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Please see ACMT form first before using these instructions.


Contact the Systems Analyst as soon as the person (employee/physician, etc.) is hired with the name and email address of the user. The Systems Analyst will fill in and submit all account forms. If the Systems Analyst is away, the following instructions can be used to fill in the "non-application" portions of the form:

Setting up a: Physician (GFT, Clinical Contract, or NIL); UMFA; U of M Employee; HSC Employee; UMG Employee; Employee of an outside contractor (referred to as employee below); Department Head; Managing Director with an Digital Health id

To set up a new user or change access for an existing user, fill out the ACMT form with the following:

  1. Check to see if the individual has an existing Digital Health ID. To do this:
    1. Ask the user
    2. Check to see if they have an existing HSC email address
    3. Advanced: Check to see if the person has an active/inactive ID by using Active Directory
  2. Enter Requester Name, Job Title, Phone Number and Email address. Note that you cannot be the Requester and Approver unless you are a manager requesting for an employee. A manager cannot Approve and Request something for themself.
  3. Enter Approver Name, Job Title, Phone Number and Email Address.
    1. Physician. This can be the Physician Services Manager for the section, or the Managing Director.
    2. UMFA's. The Managing Director should be used.
    3. Department Head: you would put the Vice President (VP) and Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) of the WRHA. Currently holding that position is Lori Lamont. When you send the form in to the Servicedesk it is protocol that you send a copy to the VP/CNO's admin. You may find out who this is by calling the VP/CNO's office. Introduce yourself and ask her to share this information with the VP/CNO.
    4. Managing Director: you would put the Department Head. In the case where the Department Head is unavailable, you would choose the Director, Patient Services Medicine (WRHA). The current holder of that office Karen Samson (acting). Note that access for SAP, etc. must go through WRHA.
    5. All other employees. The manager of the individual requiring access would be used. Eg. if the position reports to the Managing Director, Managing Director would be used. Eg. if the position reports to a particular Physician Services Manager, Physician Services Manager would be used.
  4. Choose Type of Request. Where there is an existing Digital Health ID, choose "Modify" otherwise Choose "New"
  5. Date Required by. Note that forms should be sent 20 days in advance.
    1. Physicians. Typically you put 5 working days here. Typical turnaround time for physicians accounts is two working days, however, they will not have access to EPR, etc. until that group at Digital Health works on the account.
    2. All others. Typically you put 5 working days here. Typical turnaround time is at least 10 days, and again, all access will not be granted.
  6. Enter the existing Digital Health user ID if applicable
  7. Enter individuals First, Middle (if applicable), and Last Name.
  8. Under Role Type
    1. Physician-Choose Physician for Physician
    2. All others-Choose Other for everyone else
  9. Under ID number, put for WRHA employees, put the Employee's employee #; for Physicians use their Billing Number. For U of M or UMG employees put "UMG employee" or "U of M employee"-whatever is applicable.
  10. Under Labour Class/Title
    1. Physician: put Physician for Physician.
    2. UMFA's: put their title (eg. Statistical Analyst; Professor; Associate Professor, etc.)
    3. All types of employee: put Other.
  11. Under Dept/Program
    1. Physician: put Medicine/Name of Section Physician is in. If they are in administration, put Medicine/Admin.
    2. All types of employee who work for a Section or Area (eg. Section of Neurology; Accuro Clinic Support Team): put title of employee. In the case of someone in the Admin Section (eg. Systems Analyst put Medicine/Admin.
  12. Under Office #/Location put individual's room #. If they have no office, use the administrative office for that Section.
  13. Under Business Phone
    1. Physician: put the phone number to the Physician's Secretary. DO NOT put their direct phone #.
    2. UMFA: put the phone number of the individual.
    3. For other employees: put their direct phone number.
  14. Under Mobile Phone, leave blank unless the person has a business cell phone.
  15. Under Fax number
    1. Physician: you would usually put the fax number for Physician's Secretary.
    2. All others: put their fax number.
  16. Choose the correct HSC area from the drop down dialogue box;
  17. Under Primary Site
    1. Physician: put HSC.
    2. All others: Put HSC.
  18. Under Street Address, put the street address
  19. Under City/Town usually you would put Winnipeg
  20. Choose the correct Province/State from the drop down dialogue box
  21. Choose the correct Country from the drop down dialogue box
  22. Under Applications, Services:
    1. Always check off Network/Digital Health account
    2. Always check off Email/Outlook access. It is the policy of the WRHA/Digital Health that everyone who logs on to the WRHA network have a WRHA email address.
    3. Other applications are below this, check off everything you require.

Finally, please ensure the user fills out the Digital Health Authentication Questions form.

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