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UMFA means University of Manitoba Faculty Association. UMFA members are doctors who do research. UMFA members are not physicians.

Personnel files are marked in black.

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The following are UMFA:

Dr. Andrew HalaykoRespiratory MedicineUMFA
Dr. Garry ShenEndocrinology / MetabolismUMFA
Dr. Heather ArmstrongBiomedical ProteomicsUMFA
Dr. Janilyn ArsenioBiomedical ProteomicsUMFA
Dr. Jean-Eric GhiaGastroenterologyUMFA
Dr. Julia UhanovaHepatologyUMFA
Dr. Kevin CoombsBiomedical ProteomicsUMFA
Dr. Leigh Anne ShaferCritical CareUMFA
Dr. Linda LarcombeInfectious DiseasesUMFA
Dr. Neeloffer MookherjeeBiomedical ProteomicsUMFA
Dr. Oleg KrokhinBiomedical ProteomicsUMFA
Dr. Suresh MishraEndocrinology / MetabolismUMFA

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