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How does an Undergraduate Student Receive an Approved Leave of Absence

Interro-01.gif How is this done for residents? If it's almost identical we should change this page around to include it. If it's vastly different we need a different page Resident Leave of Absence.Ttenbergen 16:04, 19 February 2018 (CST)
  1. The student must fill-out a form provided by the Dean's Office
  2. The student must submit this form to the Dean's Office
  3. The Dean's Office will email the form to the Undergraduate Program Directors of the program affected and cc the appropriate Program Administrator(s).
Interro-01.gif We don't currently have a role Undergraduate Program Director - so who are these?
  1. The Program Director(s) will approve or deny the request. They may also allow the absence on certain conditions.
  2. The Dean's Office will email the student and cc the Undergraduate Program Administrator letting them know what the result is.

If the student will be away during their Undergraduate Clinical Teaching Unit (CTU) Ward Rotation, the Undergraduate Program Administrator must let the Chief Medical Resident(CMR) and the Program Administrator know as they are in charge of creating the Ward schedules.

This ensures that the student will not be scheduled during their LOA and that the hospital will not be short staffed during this time as well.

Students can only miss a certain amount of days from their rotation before they would need to repeat it. This is why all absences need to be reported, tracked and approved if they are a day or more.

Note that students are able to leave their Undergraduate Clinical Teaching Unit (CTU) Ward Rotation for medical appointments. They would simply arrive after their appointment or leave and come beck etc. However, they must notify the Undergraduate Program Administrator and their team ( CMR, Preceptor, fellow students and so on).

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