Instructions for CPD Coordinators taking over for another coordinator

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This page lays out the steps that a CPD Coordinator needs to take when they first take over a series of surveys from another coordinator. This needs to be done when sending the first time, in addition to the usual instructions in Sending out a survey in LimeSurvey; follow that page for info on how to access the survey in the first place.


  • read and follow Sending out a survey in LimeSurvey - the process might seem like something you can wing your way through, but this data feeds into automated processes, so if the instructions are not followed the reports at the end of the year may be wrong
  • email the LimeSurvey Administrators to let them know who you are taking over for; this helps us make sure you get their surveys on your report at the end of the year.
  • change the administrator email address
  • When in LimeSurvey, ON X PAGE.... change name and email address from former CPD Coordinator to new CPD Coordinator
  • In the response portion and in template, change information from former CPD Coordinator to new CPD Coordinator
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