Program Secretary - Nephrology

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The Program Secretary - Nephrology provides secretarial support for the Section of Nephrology. See #Responsibilities. The role is currently held by:

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Physician absence notification

Provides Physician absence notification following that page. Additional recipients specific to Nephrology are:

  • ...
Interro-01.gif What specific recipients are there for Nephrology?

Additional Info

Physicians Supported

 supported by
Dr. Barry CohenDeb Stratton
Dr. Chris WiebeRhonda Stevenson
Dr. Clara BohmChristine Bencharski
Dr. Claudio RigattoChristine Bencharski
Dr. David RushEvelyn Roloff
Dr. Donald AllanTiffiny Nelson
Dr. James Alexander ShawTiffiny Nelson
Dr. James M. ZachariasCarole Marcinkow
Dr. Jay HingwalaCarole Marcinkow
Dr. Joe BuetiEvelyn Roloff
Dr. Juliet HoEvelyn Roloff
Dr. Keevin BernsteinTiffiny Nelson
Dr. Leroy StorsleyDeb Stratton
Dr. Lisa M. MillerTiffiny Nelson
Dr. Martin Edward KarpinskiTiffiny Nelson
Dr. Martina Reslerova
Dr. Mauro VerrelliNemia De Grano
Dr. Navdeep TangriChristine Bencharski
Dr. Paul KomendaChristine Bencharski
Dr. Peter W. NickersonRhonda Stevenson