Program Administrator - Haematology / Oncology

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Program Administrator
Section Haematology / Oncology
Specialty/Subspecialty program: Haematology Subspecialty Education Program, Oncology Subspecialty Education Program

The Program Administrator - Haematology / Oncology is one of our team of Program Administrators; see that page for more general info about all of them.,

They support:

The role is currently held by:

Processes / Responsibilities

Interro-01.gif What other processes does the PA take care of? Where possible link to pages that have already been set up on this wiki. Otherwise, content added here will likely be broken out into other wiki pages and linked from here.

Vacation Coverage - Office Key, voice mail, email

  • Voice Mail: Program Administrator will be indicated on voice mail that they are currently away and will return calls upon return. Contact person for urgent issues will be on the outgoing voice mail message, as well as email out of office email.

Rounds' Schedule / Academic Half-Day (AHD)

  • Rotating Resident teaching is every Friday at 1-2pm for Medical Oncology rotators. It happens at St. B and HSC. Rotator teaching is variable for Hematology teaching sessions but takes place most week day mornings.

Information Systems


This role uses the following applications:

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File Shares

This role uses the following file shares:

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