Ordering Business Cards for UMG employees and GFTs

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This article explains how GFT physicians can order business cards as they are University of Manitoba Faculty.

Who pays

The purchase of Business cards for GFT physicians is only done through UMG.

Discuss.gif How about UMG employees? What is the process?


Discuss.gif U of M has a new logo... is there a new example file and a new order form or have those not changed?

Complete the order form and email it to UMG by email or fax.

UMG then get a proof from the printers for the physician to review and approve.

Sample: UofM business card sample.JPG


The cost of business cards for physicians is the physician's responsibility. The department does not pay.


The University of Manitoba controls their logo and it stands alone. It is mandatory that business cards contain only the University of Manitoba logo.

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