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This article provides information and various institutional processes for visitor travel and/or guest speakers (virtual).


The section secretary will work with the visitor and/or Section Head regarding travel details. They should ask the following questions:

  • Full name (as per passport)
  • Contact information - email, mailing address (pay attention if international), phone#
  • Preferred dates of travel
  • What/what are they presenting
  • Hotel requirements
  • Transportation
  • Will they be receiving an honorarium (addition details required if non-Canadian)
  • Itinerary items

The secretary must confirm the source of funding and which institution it is held at. There are a few different possibilities:

If unsure, the secretary can ask their Physician Services Manager or Section Head

UM Funded

Shared Health - HSC Funded

  • Refer to SH Business Travel & Expenses policy:
  • All sponsored travel requires SH pre-approval via the Shared Health Travel Request Approval form. This is found in the Outlook shared folders > Finance > 5. Travel
  • The SH assigned corporate travel agent is Vision Travel - all flights must be booked through them (you will be given a travel code when your pre-approval is authorized)
  • Expenses are claimed via a SH Cheque/EFT Requisition (also in the Outlook shared folders). The guests SIN/SSN is required for reimbursement.

UMG Funded

  • Contact the Finance Manager for process details - this is not common for sectional purposes


  • If obtaining funding from Industry/Pharmaceutical companies to pay for a speaker/event, please refer to the relevant policy:

- Interactions between the Max Rady College of Medicine and Health-Related Industries policy: -SH Policy 310.100.102 Industry Relationships: (See section 3.6 & 3.7 for further information. Eg. Industry Support Request Form & Commercial Support Letter of Agreement are required)

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Discuss.gif The Business Administrator can book the flights, or if preferred the visitor can proceed to book their own flights. When booking the flights, please book directly with the Airlines, DO NOT book with Expedia, Hotwire, etc.

Secretaries do not have access to the department credit card; the secretary will e-mail the following information to the Business Administrator (copied to Managing Director and Finance Manager), so that the flights are booked ASAP:

  • Title:
  • First name:
  • Last name:
  • Passenger e-mail address:
  • Passenger contact phone number (cell):
  • Seat preference:
  • Frequent flyer program:
  • Frequent flyer number:
  • Date of birth:
  • Gender:
  • Departure airport:

For travel to/from outside of Canada include:

  • Passport number:
  • Passport country of issue:
  • Passport expiry date:


For overseas flights include:

  • Meal preference/dietary restrictions:

If the guest requires special assistance, please have them contact the airline once the reservation is complete.

  • Wheelchair Assistance
  • Deaf or hearing impaired
  • Blind or visually impaired

The Business Administrator then sends flight information back to secretary. The section secretary will advise visitor and resumes all travel itinerary and arrangements.


Section secretaries will confirm the dates of hotel stays with the Business Administrator; since secretaries do not have access to the department credit card, the Business Administrator will book the hotel.

Inn at the Forks is the department's preferred hotel.

If the section or visitor chooses to book their own hotel, visitors may pay for the hotel themselves and get reimbursed later (room & taxes only). To be reimbursed see the #Submitting Receipts section below.


Sections may make special arrangements to take visitors out for meal(s). For more details, see the Hospitality expenses page for policy and guidelines.

The department will cover all other reasonable expenses for meals during travel and stay (e.g. breakfast,lunch, dinner, and also meals on flights etc.)

All original receipts and a list of attendees is required.


The department will cover all other reasonable expenses incidentals during travel and stay up to $10CDN per day. It includes but is not limited to such items as gratuities, laundry, dry cleaning, bottled water, phone calls home.

Original receipts are required.

Ground Transport

Ground transportation and/or parking expenses are reimbursed to visitors once original receipts are submitted. Taxi vouchers are not an option.

Lyft or Uber do not currently provide service in Winnipeg but that [

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