Storing employee onboarding information using this wiki

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This page explains how to use the Onboarding wiki infrastructure to get a new employee set up. See also: Onboarding guide.

Steps to use

  • set up the new employee's wiki page
  • populate the right roles for it
  • check the admin tab for the detailed list of things to do to get this employee started

Steps before we can use it

    • This makes it available for the roles, and sets when in the process it would need to get done (pre-hire, post-hire-pre-arrive, post-arrival)
  • If someone has more succinct terms for that, especially the middle one, please edit
    • Actually, is pre-hire the same concept we started to group under / Recruitment before?
    • Another possibility would be not to use terms but numbers that sort this. EG all pre-arrive are in the 100s, all between ones in the 200s and all post ones in the 300s; more flexibility but also more abstract
    • there should not usually be duplication between roles, the most common tasks would just be dealt with at the broadest role. EG you don't need to say that a secretary needs to have network access, because every secretary will also be a "every employee" and therefore have network access set up.
    • there will be some strange roles like Every employee role or Grace Hospital employee role; these are not so much roles that task the person with something, as roles that encode info about the person
  • This link lists onboarding related pages that have questions. Make sure all have been addressed.

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