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St. Boniface Hospital SBH is one of the three teaching hospitals where the Department educates students.

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  • Number of beds - 600
  • Number of emergency patients/year - 37,000


SBH is the second largest hospital in Winnipeg after HSC. It has maintained a strong commitment to serving as a community hospital for the surrounding area. It is a major tertiary center that serves as a tertiary referral site for Winnipeg and many parts of rural Manitoba. The Critical Care and Medicine Database operates at this site to support quality and research efforts.

SBH has:

  • a 14 bed tertiary combined medical-surgical critical care unit [1]
  • a 14 bed dedicated cardiac sciences intensive care unit [2]
  • a 10 bed coronary care unit [3]
  • robust internal medicine Clinical Teaching Units (CTUs)
  • family medicine practice, Geriatric Medicine programs
  • dialysis
  • tertiary care interventional radiology
  • complete cardiac catherization laboratories
  • MRI scanner
  • oncology services

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