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Information System: DOCSS
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Used for physician billing.

DOCSS is a system used for Physician Billing. Interro-01.gif Actually, the web site makes it look like it is really an on call scheduling system... do we use it as that? If so we should add it to Category:On-call and link it in from the relevant pages there.

The physician secretaries need to call in to it to report details.

DOCSS is assigned to secretaries who are responsible for physician billing. DOCSS is directly related to the On-call schedule. If changes are made to the call schedule then the secretaries sign into their account and make the change for billing purposes.

Log-in codes via the telephone are provided to the secretaries who have access to the physician's billing.

  • Changes to DOCSS must be made the day of the change or reconciled at the end of the month.

Getting access to DOCSS

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Removing access to DOCSS

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