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GFT Travel Fund Guidelines


Doer Receiver Type Details
Doer Receiver Type Details
Billing Cards Ordering print shop supplies
Bronch/EBUS Availability Schedule RSOPD Clinic clerks schedule these procedures in the EPR system. Secretaries generate the EPR Appointment list booked in the Bronchoscopy suite for bronchoscopy and EBUS procedures for the following week. Update template document Weekly EBUS Schedule Word document with booked and remaining open spots. E-mail this Word document every Friday morning to the Respiratory Service Physicians on B Call for the next week, their names are found in the Respiratory Service Schedule on the shared drive under schedules. The e-mail is also sent to the following people in Thoracics: Anna-Lisa Di-Gioia, Dr. Larry Tan, Marta Starzec, Shirley Manzon, and Vera Taylasheva. Also send this to the Respiratory OPD clerks who can make changes as necessary after the e-mail is sent out. Both Sara and Michelle have access to the EPR reports.
Cancelled Grace Hospital Clinics - Dr. Martha Ainslie Secretary to print and complete the Grace Hospital Clinic Cancellation form found in shared drive clinic cancellations sub folder. Form needs to be handwritten completed and scanned and emailed to AMC Grace Hospital clinic manager: Malia Cruz at mcruz3@ggh.mb.ca
Confidential Waste There is a locked confidential waste bin on RS3. The secretary disposes confidential waste from the physician offices into the hallway bin for proper disposal. Pick up is every Thursday.
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Emergency Coverage In the case that the Section needs to be covered urgently/emergently, the following duties are essential:

1) Physician billings (see directions below) 2) DOCSS reporting (see directions below) 3) Call schedule (see directions below - Section Head creates)

4) Incoming faxes must be checked daily (see directions below); this will include patient forms and prescriptions, consults, referrals, patient reports
Respiratory Medicine Emergency Coverage Physician billings, DOCSS, Service schedule, monitor phone messages, meetings to enter into physician's calendars, clinic changes (see RSOPD CLINICS), Telehealth and RS205 boardroom bookings. Also the fax machine receives documents that need to be reviewed as well as the monitoring of mail delivery. For detailed instructions of the above duties can be found listed under the Type column.
Rheumatology Emergency Coverage See also: DOCSS. Physicians on-call days are reported and paid out via DOCSS. Prepares a DOCSS scheduling sheet (template: DOCSS folder in shared drive X). Enters the rheumatology monthly calls schedule into the DOCSS scheduling system by providing physician’s billing code, start date, no. of calls and call start hours per attending. Step-by-step process is available in DOCSS folder in shared drive (X). After successfully entered the schedule a fax back report is printed automatically. Carefully examine the print out for any incorrect entries, if no mistakes are found the process is done. Post the fax back report at the bulletin board located at the secretary’s workstation for reference. Make sure to update DOCSS in case of call switch or any changes on the schedule for billing purposes.
Rheumatology Emergency Coverage General Billing - See also: Physician Billing Services. In case the Section needs to be covered urgently/emergently, the following duties are essential:
  • Signed Prescription - Collect from clinic the faxed prescriptions which will be in the secretary’s in-tray located in Rheumatology Clinic and place same in the MD Practice Solutions bunk in RR149.
  • Clinic Billing Sheet - Physicians are now seeing patient thru virtual consult/phone visit (tariff # 8321) for an indefinite period. The clinic billing sheets can be received via password-protected e-mail from the MDs. Print two copies of the clinic sheets and place one copy into appropriate physicians' binder located at left top shelf of reception desk. The other copy goes to MD Practice Solutions. In case a physician put a clinic sheet on your desk, do the same process.
  • Infusion sheets - go onto Accuro once a week (Monday) and print out from the “Infusion” tab (Nurse infusion and B1 infusion) the list of your physicians’ patients who have had infusions. Print the dates with covers the preceding weekdays (Mon-Fri). You will leave these lists in the physicians' offices for them to put in diagnoses and tariff #’s and then sends onto MD Practice Solutions for billing.
  • On-call billings – receive index cards from MDs that have been addressographed. These are their on-call billings, put them in the MD Practice Solutions bunk in RR149.
  • Take all the contents of MD Practice Solutions billing bin and mail out to them. Cost Centre code 10400336 must be on, “via medical carriers” written on envelope and label with: MD Practice Solutions of Manitoba, 100-205 Fort Street, Winnipeg, MB R3C 1E3.
Rheumatology Emergency Coverage
  • Reviews - Section, Research or Promotions: The Section Head and/or rheumatologist(s) will advise what they require depending on the type of review.
  • Grant application: Could be in form of preparation and/or help with meeting the deadline. Examples are CIHR or HSC Foundation but there are many others. Assistance required will be dependent on the grant. The rheumatologist applying for the grant will notify you of what they specifically need or where you can obtain specific information (usually online).
  • Rheumatology Emergency Coverage See also: On-call schedule for Rheumatology - Check the rheumatology master call in Google doc[[1]] for attending's monthly schedule. Prepare a rheumatology monthly call schedule (template on shared drive (X). E-mail the call schedule to Marie Field and Dr. Zachary Wolfmueller (e-mail on Global Address). Dr. Wolfmueller will complete the columns for residents' day and night calls. The rheumatology program administrator (Marie Field) sends out the final schedule. Call switch or any changes to the schedule should be sent to Marie and update the DOCSS system as well.
    Rheumatology Emergency Coverage Insurance/Disability Forms - receive incoming forms via fax or mail. Date stamp form and log in Excel file: rheumatology-daily task- Y2020 in shared drive X, then put in MD's desk to complete. The outstanding forms are logged by MD's name in Excel file: rheumatology-daily task- 2020Forms in shared drive X, for quick reference.
    Faxing Non-Accuro prescriptions, EDS and other miscellaneous forms and insurance paperwork are faxed by the respiratory secretary. Retrieve and distribute any incoming faxes from the 787-1087 fax in room RS334.

    -fax prescriptions to pharmacies as requested by any physicians, photocopy, and send one copy to billing. Fax to RSOPD to be filed in ACCURO.

    -fax and/or photocopy any insurance or disability documents, send to billing if requested by physicians, keep a copy for RS321 office file cabinet.
    General Billing Collect all billing (6 month cut-off period from the date of service for claim submission effective January 1, 2018) from all the respirologists. Send billings through internal mail, the HSC Mailroom has a medical courier pick up that goes directly to MD Practice Solution every day at 12:30 pm. Billings should be sent out weekly.

    Some billings are scanned and saved to physicians' shared drive folder by the secretary or photocopied as requested.

    Monthly physician's Accuro Rx report are generated from https://accuroreport.manitoba-ehealth.ca/Reports/Pages/Folder.aspx?ItemPath=%2fHSC+Reports%2fProvider+Billing&ViewMode=Detail, printed and submitted for billing for Drs. Blouw, Ahmed, Kepron, Bshouty, Ramsey, Giannouli, Porhownik, Bras, and Ainslie.

    Non-Accuro prescription, EDS and other miscellaneous billings are reviewed to ensure all patient billing information is listed. The patient's demographics can be checked using the EPR system.
    Hours of Operation Open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday, except statutory holidays.
    Mail/Courier Process mail delivery and pick up is twice daily, after 10 am and before 3 pm.

    - ensure all out-going mail has cost centre number identified on the outside of the envelope. - date stamp the mail and distribute any mail and deliveries received on the RS3 floor as addressed. - any courier city-wide deliveries can be scheduled through T-Force Final Mile, formerly known as Dynamex as needed, Account # found in courier binder in RS321 office cabinet, phone number 1-800-387-7787, dispatcher will give us a Job Tracking # to document in the courier binder in RS321 office cabinet.

    - arrange Fed-Ex for National or International deliveries, Account # found in courier binder as mentioned above and reference SAP account as same as above, dispatcher will provide a Job Tracking number to document in the courier binder in RS321 office cabinet.
    Outlook Calendars - Pertaining to all physicians The secretary enters all appointments, service, teaching, away dates, conferences, events and clinics for all the physicians and all other appointments as needed or requested by physicians. Also to keep track of holidays, STATs, rounds, etc. The secretary books various meetings in Outlook as requested, find locations where meetings can be held, and sends invites out to all the attendees. The secretary also sends updates/or notifications of room number changes or cancellations if needed.
    Respiratory Clinic Cancellation Process The respiratory clinic shared outlook calendar was created to:

    1. Track the respiratory clinic outpatient department physician clinic cancellations (as per the Clinic Cancellation policy set out by the Department of Internal Medicine). 2. Add-in clinics of vacated clinic slots for all physicians that run clinics out of the Respiratory Outpatient Department, RS105-810 Sherbrook Street. The respiratory clinic schedules patients via the Accuro system.

    • The RS-OPD shared outlook calendar is ONLY updated by the secretaries for all the physician clinic cancellations or changes to the clinic schedule. Cancellations are in orange and additions are in blue/green. Modifications to their clinic are in yellow. All changes in the calendar are dated as a tracking tool. The RS-OPD clerks can only view the calendar and will update the respiratory clinic's Accuro schedule.

    Cancellations of respiratory OPD clinics (RS-OPD management policy): 1. Secretary to complete a cancellation form and may sign on physician's behalf. 2. Secretary will note whether it is within 30 days. - If less than 30 days, the respiratory section head’s signature must be visible on the request. The respiratory clinic will be notified ASAP by e-mail and RSOPD Manager must be copied with high importance. - If more than 30 days, respiratory OPD manager will be copied as normal and clinical staff notified.

    3. Scan the cancellation form and e-mail to: the physician cancelling the clinic, all respiratory OPD clerks, all respiratory OPD nurses, Respiratory secretaries, the respiratory OPD clinic manager, Clara Marques(RT), and the education coordinator Holly Thibert.
    RS205 Boardroom Calendar The RS205 boardroom calendar has been created to manage and maintain all activities requiring the use of the room including teaching, research, visiting speakers, various meetings, misc. events, and most recently Telehealth.

    -enter all appointments with details from the individuals requesting the use of the room (from all phone, e-mail, or Outlook meeting requests) -RS205 has Telehealth, access to the Internet, ACCURO, Impax, a projector with screen, and connections for laptop use…the room can hold up to 30 people, 15 comfortably seated around the table. -all teaching bookings are booked by Education Coordinator (Holly Thibert) i.e. Monday AM teaching, PFT/AAP teaching, Chest Rounds, Journal Club and RIP, Rad/Path Rounds, Ethics/M&M Rounds, Education meetings, Competence meetings, and any other education meetings as needed. The actual booking of all meetings/appointments is done by the MB Telehealth staff accessed through eHealth. We fill out request forms and submit as needed. - Section meetings are booked by Secretary III. -a binder with all the meetings is in the RS321 cabinet. MB Telehealth booking requests and confirmation e-mails are housed in this binder as well. -all cancellations must be called in to Telehealth as you soon as you are notified that an event is cancelled (204-940-8500 eHealth). -a weekly diary of the meetings will be printed from the Outlook RS205 boardroom calendar as well as MB Telehealth iScheduler report https://mbtelehealth.ca/ and left on the table in the RS205 boardroom so individuals going in have all the pertinent dial-in numbers for calling into the different links scheduled. -it is important to keep the scheduling of the RS205 boardroom and Telehealth to one person at-a-time so that double booking can be avoided. -training on the use of the equipment can be requested from eHealth at any time for future staff. iScheduler access is necessary to view reports on Telehealth bookings.

    -notify education program administrator (Holly-2017) for all Telehealth links so she can update the education activities schedules and redistribute.
    Supplies/Maintenance/Housekeeping order any office supplies as needed from Grand & Toy, the warehouse (SAP), Konica Minolta Consumables and WRHA Print Optimization Printing Services for printer/photocopier and office use. All forms found in public folders of Outlook - must be signed off by manager

    -contact Manitoba eHealth for any computer/networking issues at 204-940-8500. -order lab coats from the sewing room as needed -process any MTS Telecom pager and key requests, surplus transfers, etc. as needed

    -call in any maintenance needs or housekeeping requests as needed by e-mail dispatch located on the Global Address list in Outlook.
    Telephone Coverage Both Sara and Michelle have a direct phone line for the Section of Respirology. Sara can be reached at 204-787-2338, Michelle answers the phones for 204-787-2977 and Rita's telephone number is 204-787-2684. All of the respirologists telephone lines after 4 rings are forwarded to their secretaries as they do not have voice mail.

    • Patients calling for clinical issues are directed to call the respiratory clinic at 204-787-2384. • Patients calling regarding insurance papers or any other documents left with physicians for signatures etc.; take their name, phone number and check with physicians or search the information on the spreadsheet used for tracking documents located in the shared drive. • All other incoming calls, determine the nature and urgency of the call, handle routine matters, take and relay messages for physicians, triage and prioritize as needed

    • Leave a detailed absence message on voicemail when on vacation leave or sick time to direct callers to the other secretary or to call the respiratory clinic directly.
    Travel Arrangements - Concur -When our physicians are travelling on University business, they need to use the Concur Online booking tool for all of their travel arrangements. It is also strongly recommended that hotel accommodations and car rentals also be arranged through Concur to take advantage of the University preferred vendor negotiated rates. You will be asked to process a travel reimbursement claim as a delegate for the physicians. They will need to choose you as their delegate in the Concur system to enable you to act on their behalf. They will need to provide you will all receipts and necessary documentation to complete the expense claim.
    Travel Arrangements - GFT travel GFT_Travel_Fund_Guidelines
    Travel Arrangements - WRHA approved SPA funded travel Occasionally, travel will be requested through funds housed in a SPA account within the WRHA.

    -all forms can be found on the INSITE WRHA Intranet website and must be filled out prior to travel, see attached form. -once approval is received, you can proceed with booking. -reimbursement claims can be processed once all travel has occurred.

    -ensure your physicians keep all original receipts for reimbursement as copies will not be accepted by the WRHA finance department.
    Typing type various types of correspondence from Dictaphone, rough draft, or general instruction such as letters, memos, reports, grant applications, away notices, etc. as needed, using Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook).
    Weekly Calendar Updates Review each week the physician's calendars. For example,Dr. Marcus Blouw keeps his own personal calendar as well as his Outlook calendar and his secretary, Michelle, adds all his clinical commitments, meetings and ward coverage into his Outlook calendar. The secretary sends him weekly updates by e-mail of his upcoming weekly schedule. The secretary also confirms with the respiratory clinic the weekly clinic schedule and those that are cancelled. Scanning the weekly calendar and sending to the physician for review is helpful, especially during the academic teaching months.
    Adrienne Simpson Dr. David Peretz clinical GI incoming Consults are to be faxed 204-789-3987 and placed on his desk for review. Other GI inquiries can be either forwarded to Samantha at Bairdmore Clinic 204-940-8332 or to Dr. David Peretz.
    Adrienne Simpson Dr. David Peretz clinical Order billing cards for Dr. Peretz when needed from Print Shop (Ordering print shop supplies)
    Adrienne Simpson Dr. David Peretz clinical Faxes received from Colon Check for upcoming procedures are to be placed on Dr. Peretz desk. Please attach with bulldog clip.
    Adrienne Simpson Dr. David Peretz clinical Booked GI consult received for Dr. Peretz are to be placed in the Binder on his desk by month. Consult booked at HSC are to be taken to GG7 endoscopy room for Dr. Peretz on the day of procedure. Booked consult for other facilities are to be given to Dr. Peretz 1 week before procedure date.
    Adrienne Simpson Dr. David Peretz clinical Fax prescription refills to pharmacy and return with confirmation to Dr. Peretz if not HSC patient
    Adrienne Simpson Dr. Susan Cuvelier clinical Check Dr. Cuvelier’s office for any outgoing documents to be faxed or mailed. Located in the corner of her desk (black tray). Charts on top tray are to be refiled. Charts labeled Research are to be given to Wendy in Research ensure out card indicates the chart is in research. Non HSC patient of Dr. Cuvelier are to be placed in her inbox as they may be Mount Carmel Clinic patients.
    Adrienne Simpson Dr. Susan Cuvelier clinical Fibroscans to be booked for Dr. Cuvelier will be faxed or sent to me for upcoming * Fibroscan clinic that is scheduled approximately every 2-3 months, at the Bairdmore Clinic. These are to be placed in the folder marked Fibroscans to be booked, this is a Blue Folder on my desk. Once date is confirmed, these requisitions must be faxed to Kaydi 204-940-8347. Fax cover sheet must include the names of the patients being booked. Stamp each requisition with faxed stamp and date sent. DO Not Discard.
    Adrienne Simpson Dr. David Peretz clinical Check Dr. Peretz’s office for any outgoing documents to be faxed or mailed. Located on his desk facing out, and also what is in his black tray far left on his desk.
    Adrienne Simpson Dr. David Peretz clinical Fax request to Liver Case Conference rounds for discussion when Dr. Peretz request to be sent for upcoming rounds. The phone number is on the bottom of the form.
    Adrienne Simpson Dr. David Peretz clinical Deliver to Clinic any documents that Dr. Peretz indicates that should be taken to clinic.
    Adrienne Simpson Dr. David Peretz clinical Mail out Endoscopy and Gastroscopy Reports to referring physicians and to cc’d physicians. If there isn’t a copy for the cc’d physician make a copy and mail it out. The Physician's Mailing List is located in the GI section for Dr. Peretz.
    Adrienne Simpson Dr. David Peretz clinical Prepare agenda for Toronto Rounds (Video Conferencing) for the first Thursday of every month. Send email to Dr. Peretz and Vicki Strick for a list of patient that need to be discussed. Prepare agenda, and email password protected document to the Toronto/Winnipeg mail list. This should be sent NO LATER then the Monday of that week. Password for the document is found under Winnipeg Toronto Rounds. Open Video Conference rounds for Danielle copy and paste in email. Email for Toronto Rounds are in my contacts under Winnipeg/Toronto.
    Adrienne Simpson Dr. David Peretz clinical Fax colon check reports back to colon check as requested when indicated. The phone number is at the bottom of the form.
    Annette Nanowski Dr. Kelly Kaita clinical Coordinate Telehealth appointments by going into Ischeduler found on my desk top and book patients for Dr. Kaita to have telehealth meetings with patients The only way to get access to Ischeduler is to have the program installed on a computer.
    Annette Nanowski Dr. Kelly Kaita clinical
    Connie Arguelles Back-up Coverage Provide some back-up coverage for the Program Secretary - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Rem Binua. Coverage for the Secretary III may include the following: Update the Section of PM&R Call Schedule if urgent changes are necessary through DOCS. Fax insurance documents or other paperwork; notify attending of any inpatient consultations either via fax, email or pager; order charts; mail out signed letters etcetera. Transcribe any urgent medicolegal requests.
    Connie Arguelles Personal Care Home facilities - Dr. Karen Ethans A copy of all treatment administered is sent to MD Management, one kept in the designated PCH binder and one for PMR records.
    Leanne Schmidt Dr. Christine Peschken, Dr. David Robinson & Dr. Hani El-Gabalawy administrative Outlook calendars are kept updated and physicians' regular commitments set at recurrent. All service attendance (call, etc), meetings (GFT, education), teaching, academic half days, grand rounds, vacations, and conferences are to be noted in calendars. Will arrange multiple meetings using calendar invites in relation to administrative and research responsibilities of physicians.
    Leanne Schmidt Dr. Christine Peschken administrative GFT meetings are typically held once a month, usually the fourth Thursday of the month with none scheduled over the summer. The program secretary takes minutes and distributes same. Prior to each meeting, the program secretary will discuss the agenda with the Section Head. Twice a year, a Section Meeting with the Community Rheumatologists is held and the program secretary will take minutes and distribute. The dates of this section meeting will vary and the Section Head will advise when these should take place.
    Leanne Schmidt Physician Services Manager administrative The program secretary codes payroll through SAP for assigned group of employees under various Physician Services Managers. Current employees are employees from Rheumatology, Respiratory, Medicine, and Manitoba Blood and Marrow Transplant Program. The program secretary will send out a ZCATS printout to each Physician Services Manager.
    Leanne Schmidt Dr. Christine Peschken, Dr. David Robinson & Dr. Hani El-Gabalawy administrative Physicians' CV's (paper and Canadian Common CV) must be kept up-to-date. This includes going to https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/ to check for new publications.
    Leanne Schmidt Sharon Hepburn, Barbara Van Doer, Irene Smolik, Melissa Moyen & Maria Sevilla administrative Provides administrative support in the form of typing correspondence as required, making appointments for study patients within physicians' calendars, getting signatures on research documents and copying/printing of documents. Receives delivery for research staff and signs delivery slip then phone/e-mail research personnel to pick up the package in absence of Secretary II.
    Leanne Schmidt Dr. David Robinson administrative Set up an exit meeting between rotating medical students/clerks and Dr. Robinson, usually on the last day of students' rotation period. The students' first day and last day of rotation is also noted in Dr. Robinson's calendar.
    Leanne Schmidt Dr. Christine Peschken, Dr. David Robinson & Dr. Hani El-Gabalawy administrative/clinical Faxed consults and prescriptions are taken to clinic for scanning into Accuro.
    Leanne Schmidt Dr. David Robinson clinical
    • You will interact with Ongomiizwin (formerly known as Northern Medical Unit) regarding Dr. Robinson’s clinics in St. Theresa Point, Wasagamack, Red Sucker Lake and Norway House. It is best to go over the tentative schedules with Dr. Robinson and request changes as necessary to accommodate his schedule. A package will arrive a few days before the departure date which will include flight info, ground transportation info, accommodation info and dictation supplies. Once Dr. Robinson returns, you will take the package back to Ongomiizwin’s office in Basic Medical Sciences, 6th floor.
    Maria Dungca Dr. Annaliese Tisseverasinghe administrative Set up a program orientation/teaching between incoming rotating residents and Dr. Tisseverasinghe every first Thursday of each rotation period. Also, schedule an end of rotation meeting between Dr. Tisseverasinghe and residents on the last day (4th Wednesday) of every rotation period. Send an e-mail to all physicians the residents had spent clinic with and ask to send their feedback on the resident’s evaluation to Dr. Tisseverasinghe before the last day of rotation.
    Maria Dungca Dr. Carol Hitchon Dr. Annaliese Tisseverasinghe Dr. Konstantin Jilkine and Dr. Liam O'Neil administrative Maintain and update physicians' CVs (Canadian Common CV and paper CV). Checks PubMed (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed) for new publications.
    Maria Dungca Sharon Hepburn, Barbara Van Doer, Irene Smolik, Melissa Moyen & Maria Sevilla administrative Receive delivery for research staff. Sign delivery slip then phone/e-mail research personnel to pick up the package.
    Maria Dungca Dr. C. Peschken, Dr. H. El-Gabalawy, Dr. D. Robinson, Dr. C. Hitchon, Dr. A. Tisseverasinghe, Dr. K. Jilkine & Dr. L. O’Neil administrative/clinical Receive various disability and insurance forms from rheumatology patients and put in the respective physician’s office for completion. Physician will return filled out form to the secretary. Prepare an invoice (as needed), mail out/fax completed form and send the invoice to the insurance company or to patient (if patient is responsible for the cost). Also, send a copy of the invoice to MD Practice Solutions.
    Maria Dungca Dr. C. Peschken, Dr. H. El-Gabalawy, Dr. D. Robinson, Dr. C. Hitchon, Dr. A. Tisseverasinghe, Dr. K. Jilkine & Dr. L. O’Neil administrative/clinical Compose a variety of correspondence requested by patients. Phone patient when letter is signed and ready to pick up/mail or fax. Fax a copy of the letter to clinic (x74594) to be scanned into Accuro.
    Maria Dungca Dr. C. Peschken, Dr. D. Robinson, Dr. C. Hitchon, Dr. A Tisseverasinghe, Dr. K. Jilkine & Dr. L. O’Neil Administrative/clinical See Processing Patient Payment.
    Maria Dungca Dr. Carol Hitchon Dr. A. Tisseverasinghe and Dr. Konstantin Jilkine clinical Deliver to clinic nurse/clerk any documents physician indicates that should be given to clinic clerk/nurse.
    Melanie Loyola Postgraduate Program Director - Geriatric Medicine Geriatric RPC Meetings RPC Meetings are typically held the 3rd Monday of each month at 5:30pm at St. Boniface Day Hospital - 69B Goulet St. Meetings discontinue over the summer months (July & Aug). The Program Administrator - takes minutes, distributes to the group and keeps record of.
    Melanie Loyola Section Head - Geriatric Medicine Geriatric Section Meetings Meetings are typically held the 3rd Monday of each month at 4:30pm at St. Boniface Day Hospital - 69B Goulet St. Meetings discontinue over the summer months (July & Aug). The Program Secretary - takes minutes, distributes to the group and keeps record of.
    Michelle Wojnowski CF Patient Names She updates the patient names who are added to the CF Master list. The CF list is located in the shared drive under Dr. Kepron's folder under Section of Respirology. Updates are provided from the CF nurse in the Respiratory Clinic. Both Sara and Michelle have access to this drive.
    Michelle Wojnowski Respiratory Medicine DOCSS Physician’s H6/HSC "A call" on-call days are reported and paid out via the DOCSS. Michelle is responsible for calling in the DOCSS. They are done semi-annually when the 6 month Respiratory Medicine on-call schedule is finalized. You can find the binder called DOCSS in the cabinet in the admin secretaries offices. Also please see the shared drive under Michelle for DOCSS Schedules in Word format. Changes can be made up to 4 days after the on-call change and noted in the binder. If you missed the 4 day window, any changes to the monthly on call DOCSS report can be sent to Natasha Passante via fax 787-4826 or e-mail.
    Rachelle Robles Dr. Claudio Rigatto Support for the Vetting and Oversight Group
    Rachelle Robles Keep track of everything related to the research/QI projects for all the IM residents. This includes for ALL Core and GIM residents:
  • Their individual progress of every resident through the gamut of stages of these projects:
    • contacting the assigned research navigator;
    • obtaining and filling out and filing the several pieces of paperwork related to vetting the project and mentor;
    • arranging and documenting the decisions made at the resident’s meeting with the Vetting and Oversight Group (VOG);
    • arranging and documenting the biyearly subsequent meetings of each resident with the VOG;
    • ensuring the residents comply with the expectations of presenting at resident research day in their 2nd AND 3rd years;
    • obtaining and cataloguing the “products” of these research efforts
  • Rem Binua DOCSS see DOCSS.

    ▪ Physician’s on-call days are reported and paid out via the DOCSS ▪ The secretary is given login information to the system upon starting.The log in information is saved in the admin drive under templates. ▪ Data is called in minimum 10 days before the 1st of the month – reported for the upcoming month. e.g for April schedule, I submitted it on March 20th ▪ The DOCSS scheduling sheet is found in the admin drive. Specific steps are included ▪ The PM&R Master Calendar is used to confirm who the MD on call is for the report ▪ Once data is called in, the fax confirmation and data template is filed in the designated binder

    ▪ Carmella Sanmiego/ Shannon Davis from DOCSS will email an excel sheet to confirm the prior month
    Rem Binua Master Calendar PM & R Master Calendar on Outlook has to be updated every 2 weeks. It includes ward coverage for all services for PM&R. Changes and additions to specific services (NMSK, TBI, SCI ward and clinic, AMPUTEE) are reported to Michelle Elands & Physician Billing Servicesfor billing purposes. Everyone from Physical Medicine and Rehab has access to this calendar. Ward coverage schedule is communicated to Rem from the Physicians and added to the calendar.
    Rem Binua Office Supplies General office supplies are ordered by Rem through Grand & Toy. Orders are delivered to HSC Shipping & Receiving and delivered to the office once sorted.Paper for printer HSRR133XPRO1 is ordered through SAP. Account is set-up through Tom Fraser
    Rem Binua On-call schedule for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation On- call schedule was already assigned for the academic year (September- June) by the Section Head. However changes are communicated to Lisa Wirth and to me. The fixed schedule is located in the DOCSS binder. Changes should be noted in the paper copy and the master calendar. Lisa Wirth sends out the on- call schedule per period ensure that your list is the same.
    Rem Binua Section Head - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation PM&R Section Meetings Meetings are typically held the 1st Monday of each month at 5:00pm in the PM&R RR133 Conference Room. Meetings discontinue over the summer months (July & Aug). Meetings may be cancelled based on the Section Head availability. The Program Secretary - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation takes minutes, distributes to the group and keeps record of.
    Roberta Vizniak Dr. Gerald Minuk clinical Hepatology incoming referrals are to be faxed to 204-940-8176 and are then triaged by Dr. Kelly Kaita. If a referral is faxed directly to Dr. Minuk, we are to fax back a standard fax face sheet with instructions on where they can send the referrals, along with a new referral form for Hepatology.
    Roberta Vizniak Dr. Gerald Minuk clinical Prescription refill requests faxed into our admin office are to be faxed back to the pharmacy with the new fax face sheet giving instructions to the pharmacy that they are to send these requests through the central fax number 204-940-8176 (hsc patients).
    Roberta Vizniak Dr. Gerald Minuk clinical Check Dr. Minuk’s wall tray, located just outside his office (top is his tray, bottom is my tray). Take anything he has left for me and take care of what he needs done with things. Examples are faxing documents he may have had to sign, anything left he has asked to be posted (mail), manuscripts to work on, results he has reviewed (Research patients) that are to be placed in the tray outside Daria's office for her to handle, paperwork to be directed to the Research area (Wendy C.).
    Roberta Vizniak Dr. Gerald Minuk clinical Check Dr. Minuk’s wall tray, located just outside his office (top is his tray, bottom is my tray). Take anything he has left for me and take care of what he needs done with things. Examples are faxing documents he may have had to sign, anything left he has asked to be posted (mail), manuscripts to work on, results he has reviewed (Research patients) that are to be placed in the tray outside Daria's (research assistant's) office JBRC 801B for her to handle, other paperwork to be directed to the Research area (Wendy C. in JBRC 806).
    Roberta Vizniak Dr. Stephen Wong clinical When incoming mail and deliveries come in for Dr. Wong, indicated as 'Personal and Confidential' DO NOT OPEN. This is specific to Dr. Wong.
    Roberta Vizniak Dr. Stephen Wong clinical Procedures for Prescriptions or Exceptional Drug Status (EDS) requests for Dr. Wong for patients seen at the WRHA Adult Medical Clinic VGH located at 2735 Pembina Hwy that are faxed into Hepatology Admin Office 204-789-3987 is: (ii) make two copies, as one is to be forwarded to WRHA Ambulatory Medical Clinic at VGH, through interoffice mail (attention to Tannis) and a second copy kept on file (iii) in the Hepatology Admin Office, located at Colleen Desk. Send original documents to MD Practice Solutions Inc. for physician billing purposes.
    Roberta Vizniak Dr. Stephen Wong clinical Print two monthly calendars (current and upcoming) and post in Dr. Wong's office on his wall.
    Sara Harms Respiratory Service Schedule details pending
    Sara Harms SAP - Procurement Procurement

    -process all orders as requested in SAP. This may include simple items like paper or batteries from the warehouse, or more complex orders such as chairs, lab supplies for research, or any others. When approached about any potential orders, ensure you collect the cost centre or SPA account numbers for billing, as well as the appropriate quantity and particulars for the items needed. -all orders will go through the approval process set up in the SAP system and will be signed off on by management prior to actual ordering. You will be notified by e-mail when an order is either approved/declined/or sent back for clarification. -you may occasionally need to communicate with the WRHA purchasing staff to check the status of an order.

    -keep a binder with all requests, the requestor’s name and all applicable dates for future reference.
    Sara Harms SAP - Timekeeping Timekeeping

    -payroll for an assigned group of employees (groups of Liane Davidson/Dale Gustafson). -employees will submit their timesheets to you by e-mail and cc a copy to their managers. You will process all timesheets and enter the proper time and/or absences into SAP. -all timesheets are kept in a filing cabinet in RS321 for future reference if needed. -you will occasionally be required to submit payroll correction notices or changes to work schedules. You may need to investigate errors as they come up and ensure staff are notified and adjustments/corrections are made in a timely fashion (notify manager of all discrepancies).

    -ensure proper coverage is in place prior to any days off that may impact payroll entry. Leanne Schmidt, Natasha Passante and Sara Harms ALL have access to each other’s payroll groups.