Extracting feedback from LimeSurvey CPD Tracking

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This page is about extracting info per survey; for info per per participant see Extracting feedback from LimeSurvey CPD Tracking.

This page explains how to extract feedback from LimeSurvey CPD Tracking so it can be provided to presenters, the physician in charge of a series of Rounds or to Section Heads.


When you extract data make sure your output remains anonymized before you provide it. There are many settings in LimeSurvey, and some might include information about who provided the comments. These must not be provided to presenters!


The person in charge of a session (usually the Section Head) will be given a summary of survey results two weeks after sessions.

To generate this summary:

  1. If you are not already in the survey, click to go back to the main menu and then click on and then on the survey.
  2. Once in the survey click (Responses, and then “Responses and Statistics”).
  3. Click
  4. Choose what to output; unless otherwise directed this will be
  5. Click "Export"
  6. Print to a pdf

Just copy-pasted from old instructions for now, all images are missing and should likely be described. User:Ttenbergen 14:00, 21 December 2018 (CST)

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