretionary FundSec 08 - 06Managing Director29 August 2019
InvoicingSec 08 - 07Finance Manager31 December 2017
PayablesSec 08 - 08Finance Manager1 July 2018
Special EventsSec 08 - 10Managing Director16 July 2020
Hospitality expensesSec 08 - 11Managing Director4 December 2020
Relationships between the Department of Internal Medicine and Health Related IndustriesSec 09 - 01Department Head31 December 2017
Computer Hardware and SoftwareSec 10 - 01Systems Analyst31 December 2020
MBTelehealth Access Policy & ProcedureSec 10 - 02Managing Director29 August 2019
Transcription Services StandardsSec 10 - 03Transcription Manager31 December 2017
Transcription Services Formatting Standards - Consultations and Letters of CorrenspondenceSec 10 - 04Transcription Manager31 December 2017
Sleep Study and Sleep Clinic Reports - Dictation and Transcription OfSec 10 - 05Transcription Manager31 December 2017
Statistical ConsultingSec 10 - 06Head Statistician1 May 2017
Portable Electronic Device PolicySec 10 - 07Systems Analyst24 July 2020
Dale Iwanoczko AwardSec 1131 December 2017
Resident Travel GuidelinesSec 11 - 01Managing Director15 August 2020
Relationships Between the Pharmaceutical Industry and Internal Medicine ResidentsSec 11 - 02Executive Committee31 December 2017
Relevant Industry Relationships PoliciesSec 13WRHA31 December 2017
Respectful Workplace – Shared HealthSec 13Shared Health28 April 2020
Respectful Workplace – WRHASec 13WRHA16 August 2019
Conflict of Interest Policy - WRHASec 13WRHA16 August 2019
PHIASec 13 - 04WRHA16 August 2019
Information for Physicians Dealing with ComplaintsSec 13 - 05Associate Head - Diversity and Professionalism31 January 2020
Liam J. Murphy Young Investigator AwardSec 14Managing Director31 December 2018
Morley Lertzman Subspecialty Teaching AwardSec 14Managing Director31 December 2018
B.J. Kaufman CTU Teaching AwardSec 14Managing Director24 July 2020

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See Committees for this listing alone The Department of Internal Medicine has a number of committees and other collaborative groups:

 ChairFunctionModification date"Modification date" is a predefined property that corresponds to the date of the last modification of a subject and is provided by Semantic MediaWiki.
Award Selection CommitteeProgram Director, Postgraduate Medical EducationTo select the winner of the B.J. Kaufman CTU Teaching Award and the Morley Lertzman Subspecialty Teaching Award.19 October 2018 03:00:37
Community Engagement SubcommitteeDale GustafsonThe Department of Internal Medicine Community Engagement Subcommittee exists as the members believe we must be invested, engaged and active in contributing back to our community.20 September 2019 18:51:23
Core Internal Medicine Residency Training CommitteePostgraduate Program Director - Core#Goals26 February 2020 19:40:37
Critical Care and Medicine DatabaseJodi Walker-TweedCollect prospective data for Critical Care and Medicine research, operations and quality control.4 March 2020 20:24:36
Diabetes Research GroupDr. Gregoire NyombaThe objective of the Diabetes Research Group is to provide both basic and clinical research in diabetes. The research group has a core of successful investigators who have received recognition nationally and internationally through competitive research funding and clinical contracts.5 February 2020 16:07:53
Executive CommitteeDr. Eberhard Renner4 July 2019 16:26:04
Financial Oversight and Advisory CommitteeDr. Harminder Singhdepartment financial strategy2 June 2020 19:46:22
IBD Clinical and Research CentreDr. Charles BernsteinEstablished in 1994, the IBD Clinical and Research Centre has received international attention and recognition. It has the largest IBD database in North America. In collaboration with researchers at John Hopkins University, this research group is studying the prevalence of NOD2 gene abnormalities in Manitobans with Crohn's Disease.23 February 2019 21:57:48
Junior Faculty Development Special CommitteeProgram Director, Postgraduate Medical EducationTo screen and recommend selections for clinical path Junior Faculty Development applicants.11 December 2018 01:48:41
Liver Diseases Research GroupDr. Gerald MinukThe principal goal of the liver diseases research group is to enhance the understanding and thereby develop more effective therapy for inflammatory disorders of the hepatobiliary system. Much of the research being performed employs recombinant DNA physiology, animal models and patients with viral hepatitis. The results are relevant to other common liver disorders including alcoholic hepatitis, fatty liver, drug induced hepatitis, primary bilary cirrhosis and primary sclerosing cholangitis. Ongoing collaboration with other groups further contribute to the success of this program. For example, colleagues in pathology have documented the appearance and nature of the inflammatory cells as well as the magnitude of the reparative processes by advanced immunocytochemical and electron microscope techniques, while colleagues in radiology are assessing the severity of diseases and rapidity of its resolution by standard radiologic studies and MRI.5 February 2020 16:07:44
Manitoba Centre for Proteomics and Systems BiologyDr. John WilkinsThe objective of the Manitoba Centre for Proteomics and Systems Biology (MCPSB) is to provide core expertise and services in several areas of relevance to the biological and medical research community in Manitoba and Canada. These areas include but are not limited to bioinformatics, proteomics, protein separation, mass spectrometry, monoclonal antibody production and high content image analysis. The MCPSB is dedicated to research involving the analysis and functional characterisation of proteins in the context of the organism. This includes the application and development of approaches for isolation, identification and characterisation of proteins and their interactions in health and disease.12 March 2020 21:32:13
Neurology Postgraduate CommitteeDr. Brian SchmidtDecisions around the Neurology Specialty Education Program19 November 2019 18:08:26
PGME Program Director Search CommitteeN/A24 April 2019 20:24:52
Postgraduate Medical Education CommitteeProgram Director, Postgraduate Medical EducationDiscussions with Dept. of Medicine Program Directors (D-PGME Meetings)26 October 2020 18:30:28
Promotions and Tenure CommitteeDr. Davinder Jassalmany13 May 2020 21:03:30
Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Committee - (DOM QUIPS-C)Dr. Harminder Singh
Dr. Jay Hingwala
improve quality of healthcare within the Department of Medicine, assist coordination of quality improvement initiatives, and ensure that departmental quality improvement projects are in line with the department of Internal Medicine strategic plan and goals22 May 2019 16:40:27
Research and Faculty Development CommitteeDr. Hani El-Gabalawy23 June 2020 18:39:14
Residency Education Fund CommitteeProgram Director, Postgraduate Medical Educationoversee the Residency Education Fund1 March 2018 21:00:35
Rheumatology Residency Training CommitteePostgraduate Program Director - Rheumatology17 December 2019 23:04:37
Search Committee28 August 2019 20:13:38
Section Head Review CommitteeDepartment HeadSection Head Reviews28 August 2019 20:08:15
Senior Advisory CommitteeDepartment HeadAdvises the Department Head on all Departmental Affairs.22 November 2018 21:25:00
Undergraduate Medical Education CommitteePostgraduate Program Director - Core24 November 2019 21:48:20
Vetting and Oversight Group (VOG)Dr. Claudio Rigatto
Dr. Jay Hingwala
What does this committee do?15 June 2020 15:46:43
WISDOM (Women of Science in the Department of Internal Medicine) CommitteeDr. Neeloffer Mookherjee
Dr. Janilyn Arsenio
To connect, mentor and advocate on behalf of academic women in science14 November 2019 02:31:53

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See Sections for this listing alone

 Section ContactModification date"Modification date" is a predefined property that corresponds to the date of the last modification of a subject and is provided by Semantic MediaWiki.
Allergy and Clinical Immunology9 June 2020 19:50:12
Biomedical Proteomics12 June 2019 13:51:03
Cardiology8 July 2020 18:58:14
Clinical Pharmacology10 June 2020 19:34:30
Critical Care10 June 2020 19:37:14
Dermatology12 June 2019 13:51:36
Endocrinology / Metabolism8 July 2020 18:13:27
Gastroenterology11 June 2020 20:24:25
General Internal Medicine1 October 2020 19:53:32
Geriatric Medicine11 June 2020 20:52:27
Haematology / Oncology31 July 2020 18:13:03
Hepatology12 June 2020 17:23:09
Infectious Diseases8 July 2020 18:20:39
Nephrology27 July 2020 17:46:59
Neurology7 November 2019 16:23:14
Palliative Care12 June 2019 13:53:28
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation12 June 2019 13:53:48
Respiratory Medicine8 July 2020 18:37:09
Rheumatology8 July 2020 18:54:55
 RoleHeldByModification date"Modification date" is a predefined property that corresponds to the date of the last modification of a subject and is provided by Semantic MediaWiki.
Section Head - Allergy and Clinical ImmunologyDr. Christine Peschken29 May 2019 05:55:21
Section Head - Biomedical ProteomicsDr. John Wilkins29 May 2019 05:55:24
Section Head - CardiologyDr. Davinder Jassal29 May 2019 05:55:28
Section Head - Critical CareDr. Bojan Paunovic
Dr. Allan Garland
29 May 2019 05:55:31
Section Head - DermatologyDr. Marni Wiseman29 May 2019 05:55:34
Section Head - Endocrinology / MetabolismDr. Pamela Katz12 February 2020 22:15:44
Section Head - GastroenterologyDr. Donald Duerksen2 July 2019 18:23:22
Section Head - General Internal MedicineDr. Patrick Griffin
Dr. Ken Van Ameyde
29 May 2019 05:55:45
Section Head - Geriatric MedicineDr. Philip St. John29 May 2019 05:55:48
Section Head - Haematology / OncologyDr. Leonard Minuk30 November 2019 00:59:59
Section Head - HepatologyDr. Eberhard Renner29 May 2019 05:56:08
Section Head - Infectious DiseasesDr. Pam Orr25 September 2020 12:46:20
Section Head - NephrologyDr. Joe Bueti11 December 2019 18:52:48
Section Head - NeurologyDr. Brian Schmidt
Dr. Dan Roberts
23 January 2020 20:34:09
Section Head - Physical Medicine and RehabilitationDr. Ryan Skrabek29 May 2019 05:57:09
Section Head - Respiratory MedicineDr. Martha Ainslie29 May 2019 05:57:26
Section Head - RheumatologyDr. Christine Peschken29 May 2019 05:57:29


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Adrienne SimpsonAdrienneSimpsonHepatology
Aleksandra MacRaeAleksandraMacRae
Allyson PhamAllysonPhamHaematology / Oncology
Amy CoteAmyCoteCardiology
Angela HarperAngelaHarperCardiology
Angela MacDonaldAngelaMacDonaldN/A
Annette NanowskiAnnetteNanowskiHepatology
Ashley LaRosaAshleyLaRosaGastroenterology
General Internal Medicine
Ashley WatskoAshleyWatsko
Audrey Giesbrecht-SeddonAudreyGiesbrecht-SeddonGastroenterologyN/ANIL
Barb PichlykBarbPichlykNephrology
Barbara KingBarbaraKing
Bev HeggieBevHeggieN/AUMG
Bonnie CossBonnieCossHaematology / Oncology
Bonny ProvoBonnyProvoCardiology
Brenda DesrosiersBrendaDesrosiersInfectious DiseasesUMG
Carol ColluciCarolColucciN/A
Carol ColucciCarolColucciCardiologyN/A
Caroline BeaudoinCarolineBeaudoinN/A
Carolyn GarlinskiCarolynGarlinskiInfectious Diseases
Casandra DolovichCasandraDolovich
Cassandra DeaconCassandraDeaconN/A
Cherie MarynowskiCherieMarynowskiGeneral Internal Medicine
Christine SawatzkyChristineSawatzkyGeneral Internal Medicine
Christopher RoqueChristopherRoqueCritical CareN/A
Cindy GiesbrechtCindyGiesbrecht
Claudia GabrieleClaudiaGabriele
Colleen McRaeColleenMcRaeEndocrinology / MetabolismN/A
Colleen SangsterColleenSangster
Connie ArguellesConnie V.ArguellesPhysical Medicine and RehabilitationN/A
Cycelia LazarowichCyceliaLazarowichN/A
Dale GustafsonDaleGustafsonN/A
Darlene LussierDarleneLussier
Darlene MercrediDarleneMercredi
Deb StrattonDebStrattonNephrology
Debbie SchmidtDebbieSchmidtNephrology
Diane GurneyDianeGurneyCardiology
Dianne CharneyDianneCharney
Donna AnsellDonnaAnsellCardiology
Donna DonovanDonnaDonovan
Dr. Aaron Low
Dr. Aaron MarshallAaronMarshallInfectious DiseasesProfessorNIL
Dr. Abdul-Nasser RamadanAbdul-NasserRamadanGeneral Internal MedicineAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. AbdulRazaq SokoroAbdulRazaqSokoroEndocrinology / MetabolismAssociate ProfessorNIL
Dr. Ada ManAdaManRheumatologyAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Adarshdip BrarAdarshdipBrarRheumatologyLecturerClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Aditya SharmaAdityaSharmaGeneral Internal MedicineAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Adrian RobertsonAdrianRobertsonCritical CareAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Alan CaseyAlan R.CaseyPhysical Medicine and RehabilitationAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Alex (Dan) SilaghiAlexSilaghiNeurologyLecturerClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Alex TischenkoAlexTischenkoCardiologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Alexandra IlnyckyjAlexandraIlnyckyjGastroenterologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Alexei YankovskyAlexeiYankovskyNeurologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Alexis BotkinAlexisBotkinDermatologyN/ANIL
Dr. Ali BenzaglamAliBenzaglamGastroenterologyLecturerClinical Contract
Dr. Ali ElgherhaniAliElgherhaniGeneral Internal MedicineLecturerNIL
Dr. Ali HabeebAliHabeebNephrologyLecturerNIL
Dr. Aliasghar KhademAliasgharKhademCardiologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Alissa LloydAlissaLloydNephrologyLecturerClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Allan GarlandAllanGarlandCritical CareProfessorGFT
Dr. Allan RonaldAllanRonaldInfectious DiseasesEmeritus ProfessorNIL
Dr. Allan SchafferAllanSchafferCardiologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Allen KrautAllenKrautGeneral Internal MedicineAssociate ProfessorGFT
Dr. Amber CogarAmberCogarRheumatologyLecturerClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Amber JanowerAmberJanowerGeneral Internal MedicineLecturerClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Amila HeendeniyaAmilaHeendeniyaInfectious DiseasesAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Amir RavandiAmirRavandiCardiologyAssociate ProfessorGFT
Dr. Amiya ChakrabortyAmiyaChakrabortyGeneral Internal MedicineAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Amrit MalikAmritMalikCardiologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Anand KumarAnandKumarCritical CareProfessorGFT
Dr. Andrea MazuratAndreaMazuratNephrologyAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Andrew BorysAndrewBorysNeurologyAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Andrew GomoriAndrewGomoriNeurologyAssociate ProfessorNIL
Dr. Andrew HalaykoAndrewHalaykoRespiratory MedicineProfessorUMFA
Dr. Andrew L. MorrisAndrew L.MorrisCardiologyProfessorGFT
Dr. Andrew MacDiarmidAndrew L.MacDiarmidGeneral Internal MedicineAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Andrew MaksymiukAndrew W.MaksymiukHaematology / OncologyProfessorGFT
Dr. Andrew McKinnonAndrewMcKinnonRespiratory MedicineLecturerClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Andrew WalktyAndrewWalktyInfectious DiseasesAssociate ProfessorGFT
Dr. Angela DesautelsAngelaDesautelsRespiratory MedicineAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Anita SoniAnitaSoniCardiologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Annaliese TisseverasingheAnnalieseTisseverasingheRheumatologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Anthony BattadAnthonyBattadGeneral Internal MedicineLecturerGFT
Dr. Anurag TrivediAnuragTrivediNeurologyAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Arjuna PonnampalamArjunaPonnampalamHaematology / OncologyAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Arturo Tamayo-MendozaArturoTamayo MendozaNeurologyAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Asad JunaidAsadJunaidGeneral Internal MedicineAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Asher MendelsonAsherMendelsonCritical CareAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Ashish ShahAshishShahCardiologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Atheer Al-KaabiAtheerAl-KaabiNeurologyAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Barret RushBarretRushCritical CareAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Barry CohenBarryCohenNephrologyProfessorGFT
Dr. Barry RicheBarryRicheNephrologyLecturerNIL
Dr. Basem ElbarouniBasemElbarouniCardiologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Behzad MansouriBehzadMansouriNeurologyAssociate ProfessorNIL
Dr. Ben FultzBenjaminFultzGeneral Internal MedicineAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Benjamin GoldenbergBenjaminGoldenbergHaematology / OncologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Bertram UngerBertramUngerCritical CareAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Beth CollinBethCollinDermatologyLecturerNIL
Dr. Beyza CiftciBeyzaCiftciNeurologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Bijai JohnsonBijaiJohnsonGeneral Internal MedicineLecturerClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Bill LeslieBillLeslieEndocrinology / MetabolismProfessorGFT
Dr. Bojan PaunovicBojanPaunovicCritical CareAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Brendan K. MacDougallBrendan K.MacDougallGeneral Internal MedicineProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Brent SchacterBrent A.SchacterHaematology / OncologyEmeritus Professor
Dr. Brett Houston
Dr. Brian A. AndersonBrian A.AndersonNeurologyAssociate ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Brian SchmidtBrianSchmidtNeurologyProfessorGFT
Dr. Brittany PerijaBrittanyPerijaGeneral Internal MedicineLecturerClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Bruce LightR. BruceLightInfectious DiseasesProfessorGFT
Dr. Carla OsiowyCarlaOsiowyHepatologyProfessional AffiliateNIL
Dr. Carmen HurdCarmenHurdEndocrinology / MetabolismAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Carol HitchonCarolHitchonRheumatologyAssociate ProfessorGFT
Dr. Carolina AranedaCarolinaAranedaGeneral Internal MedicineAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract
Dr. Catherine MoltzanCatherineMoltzanHaematology / OncologyAssociate ProfessorGFT
Dr. Catherine SmithCatherineSmithInfectious DiseasesAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Ceri RichardsCeriRichardsRheumatologyLecturerClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Chantalle MenardChantalleMenardHaematology / OncologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Charles BernsteinCharlesBernsteinGastroenterologyDistinguished ProfessorGFT
Dr. Charles PennerCharlesPennerGeneral Internal MedicineAssistant ProfessorNIL
Dr. Chris SathianathanChrisSathianathanNephrologyAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Chris WiebeChrisWiebeNephrologyAssociate ProfessorGFT
Dr. Christian HansonChristianHansonGeriatric MedicineLecturerClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Christina KimChristinaKimHaematology / OncologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Christine PeschkenChristine A.PeschkenRheumatologyAssociate ProfessorGFT
Dr. Chrystyna KalicinskyChrystynaKalicinskyAllergy and Clinical ImmunologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Cindy LeeCindyLeeRespiratory MedicineLecturerClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Cindy RichardsonCindyRichardsonEndocrinology / MetabolismAssistant ProfessorNIL
Dr. Clara BohmClaraBohmNephrologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Clare RamseyClareRamseyRespiratory MedicineAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Clarence KhooClarenceKhooCardiologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Claudio RigattoClaudioRigattoNephrologyAssociate ProfessorGFT
Dr. Clifford YaffeCliffordYaffe
Dr. Colette SeiferColetteSeiferCardiologyProfessorGFT
Dr. Colin BarberColinBarberAllergy and Clinical ImmunologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Cory BaillieCoryBaillieRheumatologyAssistant ProfessorNIL
Dr. Craig HarlosCraigHarlosHaematology / OncologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Craig SpezialiCraigSpezialiHaematology / OncologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Dan RobertsDanRobertsCritical CareProfessorGFT
Dr. Dana MoffattDanaMoffattGastroenterologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Daniel SitarDanSitarClinical PharmacologyEmeritus ProfessorNIL
Dr. Danielle DesautelsDanielleDesautelsHaematology / OncologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Dave EastonDaveEastonCritical Care
Dr. David AllenDavidAllenCardiologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. David ChristiansenDavidChristiansenRespiratory MedicineAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. David CollisterDavidCollisterNephrologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. David DaweDavidDaweHaematology / OncologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. David GoldenbergDavidGoldenbergGastroenterologyAssociate ProfessorNIL
Dr. David PeretzDavidPeretzHepatologyAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. David RobinsonDavid B.RobinsonRheumatologyAssociate ProfessorGFT
Dr. David RushDavid N.RushNephrologyProfessorGFT
Dr. David StrangDavid G.StrangGeriatric MedicineAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. David SzwajcerDavidSzwajcerHaematology / OncologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Davinder JassalDavinderJassalCardiologyProfessorGFT
Dr. Davyd HooperDavydHooperPhysical Medicine and RehabilitationAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Debjani GrenierDebjaniGrenierHaematology / OncologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Delfin Rodriguez LeyvaDelfinRodriguez LeyvaCardiologyAssociate ProfessorNIL
Dr. Donald AllanDonaldAllanNephrologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Donald DuerksenDonaldDuerksenGastroenterologyAssociate ProfessorGFT
Dr. Donald HoustonDonald S.HoustonHaematology / OncologyAssociate ProfessorGFT
Dr. Douglas HobsonDouglasHobsonNeurologyAssistant ProfessorNIL
Dr. Duane FunkDuaneFunkCritical CareAssociate ProfessorNIL
Dr. Eberhard RennerEberhardRennerHepatologyProfessorGFT
Dr. Edwin Bruce RoeEdwin BruceRoeEndocrinology / MetabolismAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Eleni GiannouliEleniGiannouliRespiratory MedicineAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Elizabeth SalamonElizabethSalamonEndocrinology / MetabolismAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Elizabeth Smith RhynoldElizabethSmith RhynoldGeriatric MedicineAssistant ProfessorNIL
Dr. Els de GussemElsde GussemRespiratory MedicineAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Emily RimmerEmilyRimmerHaematology / OncologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Eric BowEric J.BowHaematology / OncologyProfessorGFT
Dr. Eric JacobsohnEricJacobsohnCritical CareProfessorNIL
Dr. Esmail AbejEsmailAbejGastroenterologyAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Esseddeeg GhroodaEsseddeegGhroodaNeurologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Evan EliasEvanEliasGastroenterology
General Internal Medicine
LecturerClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Evan OrlikowEvanOrlikowRespiratory MedicineN/AClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Evelyn LoEvelynLoInfectious DiseasesAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Eytan WeinbergEytanWeinbergGeneral Internal MedicineLecturerNIL
Dr. Faisal SiddiquiFaisalSiddiquiCritical CareAssistant ProfessorNIL
Dr. Frank BovellFrankBovellGeneral Internal MedicineLecturerClinical Contract
Dr. Fred Y. AokiFred Y.AokiInfectious DiseasesProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Galit HasdanGalitHasdanGeriatric MedicineLecturerNIL
Dr. Garry ShenGarryShenEndocrinology / MetabolismProfessorUMFA
Dr. George BorrettGeorgeBorrettGeneral Internal MedicineN/AClinical Contract
Dr. George MathewGeorgeMathewGastroenterologyLecturerNIL
Dr. Gerald MinukGeraldMinukHepatologyProfessorGFT
Dr. Gerard ConeysGerardConeysGastroenterologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Glen DrobotGlen R.DrobotGeneral Internal MedicineAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Gloria Vazquez-GrandeGloriaVazquez-GrandeCritical CareLecturerNIL
Dr. Graham DuffGrahamDuffGeneral Internal MedicineLecturerClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Greg HammondGregHammondInfectious DiseasesProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Gregg EschunGregg M.EschunRespiratory MedicineAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Gregoire NyombaGregoireNyombaEndocrinology / MetabolismProfessorGFT
Dr. Hani El-GabalawyHaniEl-GabalawyRheumatologyProfessorGFT
Dr. Harbhajan (Dhali) S. DhaliwalHarbhajan (Dhali) S.DhaliwalHaematology / OncologyEmeritus Professor
Dr. Harminder SinghHarminderSinghGastroenterologyAssociate ProfessorGFT
Dr. Heather SmithHeatherSmithCritical CareAssistant ProfessorNIL
Dr. Herman LamHermanLamNephrologyLecturerNIL
Dr. Hillel SommerHillelSommerPhysical Medicine and RehabilitationAssociate ProfessorNIL
Dr. Ibrahim AbdelgadirIbrahimAbdelgadirGastroenterologyLecturerClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Isanne SchacterIsanneSchacterEndocrinology / MetabolismAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Ivan BaracIvanBaracCardiologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Jacquelyn DirksJacquelynDirksRespiratory MedicineAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. James Alexander ShawJames AlexanderShawNephrologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. James BrasJamesBrasRespiratory MedicineAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. James JohnstonJames B.JohnstonHaematology / OncologyProfessorGFT
Dr. James MarriottJamesMarriottNeurologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. James PaulJamesPaulHaematology / OncologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. James TamJames W.TamCardiologyProfessorGFT
Dr. James ZachariasJames M.ZachariasNephrologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Janilyn ArsenioJanilynArsenioBiomedical ProteomicsAssistant ProfessorUMFA
Dr. Janine JohnstonJanine LeahJohnstonNeurologyAssociate ProfessorNIL
Dr. Jason SneathJasonSneathDermatologyN/ANIL
Dr. Jay HingwalaJayHingwalaNephrologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Jean-Eric GhiaJean-EricGhiaGastroenterologyAssociate ProfessorUMFA
Dr. Jeffrey BarnesJeffreyBarnesNeurologyLecturerClinical Contract
Dr. Jeffrey GrahamJeffreyGrahamHaematology / OncologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Jeffrey WheelerJeffreyWheelerGeneral Internal MedicineLecturerClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Jennifer SalterJenniferSalterPhysical Medicine and RehabilitationAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Jennifer YamamotoJenniferYamamotoEndocrinology / MetabolismAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Jessica CudmoreJessicaCudmoreGeneral Internal MedicineAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Jessica FudgeJessicaFudgeDermatologyN/ANIL
Dr. Jill Keddy-GrantJillKeddy-GrantDermatologyAssistant ProfessorNIL
Dr. Jillian HortonJillianHortonGeneral Internal MedicineAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Joe BuetiGiuseppe AntoninoBuetiNephrologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Joe Mullonkal JoseJoe MullonkalJoseGeneral Internal MedicineAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Joel GingerichJoelGingerichHaematology / OncologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Joel NkosiJoelNkosiGeneral Internal MedicineAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Joel Scott-Herridge
Dr. John DucasJohnDucasCardiologyAssociate ProfessorGFT
Dr. John EmbilJohnEmbilInfectious DiseasesProfessorGFT
Dr. John TooleJohnTooleDermatologyProfessorNIL
Dr. John WilkinsJohnWilkinsBiomedical ProteomicsProfessorUMFA
Dr. Jonathan LaxtonJonathanLaxtonGeneral Internal MedicineAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Jonathon BellasJonathonBellasGeneral Internal MedicineAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Joseph PeedicailJosephPeedicailNeurologyAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Jovan HasmataliJovanHasmataliCritical CareLecturerNIL
Dr. Juan RacostaJuanRacostaNeurologyAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Julia UhanovaJuliaUhanovaHepatologyAssociate ProfessorUMFA
Dr. Julie HoJulieHoNephrologyAssociate ProfessorGFT
Dr. Justin CloutierJustinCloutierCardiologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Justin LingJustinLingRespiratory MedicineLecturerClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Justin MarchJustinMarchPhysical Medicine and RehabilitationAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Justin WaltersJustinWaltersNephrologyLecturerNIL
Dr. Justin WongJustinWongGeneral Internal MedicineAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Karen EthansKarenEthansPhysical Medicine and RehabilitationAssociate ProfessorGFT
Dr. Karuppanchetty MuthiahKaruppanchettyMuthiahGastroenterologyLecturerNIL
Dr. Karver ZaborniakKarverZaborniakAllergy and Clinical ImmunologyAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Kathryn Tinckam
Dr. Keevin BernsteinKeevin N.BernsteinNephrologyProfessorGFT
Dr. Kelly KaitaKellyKaitaHepatologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Kelly MacDonaldKelly S.MacDonaldInfectious DiseasesProfessorGFT
Dr. Ken KasperKennethKasperGeneral Internal MedicineAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Ken Van AmeydeKenneth J.Van AmeydeGeneral Internal MedicineAssociate ProfessorGFT
Dr. Kendiss OlafsonKendissOlafsonCritical CareAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Kevin WolfeKevin B.WolfeCardiologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Kimberley MulcheyKimberleyMulcheyRespiratory MedicineAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Kinny LambaKiraninderLambaGeneral Internal MedicineAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Kiran SidhuKiranSidhuCardiologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Konstantin JilkineKonstantinJilkineRheumatologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Krista RyzKristaRyzNephrologyAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Kristel Van IneveldKristelVan IneveldGeriatric MedicineAssociate ProfessorGFT
Dr. Kristjan PaulsonKristjanPaulsonHaematology / OncologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Kulvir BadeshaKulvirBadeshaGeneral Internal MedicineAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Kunal MinhasKunalMinhasCardiologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Lana RosenfieldLanaRosenfieldAllergy and Clinical ImmunologyAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Laura ChisickLauraChisickGeneral Internal MedicineAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Laura HermannLauraHermannInfectious DiseasesN/AClinical Contract
Dr. Laura TargownikLauraTargownik
Dr. Lauren GarbuttLaurenGarbuttGeneral Internal MedicineLecturerClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Lauren MacKenzieLaurenMacKenzieInfectious DiseasesAssistant ProfessorNIL
Dr. Lawrence HomikLawrenceHomikCritical CareLecturerNIL
Dr. Leigh Anne ShaferLeigh AnneShaferCritical CareAssistant ProfessorUMFA
Dr. Leonard MinukLeonardMinukHaematology / OncologyAssociate ProfessorGFT
Dr. Leroy StorsleyLeroyStorsleyNephrologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Liam O'NeilLiamO'NeilRheumatologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Lin YangLinYangHaematology / OncologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Linda LarcombeLindaLarcombeInfectious DiseasesAssociate ProfessorUMFA
Dr. Lindsay NicolleLindsayNicolleInfectious DiseasesEmeritus ProfessorNIL
Dr. Lindsay TorbiakLindsayTorbiakGeriatric MedicineAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Lindsey WoodrowLindseyWoodrowPhysical Medicine and RehabilitationAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Lisa M. MillerLisa M.MillerNephrologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Lorne HurstLorneHurstDermatologyAssistant ProfessorNIL
Dr. Lorraine PeitschLorrainePeitschGeriatric MedicineAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Louis LudwigLouisLudwigGeneral Internal MedicineN/AClinical Contract
Dr. Lourens BlomLourensBlomGeriatric MedicineLecturerNIL
Dr. Lubna MadiLubnaMadiRespiratory MedicineAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Maclean ThiessenMacleanThiessenHaematology / OncologyAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Magdy YounesMagdyYounesRespiratory MedicineEmeritus Professor
Dr. Mahwash Fatima SaeedMahwash FatimaSaeedCardiologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Mai NguyenMaiNguyenRheumatologyLecturerClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Malek KassMalekKassCardiologyAssociate ProfessorGFT
Dr. Mandana ModirroustaMandanaModirroustaNeurologyN/ANIL
Dr. Marcus BlouwMarcusBlouwCritical CareAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Marcus NgMarcusNgNeurologyAssociate ProfessorGFT
Dr. Marianne KrahnMarianneKrahnHaematology / OncologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Marielle GawrylukMarielleGawrylukGeriatric MedicineLecturerNIL
Dr. Marissa BeckerMarissaBeckerInfectious DiseasesAssociate ProfessorClinical Contract
Dr. Mark VendramelliMarkVendramelliGeneral Internal MedicineClinical Contract
Dr. Marni WisemanMarniWisemanDermatologyAssociate ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Marshall PitzMarshallPitzHaematology / OncologyAssociate ProfessorGFT
Dr. Marshall StitzMarshallStitzPhysical Medicine and RehabilitationAssistant ProfessorNIL
Dr. Martha AinslieMarthaAinslieRespiratory MedicineAssociate ProfessorGFT
Dr. Martha ShepertyckyMarthaShepertyckyRespiratory MedicineAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Martin Edward KarpinskiMartin EdwardKarpinskiNephrologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Martina ReslerovaMartinaReslerovaNephrologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Matthias KramerMatthiasKramerGeneral Internal MedicineLecturerClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Mauro VerrelliMauroVerrelliNephrologyAssociate ProfessorGFT
Dr. Mehrdad Golian
Dr. Michael CantorMichaelCantorGastroenterologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Michael CossoyMichaelCossoyNeurologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Michael Julian JoshuaMichael JulianJoshuaGeneral Internal MedicineLecturerClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Michael LoveMichaelLoveCardiologyProfessorGFT
Dr. Michael SemusMichaelSemusGeneral Internal MedicineAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Michael SochockiMichaelSochockiGeneral Internal MedicineAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Michelle-Lee JonesMichelle-LeeJonesNeurologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Mihail GurandaMihailGurandaNeurologyLecturerClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Mohsen KhoshnamMohsenKhoshnamNeurologyN/ANIL
Dr. Monica DowhanikMonicaDowhanikGeneral Internal MedicineN/AClinical Contract
Dr. Musawir AhmedMusawirAhmedRespiratory MedicineAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Nabiha FaisalNabihaFaisalHepatologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Nancy DixonNancyDixonGeriatric MedicineLecturerNIL
Dr. Nancy PorhownikNancyPorhownikRespiratory MedicineAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Nasir ShaikhNasirShaikhCardiologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Nathan Allen
Dr. Navdeep TangriNavdeepTangriNephrologyAssociate ProfessorGFT
Dr. Neeloffer MookherjeeNeelofferMookherjeeBiomedical ProteomicsAssociate ProfessorUMFA
Dr. Neil WatkinsNeilWatkinsHaematology / OncologyProfessorNIL
Dr. Nick HajidiacosNickHajidiacosGeneral Internal MedicineAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Nithya VenkatesanNithyaVenkatesanGeneral Internal MedicineLecturerNIL
Dr. Numan AmirNumanAmirNeurologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Oleg KrokhinOlegKrokhinBiomedical ProteomicsAssociate ProfessorUMFA
Dr. Olga TolevaOlgaTolevaCardiologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Owen MooneyOwenMooneyCritical CareAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Pam OrrPamelaOrrInfectious DiseasesProfessorGFT
Dr. Pamela KatzPamelaKatzEndocrinology / MetabolismAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Pamela SkrabekPamelaSkrabekHaematology / OncologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Paramvir VirdiParamvirVirdiHepatologyLecturerClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Patrick GriffinPatrickGriffinGeneral Internal MedicineAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Paul DaeninckPaul J.DaeninckHaematology / OncologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Paul KomendaPaulKomendaNephrologyProfessorGFT
Dr. Penina KrongoldPeninaKrongoldGastroenterologyAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Peter HoPeterHoAllergy and Clinical ImmunologyLecturerClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Peter HughesPeterHughesNeurologyAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Peter NickersonPeterNickersonNephrologyProfessorGFT
Dr. Phil GarberPhilip JerroldGarberCardiologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Philip St. JohnPhilipSt. JohnGeriatric MedicineProfessorGFT
Dr. Piotr CzaykowskiPiotrCzaykowskiHaematology / OncologyAssociate ProfessorGFT
Dr. Priyanka MysorePriyankaMysoreNephrologyAssistant ProfessorNIL
Dr. Qingdong GuanQingdongGuanHaematology / OncologyAssociate ProfessorNIL
Dr. Rachel DwilowRachelDwilowRespiratory MedicineAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Rachel FainsteinRachelFainsteinGeneral Internal MedicineLecturerClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Rae-Kiran JhingerRae-KiranJhingerGeneral Internal MedicineLecturerClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Ralf MacekRalfMacekGeneral Internal MedicineN/AClinical Contract
Dr. Ralph WongRalphWongHaematology / OncologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Ramandip SinghRamandipSinghRheumatologyN/AClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Rami KotbRamiKotbHaematology / OncologyAssociate ProfessorGFT
Dr. Ramin HamedaniRaminHamedaniGeneral Internal MedicineAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Renelle Myers
Dr. Reza VosoughiRezaVosoughiNeurologyAssociate ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Rhys SharkeyRhysSharkeyGeneral Internal MedicineLecturerClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Richard HaydeyRichardHaydeyDermatologyAssociate ProfessorNIL
Dr. Richard J. WarringtonRichard J.WarringtonN/A
Dr. Richard KostykRichardKostykGeneral Internal MedicineLecturerNIL
Dr. Robert MoutonRobertMoutonDermatologyN/ANIL
Dr. Robin DucasRobinDucasCardiologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Robinder SinghRobinderSinghCardiologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Rochelle Van De VeldeRochelleVan De VeldeDermatologyLecturerNIL
Dr. Ronald GeorgeRonaldGeorgeGeneral Internal MedicineN/AClinical Contract
Dr. Roopesh KansaraRoopeshKansaraHaematology / OncologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Ross FeldmanRossFeldmanCardiologyProfessorNIL
Dr. Ruth Ann MarrieRuth AnnMarrieNeurologyProfessorGFT
Dr. Ryan SkrabekRyan Q.SkrabekPhysical Medicine and RehabilitationAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Ryan ZarychanskiRyanZarychanskiHaematology / OncologyAssociate ProfessorGFT
Dr. S. Brian PennerS. BrianPennerGeneral Internal MedicineProfessorGFT
Dr. Sandip BhangooSandipBhangooGeneral Internal MedicineAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Sara DunsmoreSaraDunsmoreNephrologyLecturerNIL
Dr. Sarah HenniAmina SarahHenniInfectious DiseasesLecturerClinical Contract
Dr. Saroj NiraulaSarojNiraulaHaematology / OncologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Scott CleghornScottCleghornGeneral Internal MedicineAssistant ProfessorNIL
Dr. Sean ArmstrongSeanArmstrongNephrologyAssociate ProfessorNIL
Dr. Sean UdowSeanUdowNeurologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Sepideh PooyaniaSepidehPooyaniaPhysical Medicine and RehabilitationAssociate ProfessorGFT
Dr. Seth ShafferSethShafferGastroenterologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Shane SilverShaneSilverDermatologyLecturerNIL
Dr. Shantanu BanerjiShantanuBanerjiHaematology / OncologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Shelley MottShelleyMottGeneral Internal MedicineN/AClinical Contract
Dr. Shelley ZierothShelleyZierothCardiologyAssociate ProfessorGFT
Dr. Shuangbo LiuShuangboLiuCardiologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Sora LudwigSora M.LudwigEndocrinology / MetabolismProfessorGFT
Dr. Sowmya NarasimhanSowmyaNarasimhanEndocrinology / MetabolismAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Srisaladevi NavaratnamSrisaladeviNavaratnamHaematology / OncologyProfessorGFT
Dr. Stephen CorneStephenCorneRespiratory MedicineAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Stephen GouletStephenGouletGeneral Internal MedicineLecturerClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Stephen HenryStephenHenryGeriatric MedicineLecturerNIL
Dr. Stephen KowalskiStephenKowalskiCritical CareProfessorNIL
Dr. Stephen WongStephenWongHepatologyAssociate ProfessorGFT
Dr. Steven Katz
Dr. Steven MinkSteven N.MinkRespiratory MedicineProfessorGFT
Dr. Steven PromislowStevenPromislowCardiologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Suresh MishraSureshMishraEndocrinology / MetabolismProfessorUMFA
Dr. Susan CuvelierSusanCuvelierHepatologyAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Susan GreenSusanGreenHaematology / OncologyLecturerGFT
Dr. Sushil RatnaparkheSushilRatnaparkheNephrologyAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Suzanne ThilleSuzanneThilleGeriatric MedicineAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Tamar RubinTamarRubinAllergy and Clinical ImmunologyAssistant ProfessorNIL
Dr. Tarek AfifiTarekAfifiDermatologyAssistant ProfessorNIL
Dr. Terence WuerzTerenceWuerzInfectious DiseasesAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Terry ColbourneTerryColbourneRespiratory MedicineLecturerClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Thang NguyenThangNguyenCardiologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Thomas JacobThomasJacobCritical CareAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Timothy HiebertTimothyHiebertGeneral Internal MedicineLecturerNIL
Dr. Timothy McCarthyTimothyMcCarthyRheumatologyAssistant ProfessorNIL
Dr. Tom LesiukTomLesiukPhysical Medicine and RehabilitationN/AClinical Contract
Dr. Trevor HutchisonTrevorHutchisonGeneral Internal MedicineAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Turnly WongTurnlyWongGeneral Internal MedicineAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Tyler FriesenTylerFriesenGeneral Internal MedicineAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Vallerie GordonVallerieGordonHaematology / OncologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Vamsee TorriVamseeTorriN/A
Dr. Veena AgrawalVeenaAgrawalEndocrinology / MetabolismAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Versha BanerjiVershaBanerjiHaematology / OncologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Vi DaoViDaoHaematology / OncologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Victoria TaraskaVictoriaTaraskaDermatologyLecturerNIL
Dr. Vincent WooVincentWooEndocrinology / MetabolismAssociate ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Vinit ElimbanVinitElimbanGeneral Internal MedicineAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Wayne ManishenWayneManishenGastroenterologyLecturerNIL
Dr. Werner IlseWernerIlseNeurologyAssistant ProfessorGFT
Dr. Winson Cheung
Dr. Yamana MorouzYamanaMorouzGeneral Internal MedicineN/AClinical Contract
Dr. Yan LauYanLauGastroenterologyLecturerNIL
Dr. Yoav KeynanYoavKeynanInfectious DiseasesAssociate ProfessorGFT
Dr. Yoko SchreiberYokoSchreiberInfectious DiseasesAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract and NIL
Dr. Yuewen GongYuewenGongHepatologyProfessorNIL
Dr. Zoheir BshoutyZoheirBshoutyRespiratory MedicineAssociate ProfessorGFT
Eli MirandaEliMirandaGeriatric MedicineN/A
Elsa CritchlowElsaCritchlowN/A
Emma ShawEmmaShawGastroenterology
Erva RitsonErvaRitsonGeneral Internal Medicine
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Geri KrzysztofikGeriKrzysztofik
Grant WarrenGrantWarrenN/A
Heather KlyneHeatherKlyne
Herman AubelHermanAubelUMG
Holly ThibertHollyThibertRespiratory MedicineUMG
Ingrid ReuterIngridReuterCritical Care
General Internal Medicine
Infectious Diseases
Jadianne ShoreJadianneShoreAllergy and Clinical Immunology
Janessa KausJanessaKausCardiology
Janet LabarreJanetLabarreGeneral Internal Medicine
Janice GushulakJaniceGushulakCardiology
Jeff SkrumedaJeffSkrumedaUMG
Jennifer CoutuJenniferCoutuCardiology
Jennifer Gamis-MatiasJenniferGamis-MatiasDermatology
Jennifer VillamorJenniferVillamorHaematology / OncologyN/A
Jodi Walker-TweedJodiWalker-TweedCritical CareN/A
Joelle RixonJoelleRixonN/A
Judith McFarlandJudithMcFarlandCardiology
Julie MojicaJulieMojicaCritical CareInstructor
Kaeren AndersonKaerenAnderson
Kaley Wusaty-PhillipsKaleyWusaty-PhillipsAllergy and Clinical Immunology
General Internal Medicine
Geriatric Medicine
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Respiratory Medicine
Karan KraftKaranKraftCardiology
Karen EllisonKarenEllison
Karen KielKarenKiel
Karen QuilloyKarenQuilloy
Kathleen CaniculaKathleenCaniculaCardiologyN/A
Kathleen RondeauKathleenRondeau
Kathy NowakKathyNowakCritical Care
Endocrinology / Metabolism
Infectious Diseases
Palliative Care
Kathy van Der VisKathyvan Der VisCardiology
Kerri FarrKerriFarr
Kim ArmittKimArmittEndocrinology / Metabolism
Kristi BurkeKristiBurkeNephrologyN/A
Kym MorrisKymMorrisUMG
Laura DolorLauraDolorEndocrinology / Metabolism
Lauren ShuteLaurenShuteInfectious DiseasesLecturerNIL
Laurice DeGuzmanLauriceDeGuzman
Laurie OsadickLaurieOsadickN/A
Leanne SchmidtLeanneSchmidtRheumatology
Leigh RobertsLeighRoberts
Liane DavidsonLianeDavidson
Lisa AngelkovskiLisaAngelkovski
Lisa BlackmanLisaBlackman
Lisa WirthLisaWirthAllergy and Clinical Immunology
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Lorie ScrapneckLorieScrapneckEndocrinology / Metabolism
Loriebeth QuilezaLoriebethQuilezaUMG
Marcella PiercyMarcellaPiercy
Marcia VanderwaterMarciaVanderwaterHaematology / Oncology
Margaret PopowichMargaretPopowich
Maria DungcaMariaDungcaRheumatology
Maria LoureiroMariaLoureiro
Marie FieldMarieFieldNeurology
Marie Geraldine BalcaenMarie GeraldineBalcaen
May DeGuzmanMayDeGuzman
Melanie LoyolaMelanieLoyolaGeriatric Medicine
Melissa BlonjeauxMelissaBlonjeauxHaematology / Oncology
Melissa FranzmannMelissaFranzmann
Michelle DiNellaMichelleDiNellaNephrologyN/A
Michelle ElandsMichelleElandsN/AUMG
Michelle WojnowskiMichelleWojnowskiRespiratory MedicineN/A
Monica PreteauMonicaPreteauInfectious Diseases
Natalia LlorinNataliaLlorinHaematology / Oncology
Natasha PassanteNatashaPassante
Nelinda ChuaNelindaChua
Nemia De GranoNemiaDe GranoNephrology
Pamela VokeyPamelaVokey
Patrick PanganPatrickPanganHaematology / OncologyN/A
Paulette DevignePauletteDevigneCardiology
Rachelle RoblesRachelleRoblesNephrologyN/A
Raymund RoqueRaymundRoque
Rem BinuaRemBinuaAllergy and Clinical Immunology
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Rhonda StevensonRhondaStevensonNephrology
Rita GrecoRitaGrecoNeurology
Rita MannRitaMannCardiology
Roberta VizniakRobertaVizniakHepatology
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Sandra KlippensteinSandraKlippensteinEndocrinology / Metabolism
Sara HarmsSaraHarmsRespiratory MedicineN/A
Sarah BernaldoSarahBernaldoCritical Care
Shauna RichterShaunaRichterGeneral Internal Medicine
Sheila AngSheilaAngInfectious Diseases
Sheila MarteSheilaMarte
Sherri CorriganSherriCorrigan
Sherri PockettSherriPockettEndocrinology / MetabolismN/ANIL
Stephanie SkinnerStephanieSkinner
Susan ChristiansonSusanChristianson
Suzanne DoyleSuzanneDoyleGastroenterology
General Internal Medicine
Sylvia BartheletteSylviaBartheletteN/A
Tamara CiprianoTamaraCiprianoUMG
Tammy PosillipoTammyPosillipo
Terrence StybaTerrenceStybaUMG
Tess PeterTessPeterNephrologyN/A
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Thorunn PetursdottirThorunnPetursdottir
Tiffiny NelsonTiffinyNelsonNephrology
Tina TenbergenTinaTenbergenUMG
Tom FraserTomFraser
Tonya DerksonTonyaDerksonN/AUMG
Tracey BurtonTraceyBurtonCardiology
Critical Care
Haematology / Oncology
Infectious Diseases
Trish OstryzniukTrishOstryzniukUMG
Vetty ZahroVettyZahroHaematology / OncologyN/A
Vishal SehgalVishalSehgalUMG
Wendy BencharskiWendyBencharskiGeneral Internal Medicine
Wendy CirilloWendyCirilloHepatologyN/A
Wendy KingWendyKingN/A
Weronika LuczkaninWeronikaLuczkaninHaematology / Oncology

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