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Section Head - Dermatology Dr. Marni Wiseman
Postgraduate Program Director - Dermatology
Program Secretary - Dermatology
Program Administrator - Dermatology Tammy Posillipo
Physician Services Manager Liane Davidson
Contract and Recruitment Tonya Derkson

The Section of Dermatology consists of 4 lecturers, two associate professors, three assistant professors, and one professor.

Dermatology has many clinic locations at the physicians’ private locations throughout Winnipeg, as well as St. Boniface Hospital and the Health Sciences Centre, though there are no in-patient units. Currently, there is an approx $45,000 grant from the Canadian Dermatology Foundation. Dermatology also proudly supports the Teddy Bear’s Picnic annually.

Further, Dermatology holds a monthly journal club and clinical meeting where patients are presented. For the future (forecast), it looks like it’s sunny without a chance of sunburn!

Mailing list staff and Physicians

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Section Members

 Last NameAcademic rankAppointment TypeHas SecretaryIs Secretary toReports toHasCredential
Dr. Alexis BotkinBotkinN/ANIL
Dr. Beth CollinCollinLecturerNILDr. Marni WisemanMD
Dr. Jason SneathSneathN/ANIL
Dr. Jessica FudgeFudgeN/ANILMD
Dr. Jill Keddy-GrantKeddy-GrantAssistant ProfessorNILDr. Marni WisemanMD
Dr. John TooleTooleProfessorNILDr. Marni WisemanMD
Dr. Lorne HurstHurstAssistant ProfessorNILDr. Marni WisemanMD
Dr. Marni WisemanWisemanAssociate ProfessorClinical Contract and NILDr. Eberhard RennerMD
Dr. Richard HaydeyHaydeyAssociate ProfessorNILDr. Marni WisemanMD
Dr. Robert MoutonMoutonN/ANILDr. Marni WisemanMD
Dr. Rochelle Van De VeldeVan De VeldeLecturerNILDr. Marni WisemanMD
Dr. Shane SilverSilverLecturerNILDr. Marni WisemanMD
Dr. Tarek AfifiAfifiAssistant ProfessorNILDr. Marni WisemanMD
Dr. Victoria TaraskaTaraskaLecturerNILDr. Marni WisemanMD
Liane DavidsonDavidsonDale Gustafson

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