Information required by Shared Health for new employees

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This article describes what employee contact information is needed by UMG and how to contact them.


Discuss.gif needs Shared Health process

be filled out and signed by the Managing Director. WHAT IS THE LINK for the form? }}

  1. The Managing Director would inform UMG of the new employee and whether they will have benefits or not:
    • If they given benefits. A meeting is set up with the employee by the Payroll/HR Co-Ordinator - UMG.
    • If they are not given benefits. Manager can send UMG new employee form which has all their personal information along with their banking information.
  2. All of this information is spelled out in a letter of offer (including going to get a Criminal Record Check or having to sign up for benefits) and UMG gets a copy of this sent to them by the Managing Director.

required info

This is spelled out in the new employee form.

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