Infectious Disease - Plate Rounds

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Academic Contact Dr. Andrew Walkty
Administrative Contact
Usual Location
Usual Time
Section Infectious Diseases
MOCOMP tracking in Limesurvey

No rounds were found for this series

Cargo storage:

SMW storage:

  • Is Tanya Merke the contact for these rounds? If not, who is? Pls put the person in the template call above and then delete the question. User:Ttenbergen 16:04, 2020 December 30 (CST)

Held on Fridays as follows:

HSC: 9:45 – 10:30 am
SBGH: 10:00 – 10:45 am
  • Are the processes the same at STB and HSC? Same people responsible? IF not, it might be better to break this into two pages. That way the time and location also fit in the template. User:Ttenbergen 16:04, 2020 December 30 (CST)

Lime Survey to be sent out on Thursday (day before) for HSC and SBGH


  • Email Dr. Andrew Walkty on the Wednesday for the following week and ask him if he is running them or not. (He may take a couple days to respond)
  • Tanya Merke creates the zoom link (see attached email – booked until December 2020). It is the same link each week. Add this to the schedule.
  • Send out Lime Survey


  • Standard as per weekly schedule
  • Send out Lime Survey

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