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Section Head - Nephrology Dr. Claudio Rigatto
Postgraduate Program Director - Nephrology Dr. Leroy Storsley
Program Secretary - Nephrology Janice Gushulak, Evelyn Roloff
Program Administrator - Nephrology Deb Stratton
Physician Services Manager Liane Davidson

The Section of Nephrology runs the Nephrology Subspecialty Education Program. The section has 20 GFT and 11 non-GFT physicians and 0 PhD researchers.

The Section of Nephrology at the University of Manitoba comprises a large team of academic faculty members and over 700 interdisciplinary research, administrative and clinical personnel dedicated to providing outstanding patient-centered care, research, and education in the areas of kidney disease, dialysis and transplantation. The Section is fully aligned with the Manitoba Renal Program and Transplant Manitoba, and collectively manages over 2000 advanced stage CKD patients, over 1600 kidney failure patients on dialysis (380 on home dialysis, and over 290 in satellite hemodialysis units dispersed across the province of Manitoba), and over 700 prevalent transplant patients across its three main sites of operation (Health Sciences Centre, St. Boniface Hospital, and Seven Oaks Hospital). The section also runs general nephrology clinics (25 half day clinics per week) and provides on-site nephrology consultation to its 3 main hospital sites as well as remote telehealth support to all hospitals in the province of Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario and Nunavut. The section and its allied programs are leaders and innovators in areas of CKD and Transplant risk assessment, risk stratification, exercise programming in CKD, multidisciplinary care models, remote care delivery, and interventional nephrology.

The Section provides a productive and highly collaborative research environment, with internationally recognized expertise in the areas of translational, clinical, epidemiologic, health economic and implementation science in both native and transplant kidney disease. This activity is anchored by two research clusters in Renal Transplant and Systems Biology (Health Sciences Centre Campus) and at the Chronic Disease Innovation Centre (Seven Oaks Hospital Campus). The 10 core researchers in the Section collectively hold over $8M in peer reviewed research support, and publish between 40-50 peer reviewed articles per year, many in premier journals. Current research is broadly (but not exclusively) structured along the following themes: Optimal detection and prevention of CKD (CanSolve-CKD SPOR); optimizing outcomes and quality of life in CKD and in Kidney Failure; optimizing kidney transplant rates and outcomes and optimizing AKI diagnosis and treatment.

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Section Members

 Last NameAcademic rankAppointment TypeHas SecretaryIs Secretary toReports to
Christine BencharskiBencharskiDr. Navdeep Tangri
Dr. Paul Komenda
Dr. Claudio Rigatto
Dr. Clara Bohm
Deb StrattonStrattonDr. Leroy Storsley
Dr. Barry Cohen
Liane Davidson
Debbie SchmidtSchmidtDr. Sara Dunsmore
Dr. Sean Armstrong
Dr. Alissa LloydLloydLecturerNILNemia De Grano
Dr. Andrea MazuratMazuratAssistant ProfessorClinical Contract and NILNemia De GranoDr. Claudio Rigatto
Dr. Barry CohenCohenProfessorGFTDeb StrattonDr. Claudio Rigatto
Dr. Barry RicheRicheLecturerNILDr. Claudio Rigatto
Dr. Chris SathianathanSathianathanAssistant ProfessorNILDr. Claudio Rigatto
Dr. Chris WiebeWiebeAssistant ProfessorGFTRhonda StevensonDr. Claudio Rigatto
Dr. Clara BohmBohmAssistant ProfessorGFTChristine Bencharski
Rachelle Robles
Dr. Claudio Rigatto
Dr. Claudio RigattoRigattoAssociate ProfessorGFTChristine Bencharski
Rachelle Robles
Dr. Eberhard Renner
Dr. David RushRushProfessorGFTEvelyn RoloffDr. Claudio Rigatto
Dr. Donald AllanAllanAssistant ProfessorGFTTiffiny NelsonDr. Claudio Rigatto
Dr. Herman LamLamLecturerNILMonika SharmaDr. Claudio Rigatto
Dr. James Alexander ShawShawAssistant ProfessorGFTTiffiny Nelson
Dr. James ZachariasZachariasAssistant ProfessorGFTMonika SharmaDr. Claudio Rigatto
Dr. Jay HingwalaHingwalaAssistant ProfessorGFTMonika SharmaDr. Claudio Rigatto
Dr. Joe BuetiBuetiAssistant ProfessorGFTEvelyn RoloffDr. Claudio Rigatto
Dr. Julie HoHoAssociate ProfessorGFTEvelyn Roloff
Thorunn Petursdottir
Dr. Claudio Rigatto
Dr. Justin WaltersWaltersLecturerClinical Contract and NILDr. Claudio Rigatto
Dr. Keevin BernsteinBernsteinProfessorGFTTiffiny NelsonDr. Claudio Rigatto
Dr. Krista RyzRyzAssistant ProfessorNILNemia De GranoDr. Claudio Rigatto
Dr. Leroy StorsleyStorsleyAssistant ProfessorGFTDeb StrattonDr. Claudio Rigatto
Dr. Lisa M. MillerMillerAssistant ProfessorGFTTiffiny NelsonDr. Claudio Rigatto
Dr. Martin Edward KarpinskiKarpinskiAssistant ProfessorGFTTiffiny NelsonDr. Claudio Rigatto
Dr. Martina ReslerovaReslerovaAssistant ProfessorGFTDr. Claudio Rigatto
Dr. Mauro VerrelliVerrelliAssociate ProfessorGFTNemia De GranoDr. Claudio Rigatto
Dr. Navdeep TangriTangriAssociate ProfessorGFTChristine Bencharski
Rachelle Robles
Dr. Claudio Rigatto
Dr. Paul KomendaKomendaAssociate ProfessorGFTChristine Bencharski
Rachelle Robles
Dr. Claudio Rigatto
Dr. Peter W. NickersonNickersonProfessorGFTRhonda Stevenson
Thorunn Petursdottir
Dr. Claudio Rigatto
Dr. Priyanka MysoreMysoreAssistant ProfessorNILMonika SharmaDr. Claudio Rigatto
Dr. Sara DunsmoreDunsmoreLecturerNILDebbie SchmidtDr. Claudio Rigatto
Dr. Sean ArmstrongArmstrongAssociate ProfessorNILDebbie SchmidtDr. Claudio Rigatto
Dr. Sushil RatnaparkheRatnaparkheAssistant ProfessorNILDr. Claudio Rigatto
Evelyn RoloffRoloffDr. Joe Bueti
Dr. David Rush
Dr. Julie Ho
Liane Davidson
Janice GushulakGushulakDr. Jillian HortonLiane Davidson
Liane DavidsonDavidsonDale Gustafson
Michelle DiNellaDiNellaN/AExternal person
Monika SharmaSharmaN/ADr. Herman Lam
Dr. Jay Hingwala
Dr. James Zacharias
Dr. Priyanka Mysore
Liane Davidson
Nemia De GranoDe GranoDr. Krista Ryz
Dr. Mauro Verrelli
Dr. Alissa Lloyd
Dr. Andrea Mazurat
Rachelle RoblesRoblesN/ADr. Navdeep Tangri
Dr. Paul Komenda
Dr. Claudio Rigatto
Dr. Clara Bohm
Rhonda StevensonStevensonDr. Peter W. Nickerson
Dr. Chris Wiebe
Tiffiny NelsonNelsonDr. Lisa M. Miller
Dr. Martin Edward Karpinski
Dr. James Alexander Shaw
Dr. Donald Allan
Dr. Keevin Bernstein

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