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Nil-Salaried Academic Appointment: refers to a faculty member whose professional activities may or may not be based at the Max Rady College of Medicine or its affiliated teaching hospitals, who may receive income from professional practice and from sources other than the University and its affiliated teaching hospitals, and who is signatory of a Letter of Offer for Nil-Salaried Appointees with the University. All nil-salaried appointments with rank carry the expectation of contributions to the academic activities of the College in teaching, scholarly activity and/or scholarship (research) and service.

A NIL appointment is made for non-salaried faculty members who:

  1. teach
  2. engage in scholarly activity
  3. conduct research
  4. provide service. This could be academic and/or clinical; or administrative.

See also Clinical Contract and NIL.

Guidelines and process are located [1].

Mailing List

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Mailing list

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The following are NIL:

Audrey Giesbrecht-SeddonGastroenterologyNIL
Dr. Aaron MarshallInfectious DiseasesNIL
Dr. AbdulRazaq SokoroEndocrinology / MetabolismNIL
Dr. Alastair BrownGeriatric MedicineNIL
Dr. Alexis BotkinDermatologyNIL
Dr. Ali ElgherianiGeneral Internal MedicineNIL
Dr. Ali HabeebNephrologyNIL
Dr. Allan RonaldInfectious DiseasesNIL
Dr. Andrew GomoriNeurologyNIL
Dr. Barry RicheNephrologyNIL
Dr. Beth CollinDermatologyNIL
Dr. Brian BookatzRespiratory MedicineNIL
Dr. Carla OsiowyHepatologyNIL
Dr. Charles PennerGeneral Internal MedicineNIL
Dr. Cindy RichardsonEndocrinology / MetabolismNIL
Dr. Cory BaillieRheumatologyNIL
Dr. Daniel SitarClinical PharmacologyNIL
Dr. David GoldenbergGastroenterologyNIL
Dr. Douglas HobsonNeurologyNIL
Dr. Duane FunkCritical CareNIL
Dr. Elise CrockerGeneral Internal MedicineNIL
Dr. Elizabeth Smith RhynoldGeriatric MedicineNIL
Dr. Eric JacobsohnCritical CareNIL
Dr. Eytan WeinbergGeneral Internal MedicineNIL
Dr. Faisal SiddiquiCritical CareNIL
Dr. Galit HasdanGeriatric MedicineNIL
Dr. George MathewGastroenterologyNIL
Dr. Gerald MinukHepatologyNIL
Dr. Gloria Vazquez-GrandeCritical CareNIL
Dr. Hassan MustafaNephrologyNIL
Dr. Heather SmithCritical CareNIL
Dr. Herman LamNephrologyNIL
Dr. Hillel SommerPhysical Medicine and RehabilitationNIL
Dr. Janine JohnstonNeurologyNIL
Dr. Jason SneathDermatologyNIL
Dr. Jessica FudgeDermatologyNIL
Dr. Jill Keddy-GrantDermatologyNIL
Dr. John TooleDermatologyNIL
Dr. John WilkinsBiomedical ProteomicsNIL
Dr. Jovan HasmataliCritical CareNIL
Dr. Joëlle Bourgeois-GosselinGeriatric MedicineNIL
Dr. Karuppanchetty MuthiahGastroenterologyNIL
Dr. Kristina SwainGeriatric MedicineNIL
Dr. Lauren MacKenzieInfectious DiseasesNIL
Dr. Lawrence HomikCritical CareNIL
Dr. Lindsay NicolleInfectious DiseasesNIL
Dr. Lorne HurstDermatologyNIL
Dr. Lourens BlomGeriatric MedicineNIL
Dr. Lucien BushidiCardiologyNIL
Dr. Mandana ModirroustaNeurologyNIL
Dr. Marielle GawrylukGeriatric MedicineNIL
Dr. Marshall StitzPhysical Medicine and RehabilitationNIL
Dr. Mohsen KhoshnamNeurologyNIL
Dr. Nancy DixonGeriatric MedicineNIL
Dr. Neil WatkinsHematology and OncologyNIL
Dr. Nithya VenkatesanGeneral Internal MedicineNIL
Dr. Paul IgohGeneral Internal MedicineNIL
Dr. Qingdong GuanHematology and OncologyNIL
Dr. Richard HaydeyDermatologyNIL
Dr. Robert MoutonDermatologyNIL
Dr. Rochelle Van De VeldeDermatologyNIL
Dr. Sara DunsmoreNephrologyNIL
Dr. Scott CleghornGeneral Internal MedicineNIL
Dr. Shane SilverDermatologyNIL
Dr. Sowmya NarasimhanEndocrinology / MetabolismNIL
Dr. Stephen HenryGeriatric MedicineNIL
Dr. Stephen KowalskiCritical CareNIL
Dr. Sukarno ChaudhryRespiratory MedicineNIL
Dr. Tamar RubinAllergy and Clinical ImmunologyNIL
Dr. Tarek AfifiDermatologyNIL
Dr. Timothy HiebertGeneral Internal MedicineNIL
Dr. Timothy McCarthyRheumatologyNIL
Dr. Umar MohammedGeneral Internal MedicineNIL
Dr. Victoria TaraskaDermatologyNIL
Dr. Wayne ManishenGastroenterologyNIL
Dr. Yan LauGastroenterologyNIL
Dr. Yuewen GongHepatologyNIL
Lauren ShuteInfectious DiseasesNIL
Sherri PockettEndocrinology / MetabolismNIL

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