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This page explains how to get ID Badge & Access and Keys for offices/clinics for SBH .



Information on obtaining keys is available on the internal site of St. Boniface.

Card Access

Information on obtaining an Photo ID badge / Access Card is available on the internal site of St. Boniface.

The Department Head at St. Boniface is required to sign all requests.

After Hours Access for Residents

  • If an out of province resident is rotating at SB, they don't necessarily require a SB security ID card, but they require after-hours access to rooms at SBH (ie PARIM Lounge, ORs)
    • Contact Person:
Diane Silva 204-235-3021 in Room A1134 SBH
If Diane is unavailable contact Shannon Daly, Ph: 204-235-3021 Room A1129 SBH CNOs Office
  • the Program Administrator will email the trainee's name, start and end date of the rotation, and program the trainee is rotating in, to Diane Silva
  • She will process the after-hours access request. For Residents, full site access, including to the Resident Lounge / PARIM Lounge @ SBH is automatically granted.
  • Processing takes about 24-48 hours, and applicant is to go to SBH Security to obtain the card. There is a $10 cash deposit required at the time of pick-up, which is refundable when the card is turned in at Security at the end of the elective

Locations for which access might need to be requested

Discuss.gif What are likely places that Department employees would be needing to access, so we can make sure we ask for them comprehensively the first time rather than piecemeal.
  • Endoscopy Unit
  • ORs

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