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Name: Undergraduate Medical Education Committee


    • Service Chief, Health Sciences Centre (unless already represented)
    • Service Chief, St. Boniface Hospital (unless already represented)
    • Service Chief, Grace Hospital (unless already represented)
    • Service Chief, Victoria General Hospital (unless already represented)
  • Faculty Research Representative
  • Chief Medical Residents
  • Academic Resident Representative
  • Elected Junior Resident Representative (PGY 1 or 2)
  • Elected PGY4 Representative
  • Up to three other Faculty members, at the invitation of the Chair and with the approval of the Committee, for assistance with a specific issue and for a two year term, renewable for another two years if they so wish.
  • Ex-Officio Members

Reporting Structure

Department Head through the Chair of the Postgraduate Medical Education Committee, Program Director, Postgraduate Medical Education


To develop, implement, and evaluate educational policies relevant to the core internal medicine training program of the Department of Internal Medicine

Scope and Function

  1. The Committee will endeavour to establish an environment conducive to teaching and learning which will encourage academic excellence.
  2. The Committee will make recommendations regarding the structure and content of the core training program based on educational principles relevant to professional training.
  3. The committee will review, evaluate, and recommend modifications to the structure of the core training program including:
    1. the resident selection process
    2. specific rotational requirements
    3. Undergraduate Academic Half Day, and
    4. External elective rotations
  4. The committee will work with sections within the Department of Internal Medicine to develop and/or modify appropriate curriculum to meet the training requirements of core residents on subspecialty rotations.
  5. The committee will monitor and assess the educational/service balance on all rotations.
  6. The committee will maintain an evaluation system to provide residents with reliable and valid feedback on their clinical competence.
  7. The committee will encourage resident participation in either clinical, basic sciences, or educational research including the resident research day.
  8. The committee will assist and support the faculty teaching evaluation system in cooperation with sub-specialty Postgraduate Training Committees and the Department Head.
  9. The committee will support and develop resident teaching skills through both educational interventions and evaluation methodologies.
  10. The committee will establish programs to enable residents to receive appropriate career and personal counseling, where appropriate.
  11. The committee will hear appeals and decide on all resident appeals challenging rotational or yearly evaluations.

Committee Meetings


  • The Chair shall call the meeting and set the agenda
  • The Chair (or delegate), shall preside at all meetings
  • The Chair shall ensure that decisions are communicated to appropriate individuals or sections, for implementation


A quorum shall consist of five (5) members.

Number of Meetings

The committee will meet at least six (6) times per year on the First Monday of each month, at 0800 – 0900 hours unless otherwise stipulated by the Chairperson.

Notice of Meeting

The notice of the meetings, with the agenda and minutes from the prior meeting, will be sent out to all members seven days prior to each subsequent meeting.

Terms of Office

  • The Chair of Postgraduate Education and the Chair of the Undergraduate Medical Education Committee will be members of the Committee for the duration of their respective terms of office.
  • The Program Director will be appointed conjointly by the Head/Chair of the Department and PGME Associate Dean for a term of up to six (6) years.
  • Service Chiefs from all teaching hospitals (unless already represented) will be members of the Committee for a two (2) year term.
  • The Chief Medical Residents and Academic Resident Representative will be selected by the Program Director and will be members of the Committee for their one (1) year appointed term.
  • Other resident representatives will be elected by the residents they represent for a one (1) year term.


This committee deals with the following policies: No policies found.

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