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New Position or Change to Existing Position Guideline

  • All new positions should be supported with new funding or measurable savings, in staff or other expenses areas, that the Hiring Manager is confident will be achieved.
  • If a position is deemed to be essential, and is not fully funded through new funds or cost savings, the Hiring Manager must obtain approval form their (Executive) Director/Chief who in turn, must receive Shared Health Executive Team approval, prior to posting the position.

All new positions or changes to existing positions must have CFO approval, regardless of funding status

The process below precedes the process on How to Hire a New HSC Employee. https://home.sharedhealthmb.ca/finance/

  • Vacancy Management Guideline:
  • Position Type
  • Union Management 6 week vacancy
  • Union Front-line Support (clerks) No vacancy required, but position should be assessed, and where possible, vacancy savings achieved.
  • Union Front-line (all others) No vacancy required, but position should be assessed, and where possible, vacancy savings achieved.
  • Non-union Front-line Management (supervisors up) 4 month vacancy
  • Non-Union Administrative Management & Support 4 month vacancy


SAP Process for New Positions or Changes to a Position

  1. Creation of a new position, change to FTE of a position, conversion of a term position to permanent, or extension of a term position, requires the Hiring Manager to complete the Position Budget Request Form (PBRF) or equivalent for your rural region.
    • If a new hire, please follow the SAP hiring process to commence the recruitment process within SuccessFactors; or
    • If position is already staffed, please follow the SAP hiring process to update the status of the staff person holding the position.
  • Complete budget request form media:PositionBudget-RequestForm.xls.
  • Leave the position number blank if this is a new position. For an existing position, you would put the existing position # on the form.
  • Email completed form to HSC Budgets and copy Managing Director.
    • If funds are operating, in the body of the email, state something like: "Please see the attached PBRF for approval and posting of a temporary part time x kind of position."
    • If Funds are research/trust/SPA, type something like this in the body of the email:

Funding for this position is from externally restricted funds. I have copied Dale Gustafson, Managing Director, Internal Medicine as authorization.

  • HSC Budgets will send an approval response which will indicate the position number for a new position. If the position # is an existing one, you will receive approval for the existing position.
  • This process is the same for all positions at WRHA.

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