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Information System: FAST
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FAST is a web based reporting tool that is part of Aurora Finance. It accesses data in BANNER to produce reports.

Setting up a new/existing employee to access FAST

The Systems Analyst will fill out and process the forms. If that person isn't around, follow the following procedure:

  1. University Employees
  2. If the employee has a UMNetID, the form Aurora System Access Request Form
  3. If the employee doesn't have a UMNetID see Arrange for computer access at U of M.
  4. Non U of M employees
    1. Make sure individual has a UMNetID, if they don't, please see Arrange for computer access at U of M and make sure to check off the Aurora INB box.
    2. If the individual already has a UMNetID, and the Aurora INB box wasn't checked off when their account was sponsored, please email the IST servicedesk [here] and ask them to add access to the account, and say you are cc'ng the sponsor of the account. If the Aurora INB box was checked off on the original sponsored account form, then there won't be a problem.
  5. Once the individual has a UMNetID, the form [Aurora System Access Request Form] should be filled out and sent it to:

Removing a users access to FAST

  1. U of M and Non U of M employees: Fill out the [Aurora Finance System Access Termination Request Form].
  2. If the individual is leaving the Department, please follow the instructions here: Terminating Computer Access at U of M.

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