How to code the St. Boniface Salary Invoice

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This page will provide detailed instructions for how to assign coding to the St. Boniface Hospital invoice for salaries. This is a monthly invoice for secretaries and transcriptionists that work at SBH that are paid for by the Practice Plan.

The invoice is sent by email or internal mail from the finance department at SBH. It is directed to the Finance Manager. The Business Administrator is responsible for the reconciliation and coding.

  1. Print the PDF document in the email
  2. Open the excel document in the email
  3. Save the excel document in intmed_admin_finance/UMG/Cheque Requistions/YYY Cheque Reqs/St. Boniface Invoice backup YYYY. Save the document as UMG Sal Recov - MMMYY - inv 18xxxxxxxx
  4. In the last column of the spreadsheet create a new heading Position
  5. Remove all blank lines
  6. In the same folder open the file "List of Secretaries and Transcriptionists for 2019..."
  7. Go through the list of staff and assign them as either a Secretary or Transcriptionist in the Position column.
  8. Highlight all of the data
  9. Go to Insert/Pivot Table
  10. Under "Select a table or range the whole table should be listed. Reduce the end row by one to remove the total row from your pivot table.
  11. Under "Choose where you want the PivotTable report to be place" select New Worksheet
  12. Click OK
  13. The pivot table will show in the new worksheet
  14. Click the box "Position" and make sure it goes under the field "Row Labels"
  15. Click the box "Amount" and make sure it goes under the field "Values". It should show up as a SUM field. If it does not, click on the bar in the "Values" box and select "Value Field Settings". Change it to Sum from the list and click OK.
  16. Your pivot table should now show Secretary and Transcriptionist with a total assigned to each.
  17. Use these totals to enter the expense in QB to submit to UMG. How to enter the expenses in Quickbooks

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