Example Agenda for a Wiki Intro Session

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Setup before session

Confirm Firefox is available, maybe get to main page


  • Have you heard what we are trying to do and why? Any questions?
  • Think of it as a communication tool instead of "just" documentation
  • Introduce as change of culture
  • Introduce "be bold"
  • No final answers, live documents


Make sure everyone knows about

  • using tabs, open in a new tab
  • using ctrl-f
  • using ctrl-c, -x, -v

The wiki


Not a hierarchical structure, but a network

Let's make a page

Prepare ahead of time a list of pages so every participant can make one, following Creating a new article


  • Need to be logged on
  • Wiki markup cheat sheet
    • if you don't know how something is done in the language, check how it is done elsewhere and use that
  • introduce without detail: templates, semantic mediawiki, auto-generated lists

Final Thoughts?

  • bulk imports (let's not spend too much time making person pages, I will import bulk)
  • a lot of info, talk to me as you have questions, the info sticks best when you hear it at the time you actually need it
  • send to UmIntMed Wiki Users Guide