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Information System Info
Information System: EChart
Main Contact:
WRHA / U of M Network: WRHA
Does one actually have to be on the WHRA network?
Access Form: No

province wide partial electronic patient record

What is Echart

Echart allows physicians access to health information. For example, drug prescriptions, lab results, immunizations and x-ray reports. Contact the Systems Support Analyst or Systems Analyst to have someone setup. If the Systems Analyst is away, follow the procedure below.

NOTE: Using Echart for research purposes is strictly prohibited.

Setting up a Physician to access Echart

Do not use the ACMT form. You, or the physician, would email MSAS with the following information (the name Dr. Lucille Teasdale-Corti is used as she is a now deceased famous physician

Please give Dr. Lucille Teasdale-Corti Echart Access.

a)full name is Lucille Teasdale-Corti

b)username for WRHA is xxxxxxx

c)PACS username is xxxxxxx (same as b)

d)Dr. Teasdale-Corti has completed her PHIA training

Setting up a Clinical Research Nurse to access Echart

Contact Karen Samson or her assistant to have them sponsor access.

NOTE: Using Echart for research purposes is strictly prohibited.

NOTE: Accessing Echart for a result that will facilitate patient management (eg. retrieving an International Normalized Ratio (INR) before proceeding to a liver biopsy) is permitted.

Removing a physicians access to Echart

You would email If the physician is leaving, you would send in Terminating Computer Access at WRHA. If access from off-site was used, also cancel Unified Gateway.

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