How to Hire a New UMG Employee

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Discuss.gif This page should not include any onboarding info, see Storing employee onboarding information using this wiki.


Physician Services Manager/Accuro Clinic Support Team Manager to meet with Managing Director. Determine:

    • Salary
    • Post internal/external
    • Closing date
    • Job description/posting review and finalize
Discuss.gif Ashley to send to Tina to upload
  • Do we really want the interview questions and reference check questions to be public? Perhaps this should have instructions on where to find this information on the managers shared drive instead of posting?
    • It depends. Do you want people to be able to give well considered answers that they might have prepared for (which would show you some interest in the job) or do you think it is more important to see how well they are able to perform unprepared and under pressure? I actually wonder if there is any _one_ template for this. Half of SRG is UMG, and even within that group questions would differ significantly from one to the next.


  • After offer has been accepted, draft the Letter of Offer media:UMG Letter of Offer Template.docx
  • Include the site-based policy sheets, depending on the site employee will be based at WRHA or Shared Health
  • Send the draft to Managing Director for approval.
  • Email Letter of offer to candidate
  • Once signed and returned, make 2 copies. One for employee and the other for the new employee file.

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