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Physician Billing Numbers are unique identifiers for all MB physicians used in Physician Billing. They are relevant to the following processes/concepts:

Getting a Physician Billing Number

When a new physician completes the credentialing application with Medical Staff Administrative Services, the application is sent to the College of Physician Services of Manitoba (CPSM) and subsequently Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living (MHSAL) for registration. Upon MHSAL receipt, the physician is assigned a provider billing number. Some sub-specialties require a secondary billing number (eg. hematology requires a malignant disease specialist number - separate process applies).

Billing numbers are assigned by the PMAO office and as per protocol from the college, the billing number is not assigned until two weeks before the start date. The PMAO office will then send in a request for EPR access and privilages and notifications. Once the billing number is assigned, the physician access will be awarded as per college policy.

Once the billing number is assigned, the number becomes visible in Physician Appointment Information System (PAIS).

Systems Analyst, Transcription Manager can then be contacted to search Physician Appointment Information System (PAIS) to obtain the number.

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