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Section Head - Hepatology Dr. Eberhard Renner
Postgraduate Program Director - Hepatology Dr. Stephen Wong
Program Secretary - Hepatology Roberta Vizniak
Program Administrator - Hepatology Marie Field
Physician Services Manager Kim Armitt

The Section of Hepatology runs the Hepatology Subspecialty Education Program. The section has 5 GFT and 5 non-GFT physicians and 1 PhD researchers.

The Section of Hepatology at the University of Manitoba was the first Hepatology section independent from Gastroenterology in Canada. The section’s faculty consists currently of hepatologists and a PhD researcher. Two Clinical Assistants and post-doctoral fellows complement the team. Several sections members are actively involved in clinical research that is conducted through our clinical trial unit with several research nurses. One clinical research focus is liver disease, in particular non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, in Canadian First Nations population for which two section members attracted CIHR funding. One of our faculty is a CIHR funded clinician-scientist with an active lab-based research program on role of cancer stem cells in the pathogenesis of hepatocellular and cholangio-carcinoma. The section offers a RCPSC AFC program in adult Hepatology and, apart from hepatology fellows, trains rotating fellows and residents from General Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology. In addition all faculty members are involved in UGME training. The section provides clinical services for outpatients and a consult service for inpatients covering all aspects of hepatology including pre and post-transplantation care, and serves as the tertiary hepatology referral center for the Manitoba, Nunavut and NW Ontario.

Section Members

Full Name Last Name Rank ApptType Phone(s)
Adrienne Simpson Simpson
  • 204-789-3987 (fax)
  • 204-789-3952 (office)
Annette Nanowski Nanowski
  • 204-789-3987 (fax)
  • 204-789-3663 (office)
Colleen McRae McRae N/A
  • 204-789-3987 (fax)
  • 204-789-3658 (office)
Dr. Carla Osiowy Osiowy Professional Affiliate NIL
Dr. David Peretz Peretz Assistant Professor Clinical Contract & NIL
  • 204-787-7172 (Clinic Fax)
  • 204-787-3500 (Clinic Phone)
  • 204-789-3987 (Office fax)
  • 204-789-3952 (office)
Dr. Donna Wall Wall Professor NIL
Dr. Eberhard Renner Renner Professor GFT
  • 204-787-3159 (Fax)
  • 204-787-7772 (office)
Dr. Gerald Y. Minuk Minuk Professor GFT
  • 204-787-7172 (Clinic Fax)
  • 204-787-3500 (Clinic Ph:)
  • 204-789-3987 (fax)
  • 204-789-3204 (office)
Dr. Julia Uhanova Uhanova Assistant Professor UMFA
  • 204-789-3987 (fax)
  • 204-789-3502 (office)
Dr. Kelly Kaita Kaita Assistant Professor GFT
  • 204-787-7086 (Clinic Fax:)
  • 204-787-3630 (Clinic Phone)
  • 204-789-3987 (Office fax)
  • 204-789-3663 (office)
Dr. Nabiha Faisal Faisal Assistant Professor GFT
  • 204-789-3987 (Fax)
  • 204-789-3650 (office)
Dr. Stephen Wong Wong Associate Professor GFT
  • 204-789-3987 (fax)
  • 204-789-3658 (office)
Dr. Susan Cuvelier Cuvelier Assistant Professor Clinical Contract & NIL
  • 204-787-7086 (Clinic Fax)
  • 204-787-3582 (Clinic Phone)
  • 204-789-3987 (Office fax)
  • 204-789-3952 (office)
Dr. Yuewen Gong Gong Professor NIL
Kim Armitt Armitt
  • 204-789-3435 (Admin Office Fax)
  • 204-789-3435 (Admin Office Phone)
Marie Field Field
  • 204-787-4528 (Fax)
  • 204-787-2290 (Office)
Roberta Vizniak Vizniak
  • 204-789-3987 (fax)
  • 204-789-3204 (office)
Wendy Cirillo Cirillo N/A
  • 204-977-5620 (Liver Diseases Office)
  • 204-977-5693 (fax)

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