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  • Any uninsured patient seeking a non-emergent health service must pay for the facility fees before receiving the service. An uninsured patient is a non-resident of Canada or a resident of Canada without provincial health coverage.
  • Uninsured services, regardless if the patient is insured or uninsured must be paid prior to the provision of service.
  • WRHA policy 110.000.100 Access to Care by Non-Residents of Canada-Internal Site indicates that any uninsured patient seeking an elective health service in Manitoba must receive prior approval and provide proof of payment prior to receiving the service.
  • The care provider must complete the WRHA Non-Resident of Canada Request for Elective Care form (ref 5.2 in WRHA policy 110.000.100). This approval must be in place before care may be initiated.
  • Patients receiving non-emergent health services and uninsured services are typically seen as outpatients at the various clinics throughout HSC. It is the responsibility of the clinics to determine the facility fees the patient is responsible for paying for each visit.
  • Any time the uninsured patient is seen in our facility, there is a charge to the patient. The patient must be “arrived” in the EPR/EMR system for every visit. To assist in determining the correct fee for the visit, please review the Fee Finder Guide located in the Finance folder within the Public Folders. If the clinics require assistance in deciphering the guide, please contact
    • Alicia Tuquero, Accounts Receivable Supervisor at 787-1070.
  • Currently, clinics are not equipped to take payments. Clinics must complete the top portion of the Patient Charge Memo before sending patients to HSC Cashiers located at GC112 – Green Owl Zone for payment of services.
  • The Cashier will issue a receipt for the payment which the patient will present back to the clinic as proof of payment. The Patient Charge Memo is posted under Public Folders/Finance/Patient Billing Information.
  • Finance will be working with individual clinics to determine if there is a need to install a Point of Sale (POS) terminal to accommodate taking credit/debit payments from patients rather than sending the patient to the Cashiers.
  • If you have any questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact either Alicia Tuquero or Diane Kuz.
  • How does this page relate to Processing Patient Payment?
    • This documentation is back-up for the processing patient information - Moved it to Finance.
      • A back-up? It seems to conflict with this one... When is each used? Processing Patient Payment speaks about forms. Does the clinic side of this even have anything to do with us? Who in the department would be doing this?
  • This mentions uninsured patients and uninsured services. What uninsured services do we provide in a hospital setting, then? How about things like tray fees?

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