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This page explains how to get ID Badge & Access and Keys for offices/clinics for SBH .



Information on obtaining keys is available on the internal site of St. Boniface.

Card access

Information on obtaining an Photo ID badge / Access Card is available on the internal site of St. Boniface.

If requiring after hours access to rooms at SBH, apply for a SBH ID badge at SBH Security.

Brian Paradis 204-237-2206

The Department Head at St. Boniface is required to sign all requests.

Locations for which access might need to be requested

Interro-01.gif What are likely places that Department employees would be needing to access, so we can make sure we ask for them comprehensively the first time rather than piecemeal.
  • Endoscopy Unit

After Hours Access

  • If someone requires after-hours access to rooms at SBH (ie ORs), email the name, start and end date of the rotation (if applicable), to
Diane Silva 204-235-3021 in Room A1134 SBH

She will process the after-hours access request. Full site access, including to the Resident Lounge / PARIM Lounge @ SBH is automatically granted. Processing takes about 24-48 hours, and applicant is to go to SBH Security to obtain the card. There is a $10 cash deposit required at the time of pick-up, which is refundable when the card is turned in at Security at the end of the elective.

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