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Information System Info
Information System: ESign
Main Contact: Transcription Manager
WRHA / U of M Network: WRHA, U of M/home via Remote Access to Shared Health Network - Unmanaged (Home PC) computer experience
Access Form: false

ESign is part of the PDAT that allows physicians to edit and electronically sign letters that were transcribed by Transcription Services.

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Used as part of Dictation and Transcription Services.

Getting Access to eSign

To obtain access to this program, you would contact the Transcription Manager. In the event, the Transcription Manager is away, a specific senior transciptionist will be assigned to esign on the Manager's behalf.

You cannot gain access to this system via the ACMT form.


The Transcription Manager, Systems Support Analyst or Systems Analyst will train the user.

Removing Access from eSign

The Transcription Manager would have access to have Esign removed.

Discuss.gif who is the backup for the Transcription Manager in this?

Roles using this information system

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